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Zodiac Signs that Are Most Determined, Persistent and Motivated

Ah, it’s January again, the time of the year when many of us make bold proclamations to our supporters about what we will do to become a better and happier version of ourselves.

For some people, success at achieving their New Year’s resolutions is almost guaranteed, thanks to their astrologically ingrained “face your fears, grit your teeth and press on” mentality, not to mention, a team of personal cheerleaders and believers.

But for the pusillanimous quitter that is far too deficient in self-discipline, intrinsic motivation and good judgement, the high hopes and ambitions they dream about will just stay as dreams and have no chance of becoming reality.

So, let’s find out how soon will you give up working towards a goal if you don’t see results quickly. Or rather, if your zodiac sign is naturally endowed with the strong willpower and determination of Incredible Hulk, or will the giant procrastinator particularly skilled in the art of self-deception show up when things get unexpectedly difficult.

how soon will your zodiac sign give up working on a goal if you don't see success quickly

But before I begin, my friend, I ask you to bear in mind that external factors, such as pressure, ridicule or encouragement from friends and/or family, and unanticipated circumstances could also play an important role in determining how long before a zodiac sign starts to lose faith in himself or herself, and gives in to the feelings of “throwing in the towel on their goals completely”.

For instance, the impatient and proud Aries would tenaciously endure something they hate with a fiery passion if mocking words keep coming towards their direction. The dreamy escapist, Pisces, may feel it’s time to redouble their efforts at parting ways with Marlboro and Tito’s when prices continue to rise, or perhaps, when their anxious momma won’t stop nagging them to get healthy and have babies.

What Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Succeed at Achieving Their Goals

Cardinal Signs’ Determination to Follow Through and Finish What They Start

Folks born under the cardinal signs of  Aries (March 21 - April 19), Cancer (June 21 - July 22), Libra (September 23 - October 22) and Capricorn (December 22 - January 19) are known for their energetic and ambitious nature as well as powerful motivation to conquer anything they set their mind to.

Cardinal sign people would dive into new endeavors with strong passion and enthusiasm, and hold the belief “nothing is insurmountable as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and not give up” close to their hearts.

Generally speaking, Aries-born individuals tend to strive best under high pressure and expectations coming from an innate desire to be better than others (and be looked upon with open-mouthed admiration not only by those they want to impress, but also doubters and critics that poked fun at their inability to be patient when things are excruciatingly slow).

Being an eternal optimist, the Ram sees failures as wonderful opportunities to learn from their mistakes and get it right the next time round. Hence, it is very unlikely of them to sit back in despondency because of temporary setbacks and forget to do that which is necessary for a stronger comeback. Arians would take the initiative to seek advice and guidance from those who have traveled before them, and tweak their strategy to bring themselves closer to the achievement of their goals.

Home and family give the Cancer native strength, courage and confidence; therefore it’s only natural they need to hear from their closest peeps encouraging words of the “you can do it” and “I believe in you” variety that will make them feel strong and mighty as unsinkable battleships as they move forward with their goals, especially so when the going gets tough.

However, there is a possibility that the Crab might entertain the thought of quitting a dream if their mother is adamantly against it, say for example, hanging up his corporate suit and tie to become a firefighter, or marrying a rich old man, thrice her age, and live in the lap of luxury.

The reason is very simple — Sun in Cancer people would never do anything that will upset the woman that guided, protected and nurtured them unconditionally. They are grateful and thankful for the immense love she has lavished them with, and willing to put her feelings ahead of theirs.

As a matter of fact, I know of several Cancerian men (whose natal moon is in the 4th house) that said they were lying when they answered “wife” to the question “if your mother and wife are drowning, who would you save first?”. Also, don’t be surprised to find grown men belonging to the astrological sign Cancer morphing into spoiled little boys when they go home and visit their parents.

Careful and disciplined Capricorn-born individuals have a tortoise-and-hare approach when it comes setting goals and achieving them. This means they would exercise patience and take small steps towards their goals, whether it is climbing to reach that apex position of great wealth and status, or taming the workaholic in them and spending more time with their nearest and dearest.

The Goat is also practical and sensible enough not to build grand dreams that are far beyond their abilities to achieve them. This is because past experiences taught them that luck is an uncertainty and therefore, cannot be counted on.

Capricorns are infamous for having the flexibility of cast iron, but they are ready to make changes and adjustments to their modus operandi if they see a darn good reason to do so. The Capricorn is a realist that understands while he cannot control the direction of the wind, he can always adjust the sails to get to where he aims to go in life.

My friend, be warned that some Capricorns (specifically those born with their Moon in  Aries, Leo or Capricorn) are fiercely ambitious and utterly ruthless — they have no qualms about pulling out their venom-laced dagger and plunging it into the backs of coworkers standing in their path to career success.

Libra people are, in my opinion, the least determined and persistent of the four cardinal signs; however, it doesn’t mean they would choose to walk away from a goal the moment they get stumped by difficult problems.

The Scales would put their clever brain to good use and try to figure out the best way to reach their destination, whether this involves capitalizing on so-and-so’s extraordinary strengths or Achilles’ heel, or behaving in a manner that is totally uncharacteristic of them.

With that being said, the people-pleaser Libran might feel really tempted to  stop trying when under the influence of friends who think giving up is the best solution to a problem.

And because Libra natives can be rather gullible at times, there is a danger that they may be misled by fake-smiling manipulators with hidden agendas into believing their goal to achieve such-and-such is insane and unrealistic, and decide to give up.

Fixed Signs’ Determination to Follow Through and Finish What They Start

The fixed signs of the zodiac, Taurus (April 20 - May 20), Leo (July 23 - August 22), Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) and Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) are said to have the admirable strengths of persistence, determination, focus and reliability.

They are not weak cowards that conveniently opt to go AWOL when trouble is at the door. Neither will they throw their hands up in despair and break down in a teary mess, crying “why me?”. Fixed signs people not only have the courage to face a problem head-on, but would also give failure the finger and keep trying until they succeed.

Speaking from a comparative perspective, Taurus people are the most stubborn among all the fixed signs. Once the Bull set their mind on getting something, there is nothing in this world that can stop them, not even words of caution from concerned friends and family, nor stratospheric amounts of coaxing and cajoling.

Interestingly, Taureans are just as rebellious as Aquarians, and can sometimes, do shockingly crazy things in times of immense stress or adversity, or when provoked to no end. I also need to warn you about their hell-bent ability to spring nasty surprises and unexpected attacks on those who have done them wrong, so make sure you don’t abuse their trust and kindness.

I feel that Leo individuals’ perseverance to keep going until success is theirs comes from a vain desire to be noticed, envied and admired by others.

In fact the more praise and compliments the Lion receives, the harder they will work towards their goals. My ex-boss, a serious astrology hobbyist, used to sing high praises of Leo-born sub-performers on my team as a way to spur them into making greater efforts and exceeding his expectations.

Ask anyone who knows a thing or two about Scorpio personality traits and characteristics, and I’m sure they will tell you that the Scorpion is obsessive, compulsive, secretive, headstrong and intense. Scorpio people have laser-beam focus on turning their vision into reality, and would do anything and everything in their power to make that happen.

Hence it is not uncommon to find the exceedingly ambitious and competitive Scorpio making big sacrifices — sleep, free time, social life, security, comfort, money and/or possessions — in the name of success.

Like Taurus and Scorpio, stubbornness is in Aquarius’ astrological DNA as well. But thank goodness, the Water Bearer knows when to be hard on themselves, and when to cut themselves some slack and take breaks from their goals, though they are prone to feeling guilt if they take too many breaks, or if their break has gone on for too long.

I also want to add that people born under fixed signs are blessed with an intelligent and alert mind that is quick to recognize who can provide them with the help they need to reach their loftiest goals and aspirations.

From my observations, I found that Scorpio natives are not afraid to turn on their charm and manipulate their way to get that which they desire while generous Taurus and Leo won’t hesitate to use money, or should I say, bribe those born corrupted and greedy into acceding to their wishes. The dazzlingly creative Aquarius would come up with unusual ways to take advantage of a friend’s weak points when they grow impatient with delays and obstacles.

Mutable Signs’ Determination to Follow Through and Finish What They Start

The mutable signs of the zodiac, which are Gemini (May 21 - June 20), Virgo (August 23 - September 22), Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) and Pisces (February 19 - March 20) are associated with flexibility, changeability and adaptability.

Gemini-born individuals are often described as fickle minded and unpredictable with a high inclination towards constant change. They have trouble fending off distractions and procrastination, and cave in to temptations easily; that’s why they find it hard to stick to what they have started, or perhaps, they just cannot stop themselves from changing their goals too often.  

And when things don’t happen right way or become really heavy and difficult to bear, chances are, the Twin would throw tantrums and start pointing fingers at this and that for their inability to “hang in there”.

The phrase “nothing less than perfection” comes to mind when I think of Virgo natives. The Virgin believes in working diligently, patiently and persistently towards perfection, and has the willpower to resist taking shortcuts or the easiest route possible to accomplish whatever they set out to do —  which might explain why it takes them a long time to get from start to finish point.

Sagittarius is more determined than Gemini and Pisces, but lacks Virgo’s patience and diligence when it comes to continually striving towards their dreams. The Archer might get so frustrated and impatient with not being able to achieve those ambitious and unrealistic goals and deadlines they set for themselves that they fall victim to impulsivity and decide to abandon them midway.

As for Pisces people, they usually start off with a great deal of enthusiasm, but end up losing steam as problems of the unexpected and sudden kind keep arising. The Fish’s willpower could melt away like ice cream on a hot summer afternoon when they are faced with a major distraction, or when the support they need to keep going stops coming. Pisceans thrive on encouragement and affirmation, particularly from those they love.

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