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Why Capricorn Women Are Unlucky in Love

Why It’s Hard for the Capricorn Woman to Find Love

1. She’s Always Busy Working

No other zodiac sign can snatch the crown of Miss Super Workaholic from the Capricorn woman as she lives by the mantra “eat, sleep and breathe business”.

It is not uncommon to find the Capricorn woman with her butt parked firmly in front of the computer working hard on some big project that could propel her to an apex position, or perhaps, putting her hand up to volunteer for challenging tasks that lazy bums on her team would fake explosive diarrhea to escape doing it.

She is deliriously happy to put in long hours, respond to business-related emails on her BlackBerry after work, and donate her nights, weekends and vacations to the company. Why? Because it means a handsome reward will be on its way to her. The Capricorn woman is hopelessly addicted to success, or should I say, money and power.

While there is nothing wrong with having a desire to acquire more wealth and a higher social status, trouble comes knocking when she has little or no face-to-face time with her sweetheart.  

A blissful long-lasting union requires an investment of time, undivided attention and unconditional love plus frequent sex, so if her man feels neglected and starves for attention, he might send his work-obsessed Capricorn wife or girlfriend a very loud and clear message that screams “Look at me! Pay attention to me NOW!!” — maybe by succumbing to the temptation to cheat on her, or by morphing into an immature spoiled brat throwing one hell of a tantrum over some minor issues.

The Capricorn woman is not known for being a forgive-and-forget person that would tolerate infidelity of any sort. Neither is she astrologically equipped to deal with grownups showing infantile behavior, and unexpected nasty surprises. Therefore, in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time the couple will head towards Splitsville.

If she’s single and looking for love, logging 70-80 hours a week would make it really difficult for her to meet eligible men and start going on regular dates. I have yet to come across a man who doesn’t complain and is perfectly content seeing his girlfriend once every 3-4 weeks.

2. She Won’t Settle for Less

The Capricorn woman has a solid reputation of being the name behind five-star quality work. She is never satisfied with anything less than perfection, or rather less than the highest she can possibly attain, so naturally she would also want to aim for the best when it comes to matters of the heart.

She won’t waste precious time on a guy that doesn’t hit all of the checkboxes on her list of Mr Perfect — intelligent mind, delightful sense of humor, immaculate manners, hunkalicious body, envy-inducing job, and anything that lets her smack those blabbering braggarts hard in the face with a “shut the f@$k up”. Yes, Capricorn-born individuals are deceptively competitive creatures that want to win all the time.

Miss Capricorn’s quest for perfection, or to put it rudely, incurable pickiness could mean she is most likely to end up being single for a long time, or growing old alone and beating herself up for missed romantic opportunities.

Even if she accepts an invite to a dinner date with a potential love interest, chances are, she would ask a bunch of questions related to his ability to make million of dollars and afford the finer things in life.

Getting the man to talk about his goals and dreams in life is okay, but trying to find out the size of his wallet is not. Most men, no matter how much money he has in the bank, can smell a materialistic girl or gold digger on a first date like fart in the elevator. She can forget about scoring date number two with him.

It is also possible that the Capricorn woman simply cannot turn off the faucet called “my great job, amazing boss and big spending clients” and focus on her date. Mr Potential will either be bored to tears (and tried to make a premature exit), or made to feel like an old rusty Toyota next to a new shiny Ferrari as he compares his achievements with hers. Men are intimidated by smart and successful women, though most would stubbornly refuse to admit it.

3. She Sets the Rules and Has a Plan for Everything

People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn have the habit of planning ahead in detail instead of just taking things easy and going with the flow. Unexpected situations, unfamiliar territories and unpleasant surprises scare the hell out of them. Therefore, it goes without saying that Miss Capricorn has Plan A and B carefully drawn up for each area of her life, or even backup Plan C in case both plans fall through.

She might put marriage on hold until she reaches the top rung of the corporate ladder — and when the Capricorn woman is ready to leave singlehood, all the nice guys are already taken. The only ones left are horny aging Romeos, potbellied millionaires in their 60s looking to hookup with some sweet young thing, divorced men with anger control problem, and gays.

Or if she is married and at the prime of her career, she may not be as keen as her husband to start a family. The constant bickerings over having a baby could put her marriage at risk of falling apart.

And if she takes her rigid and uncompromising nature into the bedroom and ducks out of love-making sessions with a smorgasbord of excuses when her partner is feeling frisky as bunny, I am afraid refusing sex repeatedly could drive him to hunt for another woman to satisfy his sexual needs.

4. She’s Too Critical, Bossy and Sometimes, Negative

Most men just cannot stand having a woman telling them what to do, not to mention having their flaws, mistakes and missteps pointed out. Therefore, the Capricorn woman’s natural tendency to criticize when things fall short of her expectations plus her incessant need to gain control of everything and everyone around her would make her very unattractive to potential suitors.

She is also too honest and straightforward to drop subtle hints or sugarcoat the truth, or pretend to like things she hates — and as a result, could unintentionally bruise a man’s ego and push him away. Men are absolute suckers for compliments, flattery and ego boosts; they want to hear nothing but the good stuff.

5. She’s Resistant to Change

The Capricorn woman is conservative in bed and finds it difficult to free herself from established roles and ideas about what sex is and should be. This is because Capricorn is the sign of rules and traditions. To keep the relationship alive, I feel she should step out of her sexual comfort zone and try something new that is high on the fun factor. Remember, hot sex (and plenty of it) prevents a man from straying.

If Miss Capricorn wants to increase her chances of meeting someone that is worthy of her time and affection, I would highly recommend she starts looking for him in places she has not explored yet  — new places equal new opportunities.

Capricorn women unlucky in love. Capricorn woman hard to find love. Capricorn woman mistakes in love.

I was eating lunch at a quiet restaurant and overheard a rather attractive designer-clad woman in her late thirties asking her friend why Capricorn-born women seems to have the worst luck with men.

Her amigo, who appeared to be more interested in the spiced salmon kebabs than answering her question, let out something so ludicrous that even my Morton toe would dismiss it as utter nonsense.

Oh boy, I was very tempted to go over to their table and put my two cents worth in, but the fear of being told to mind my own bloody business stopped me from acting on the urge.

So, this is what I really want (and am not afraid) to say…

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