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Pisces Dec 30, 15:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

The Best and Worst Zodiac Sign Liars

Let’s face it – there is a liar in every zodiac sign and of course, the reasons for throwing around falsehoods vary from one storyteller to another.

Some would fabricate extraordinary tales to avoid facing the consequences of their actions, or to protect themselves and/or those they care a great deal about, while some would conceal the truth to keep relations between themselves and their listeners smooth and harmonious, or to soothe hurt egos and heal bruised hearts.

And some have absolutely no compunction whatsoever about weaving fiction and fact together for self-serving agendas, or to make others think supremely of them and/or to feel belong to a certain group of people (say, for instance, elite achievers, high earners, the intellectually superior and the naturally talented).

biggest liar zodiac signFrom my own observations and experiences along with the feedback received from an online poll that I ran right here on astrotunity some time ago, it appears that Virgo is a master deceiver among liars while Aquarius is the least likely to lie through their teeth unless they are forced by circumstances or it’s for a darn good reason.

Interestingly, where Mercury, the witty planet of communication and ideas, is located in a birth chart can reveal whether a person has a tendency to speak their thoughts aloud and insert lies in them, or they are way too honest (or have too much integrity) to lie. Or perhaps, an owner of a poor short-term memory – liars need good memory, remember?

Generally speaking, Mercury in Pisces people are said to be pliable with their truth-telling. Hard aspects between the planets, Mercury and Neptune (square or opposition) can show a lack of memory, or a sneaky liar. This person is likely to have an innate habit, or addiction, to give you a fairly hazy idea of such-and-such by omitting a truckload of important details, leaving you to come to your own conclusion.

Those whose Mercury is afflicted by Mars, be it conjunction, square, or opposition, might distort facts and mislead you. Some folks in my network of friends and acquaintances who were victims of liars and manipulators with immense creativity claim that such creatures have Neptune square the Sun in their natal chart.

Mercury in the 9th House individuals are inclined to talk big, or speak glowingly of themselves, their loved ones and whatever that they feel is sure to make eyes pop and jaws drop.

Now let’s see what are some things that each astrological sign might wildly exaggerate or falsify about, or should I say the tricks, traps, lies and misconceptions that you so readily fall for.

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Which Zodiac Signs Are the Biggest Fakes?

ARIES’s Potential to Lie – Medium

Your average Ram is not a pathological or compulsive liar but has the tendency to tell you “Oh yeah. That makes sense.” and nod in agreement to hide their ignorance, or to feign expert knowledge about the main topic of your conversation with them.

Aries would also respond with “hmms” or pepper their speech with “okays” and “sures” to make it look like they are really listening to you and keenly interested in what you are talking about when in reality they find you super annoying and longwinded, and have “oh, just shut up you noisy idiot!” on their mind.

TAURUS’s Potential to Lie – High

The Bull is probably born with an astounding ability to lie with a straight face even when they know what they are saying is complete bull crap, or when they want something for nothing. Therefore you must take their words with a very large pinch of salt if they tell you “Don't worry! It will be okay!”, “I am not a crook”, “I am 5 minutes away” and/or “Thank you so much, I just love it!”.

What the Taurus actually meant to say was “you are in deep shit”, “I want your money/free sex”,  “I haven’t left yet” and/or “your gift sucks!”. Believe them at your own peril.

GEMINI’s Potential to Lie – High

People of this astrological sign are so skilful at spinning yarns that it is almost impossible to determine if they are speaking the truth or pulling wool over your eyes.

Because Geminis are charming, chatty, gracious and likable, it is extremely easy be taken in by powerful and beautiful words flowing out of their lips. They won’t hesitate to say what you want to hear.

They would normally wear a big smile on their face and praise you with a “WOW! You look great”, even though your bright orange dress doesn’t go with that shocking pink shoes, or even when you look fat with extra love handles and a haircut gone horribly wrong. So, don’t believe everything you hear from The Twins.

CANCER’s Potential to Lie – Low

This family-oriented type has a caring nature, so when they choose to keep you from knowing the facts, they are doing it for “your own good” and/or to avoid hurting your feelings.

Your Cancer partner is likely to give you the compassionate kind of “it’s not you, it’s me” breakup line when they don’t find you attractive anymore and want to dump you for a potential millionaire with chiseled good looks and robust sex drive, or mislead you into thinking the beef and tomato stew you slaved over could rival his momma’s.

It is also possible that if you ask a Cancerian how they are when their eyes are insanely puffy in the morning after crying the night before, chances are you can expect to get “I am fine” for an answer. They are not whiney Winnies that always burden their nearest and dearest with worries and complaints, nor will they fish for sympathy when life gets rough.

LEO’s Potential to Lie – High

Lying comes naturally to people born under the zodiac sign of Leo and they have the inclination to use deception and/or exaggerated style of speech/writing as way to capture interest and hold attention. It is in their astrological DNA to want to be in the limelight.

They might twist and pollute the truth when it comes to relating rumors and scandals they heard from others, or pad their resume so much that you would be a total moron not to hire them.

The Lion might also inflate his own greatness with a view to get into your good books or make you drool with jealous envy. Therefore, don’t be gullible and accept their statements about them loving their dead boring job, making $100,000 a year, being hugely popular in high school, or having connections with wealthy people.

VIRGO’s Potential to Lie – High

Virgos hate to tell outrageous lies, however, they can be a great deceiver and lead you to believe that they are broke and in debt if you want to borrow money from them, or tell you that the check is in the mail or “all these were on sale” when you discover newly purchased clothes/techy toys hidden in their closet.

This money-conscious sign might also pretend that they are really happy to see you or couldn’t take your call, or that she is Miss Sexy Siren that can pull off polka dots and pastel pumps because you cannot see her true self in a virtual chat room.

LIBRA’s Potential to Lie – Medium

Librans are born sweet-talkers and if they are going to lie, it is usually about relationship and sex as their ruling planet, Venus, is associated with with the Roman goddess of pleasure, love, seduction and enticement.

They might claim to only have slept with two guys or that they are not checking that hottie out, or assure you that size doesn’t matter when in fact they have always wished you had 34D boobs, or a longer and fatter penis.

It is also possible that they may make you think you are one great lover with superior oral sex skill as they fake earth-shaking orgasm and loud moaning. Or perhaps, pretend to love you for selfish reasons.

SCORPIO’s Potential to Lie – Medium

It could prove rather difficult to catch a lying Scorpio probably because they always make sure their tracks are covered before opening their mouth. Scorpio-born folks are known for their meticulous, investigative and curious nature, and will never let falsehood slip without thinking about the consequences.

Their favorite lies may include “Oh, it was you? I didn’t see you there”, “Hey, I was just about to call you”, “I never got your email” and “Yeah, I’ll start working on that ASAP”.

The Scorpion might also pretend to show sympathy and utter a bunch of consolatory words even when they are partaking in some serious schadenfreude and thinking “Haha... serve you right!”. They can be nice on the outside, but very mean on the inside, particularly if you have offended them in the past. Scorpios are the type that finds it hard to let go of grudges and bitterness, remember?

SAGITTARIUS’s Potential to Lie – Low

Broadly speaking, most Sagittarians dislike fabricating stories as they are known to be brutally honest and will say exactly what’s in their head. But if they need to tell a lie, you can bet that it is going to be a real whopper since this zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and excess.

So there is a possibility that a Sagittarius might blame the phone if they have completely forgotten to return your call, or are simply not in the mood to speak with you. Or, they may justify themself with “I’d love to have you come to stay for the weekend, but I’ve already made plans” when they think it’s a bad bad idea for you to drop in for a visit.

CAPRICORN’s Potential to Lie – Medium

The Goat is another astrological sign that hates to fake reality, though they might use little white lies in moderation to engineer obedience, keep loved ones feeling good, and/or change perceptions at the negotiation table.

They might be inclined to stretch the truth about enjoying the type of activities that you like to do, their past level of involvement with ex-lovers, fantasies during masturbation, how well their career is going on, or you will stand to gain such-and-such if you do this and that.

It is possible they may spin yarns about their awesomeness at interviews and win that dream job they want, or smooth talk their miser boss into giving them more money.

AQUARIUS’s Potential to Lie – Low

Aquarians don’t usually make false claims and this might be because they are either too lazy to invent a fib, or too forgetful to remember the certain info/details/description contained in their trumped-up stories.

Their lies are usually harmless and never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. The most common half-truths spewing out of an Aquarius’s mouth are probably “Let's keep in touch”, “I gotta go”, “Hahaha... that was really funny”, and “This is sooo delicious”.

The Water Bearer is a serial procrastinator, so chances are, you may also hear them saying “I will start my diet next week”, or “I will do it tomorrow” when you catch them snacking on chocolate and ice cream, or spending time with Netflix instead of doing that which you asked them to get it done right now.

PISCES’s Potential to Lie – Low

The emotional and highly intuitive Fish will normally only present false impressions, if they feel that telling the truth would reduce you to a puddle of tears. They are super nice people from the caring, protective and empathy tribe.

So instead of telling you “I have no time to listen to your nonsense rants”, they are likely to rephrase it “I am really busy now, but let’s talk soon”.

Or a Pisces might blurt out “It’s out of this world" when you feed them a new food you enjoy immensely and they hated it, or other beneficial/non malicious lies such as “I like hanging out with your friends”, “I didn't even noticed you gained weight”, or “my mom loves you”.

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