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Which Male Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Cheat

Which Male Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely to Cheat on His Partner

Which Male Zodiac Sign Is the Most Unfaithful

Which Male Zodiac Sign Cheats the Most

Why Do Capricorn Men Cheat

home > astrology love & sex > which male zodiac sign is most likely to cheat

Adulterer. Cheater. Philanderer. Womanizer. They all basically mean the same thing — a man that goes looking for sex outside the marital bed. Now, make a wild guess which male zodiac sign is most likely to cheat on his partner?

No, it’s not the adventurous and spontaneous daredevil Aries. Neither it is the commitment phobic, freedom-loving Sagittarius, nor the glib-tongued flirt Gemini.

Surprise, surprise, it’s Capricorns who are the biggest cheaters of the zodiac, says Illicit Encounters, UK’s largest extra-marital dating site for married people (around 10.51% of its members are Capricorns while Sagittarius make up 6.9% of its 350,000 strong membership).

And coincidentally, data from an online questionnaire survey which was conducted here at also reveals infidelity, not the Goat’s workaholic attitude, as the number one reason for kicking Mr Capricorn to the curb.

I bet you must be thinking “WTF!? Capricorns? No way!! They are faithful to the hilt... they take love seriously... they make devoted fathers...” but wait, maybe these famous Capricorns born with a philandering penis might just make you want to think again — Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Jude Law, R. Kelly and Nicolas Cage.

So, the million dollar question is, why do Capricorn men cheat? I humbly present a few of my theories (and apologize if I had caused any offense).

telltale signs he is cheating on you

Why Do Capricorn Men Cheat

(Born Between December 22 and January 19)

Unmet Emotional Needs

The Capricorn male is often perceived as a strong man with remarkable willpower and resilience to withstand whatever slings and arrows life throws at him. But beneath the tough like steel exterior lies an insecure and sensitive creature that needs regular doses of assurance.

Mr Capricorn yearns to beloved, appreciated and understood. He wants to be told that he is not old, fat or bald to be desirable. He wants a big pat on his back and be praised for his awesomeness. He wants his wife to hold his hand and comfort him when he has a hard time battling with office backstabbing thieves and liars.

He doesn’t want to come home to Mrs Naggy who just cannot stop complaining about that pompous idiot next door, junior refusing to poop, or his momma poking her nose into every little thing. He also hates being talked down to in a condescending manner and having his mistakes pointed out.

So if the Capricorn man is not getting a sense of being loved, valued and supported from his woman, he will start looking somewhere else for it, and quite possibly from a female coworker who always speaks supremely of his achievements and looks at him with you-are-my-hero admiration. Proximity breeds lust, remember.

I also feel that the Goat might romantically reconnect with an ex-lover for a huge ego boost and sex, as he has a tendency to dwell on the past as well as memories of yesteryears.

Desire to Control and Be Perfect

The Capricorn man wants power and control in the relationship; therefore if she tells him to bog off when he is feeling horny like a hormone-charged schoolboy, or if sex only happens on Monday nights because there’s nothing interesting on telly, he might decide to retaliate out of spite by having naughty fun with someone else who is deliriously happy to play by his rules — and so eager to act out his kinky fantasies to perfection.

And since Mr Capricorn is known for being a perfectionist with extremely high standards, there is a danger that he might start to lose interest in his wife and morph into Mr Wandering Eyes, should she go from hourglass to a baby hippo after marriage. He stays fit and keeps himself in a great shape, and expects his woman to do the same.

Freshness and Variety

The Capricorn man might be tired of being the responsible one, not to mention the same dull and boring routine of “wake up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch TV, go to bed”. He secretly craves novelty and unusual new life experiences. Seeking sex on the side is not something the serious and hardworking Capricorn would normally do, so that’s why it is especially appealing to him (and could send excitement through his veins).

A Special Reward

Capricorns live by the motto “I see. I want. I grind. I get.”, which means they are not afraid to slog their asses off to achieve lasting professional success (and add more zeros to their bank account).

Mr Capricorn is very generous when it comes to rewarding himself, so if he feels he deserves something really really special for putting in 14 hours at work and putting up with do-what-I-say tyrants, chances are, the extraordinary reward he has in mind might be a skankalicious chick instead of delicious tenderloin at some swanky Michelin-starred restaurant.

Or perhaps, a piece of luxury to tell the world he has “made it” — which is, of course, a powerful magnet that would attract shameless gold diggers into his orbit. Capricorn men don’t do anything for free. They want something in return for whatever they do for others. In this case, pampering gifts and money in exchange for hot sex.

He Wants Out

Mr Capricorn doesn’t deal well with confrontation (or more accurately put, crying, screaming, pleading, foot stomping, cushion throwing, door slamming), thus it is a possibility that he might use extra-marital activities as a way to send his wife the “I want a divorce” message, and exit a dead-end relationship without having to be brutally direct and honest.

Monkey See Monkey Do

A straying Capricorn man may think it is okay to fool around behind his wife’s back, if he comes from a family of adulterers or is friends with Mr Itchy Balls. He might tell himself (and justify the decision to cheat), “Mike is a great guy who happens to cheat on his girlfriend... I guess even the best of us can slip into the temptation to cheat from time to time”.

An Eye for An Eye

The Capricorn male demands total fidelity and devotion from his woman, and can be surprisingly vengeful if his trust has been betrayed. Therefore, it is highly possible that he might have an affair as a form of revenge to punish an unfaithful partner.