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What Zodiac Signs Can Tell If or When You Are Lying

What Zodiac Signs Can Tell If or When You Are Lying. Zodiac Signs that Can Tell If or When You Are Lying and Their Way of Dealing with Liars. Can Aries Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Taurus Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Gemini Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Cancer Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Leo Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Virgo Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Libra Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Scorpio Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Sagittarius Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Capricorn Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Aquarius Tell If You Are Lying to Them. Can Pisces Tell If You Are Lying to Them.

Let’s be very honest here — we all tell lies, whether they are small white lies to make a loved one feel better, or big black lies to put ourselves closer to our goals.

For the seasoned and proficient liars, lying and getting away with it is a breeze; but for those of us who are not naturally gifted storytellers, we worry about getting caught lying when our creativity runs amok and starts spinning really wild yarns.

So, to avoid having to deal with the ugly consequences of not telling things as they are, it is wise to find out what zodiac signs can tell if or when you are lying, (or rather what zodiac signs you should never lie to) and how each zodiac sign would react to being lied to before you decide to let intentionally false statements tumble out of your lips.

With that being said, I want to bring to your attention that some people are better than others at detecting lies and deceit, not so much because they are astrologically gifted with extraordinarily sensitive bullshit meter, but because past negative experiences taught them the valuable lesson of “never to fall for the same trick twice”.

Zodiac Signs that Can Tell If or When You Are Lying and Their Way of Dealing with Liars

Aries’ Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Low

(born between March 21 and April 19)

Generally speaking, people that belong to the zodiac sign Aries are not natural experts at differentiating lies from truths, particularly if what they hear is cleverly designed to polish their egos to a gleaming shine, or amuse their inner child; or appease the side of them that tends to grumble and whine when others and/or things don’t live up to their expectations.

And because Aries natives are ambitious and impatient creatures born with an innate desire to acquire more in life (as quickly and easily as possible), I feel there is also a likelihood that they might fall for trumped-up stories that mislead them into believing they stand to gain something out of so-and-so or such-and-such, if they do this and that.

However, those whose natal Mercury is in Virgo or the 6th house are not easily taken in by traps of deceit and dishonesty, thanks to their analytical ability. They are patient enough to take the time to carefully analyze everything you say and ponder over that which seems too good to be true.

In my own experience, Aries-born individuals are not afraid to confront and give you a piece of their mind when they realize you have been untruthful and trampled on their trust. In fact, some would even hunt for or create opportunities to unmask your lies in front of others with an aim to thoroughly embarrass you.

In case, my friend, you are entertaining the thought of embellishing your resume to get that dream job, pray hard that you don’t have an Aries for a boss. The  Ram has no qualms about firing you, if they found out you have exaggerated and overblown your own trumpet.

Taurus’ Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Medium

(born between April 20 and May 20)

Of all the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), the Bull has the least sensitive internal lie detector, but this doesn’t mean it is easy to persuade them that what you say is true.

Taurus people are known for their rigid thinking (or should I say, they have stubbornness deeply ingrained into every cell of their body) and can be extremely argumentative when they encounter inconsistency in your words and/or actions. They won’t hesitate to throw a ton of questions in your direction and prove you wrong as you morph into some sleazy salesman with a sparkling smile trying to sell them a piece of junk.

Having said that, lies and stories which are invented to make the Taurus-born individual feel like a proud owner of a prize bull at the county fair could cause them to let down their guard and believe you.

Taurus natives resent being lied to and taken for fools, and would come charging at you if they discovered the truth. I ask you to bear in mind that Taureans have a very good memory, and some can be really spiteful, cunning and unforgiving when they have been badly hurt. They will never pass up any opportunity to unleash chaos in your world and make you realize that lying to them comes with a huge price tag.

Gemini’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — High

(born between May 21 and June 20)

People born under the zodiac sign Gemini are famously known for having an inquiring mind, not to mention eyes that are sharp as an eagle’s. They would ask a lot of probing questions while paying attention to everything around them as they look for contradictions and errors in your fabricated story. This means that your body language must match with your spoken words in order to deceive the Twins into believing you.

Gemini natives are also way too smart to fall for sneaky tricks and lies disguised as kindness or generosity, or something you unashamedly claim it’s for their own good, or in their best interest.

However, Gemini-born individuals might choose to accept falsehood as truth if they find themselves in a difficult situation where they have no choice, say for instance, financially dependent on their spouse, relying on a dear one for personal care or support, or needing another’s expertise and help to bring a certain goal or idea into reality.

From my own observations and intimate tales shared with me by close friends as well as readers of, Gemini folks are not the type that rubs their hands in glee at the thought of exposing your lies and embarrassing you big time.

They would instead nod and smile even when they know what cascades from your mouth is complete nonsense wrapped in a beautiful package, though they might consider pulling out their sword of sarcasm and shred you into smithereens, if you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge their intelligence and treat them like gullible tourists being scammed into buying overpriced souvenirs.

Cancer’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Medium

(born between June 21 and July 22)

Folks born under the water signs of the zodiac (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are said to have the gift of intuition. They have an innate ability to  read people like a book and can sometimes predict behaviors.

But the problem is, Cancer-born individuals have a kind and caring heart plus the fact that lying through their teeth doesn’t come naturally to them, it may prove challenging for them to discern a lie from a truth, especially so when professional liars of the highest caliber prey on their sympathy.

Hence, there is a danger that the Crab may be tricked into giving money/help to him or her that tells them carefully crafted “poor me” sob stories and looks at them with sad puppy eyes. Or perhaps, fooled into taking the blame for something they didn’t do, or someone else’s irresponsible behavior.

Most Cancerians I know are too nice to confront liars, even when their gut is screaming “liar, liar, pants on fire” nonstop; however, if the dishonest person is someone in their family, chances are, they would initiate a conversation with him or her and calmly talk about how things just don’t add up and their feelings. This is because home and family are of great importance to Cancer natives — and they are willing to do anything to protect and preserve domestic stability.

Leo’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Medium

(born between July 23 and August 22)

Remember the saying “it takes a thief to catch a thief”? Well, the same applies when it comes to people whose birthday fall under the zodiac sign Leo and their acquired ability at detecting innocent white lies, fiction woven into facts and utter bullshit.

The highly creative Lion has a penchant for inserting exaggeration and sensationalism into every sentence they make (to attract attention), so it’s no mystery that they can tell whether you are being totally honest and speaking the truth, or you are an untrustworthy and glib-tongued liar bluffing your way through you-know-what.

That said, flattery can make the most stubborn and opinionated of Leos change their minds and accept your ideas, which means it is possible that they might believe your concocted stories are true and do what you want them to do when they are anointed from head to toe with saccharin-sweet words.

From my interactions with many Leo-born individuals, I found that they would either explode and make a big deal out of a small lie, or choose to keep quiet about being lied to — because they are too proud to admit their stupidity.

In the latter scenario, my friend, they will never fully trust you again, and might even consider kicking you to the curb, if you won’t change your ways and keep lying to them.

Virgo’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — High

(born between August 23 and September 22)

Pulling wool over the Virgin’s eyes is harder than solving a bunch of extremely difficult sudoku puzzles. That’s because people born under the zodiac sign Virgo not have an intelligent mind built for gathering and analyzing information, but are also very good and quick at noticing small details that others fail to take note of, or pass off as unimportant.

The skeptical Virgo native would ask a variety of open-ended questions that are devised to test the truth or falsehood of your claims and statements while looking out for signs that shout “I am lying... trust me at your own risk”.

In other words, you must be careful not to contradict yourself, and of course, watch that your body gestures and facial expressions don’t betray you when you are feeling like a nervous student caught cheating in an exam.

Thanks to Virgo’s quiet and reserved personality, it is not their style to wag a finger in your face and say “shame on you, liar!” when they know with 100% accuracy that you have lied.

Most Virgoans would opt to be silent about it, and protect themselves from future disappointments, hurts and losses by adding you to their list of dishonest, unreliable and  manipulative assholes that cannot be trusted while a few would have no compunction whatsoever in giving you a bigger spoonful of your own medicine.

Libra’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Medium

(born between September 23 and October 22)

Speaking from my personal experience, Libra-born individuals are not astrologically equipped to sniff out a liar like a bloodhound hunting down fugitives, even though they are one of the brightest and most witty signs of the zodiac.

But because they always learn from their error in judgement as well as mistakes of others, getting the Scales to completely believe the truth bender in you could be an uphill task.

Having said that, you might just be able to persuade them something is true by pleasing their flattery-loving ears — Librans love to hear how attractive and super awesome you think they are.

Besides being thoughtful, reasonable and understanding, Libra people are also diplomatic and tactful in their manners; so it means you won’t find yourself on the receiving end of anger-charged words and being labeled as a f@#king liar when they find out that everything you blurted out is false.

They would give you a chance to tell your side of the story and listen with tolerance. If you promise to be good and never lie to them again, make sure you don’t go back on your word. Be warned, my friend, some people born under the astrological sign Libra can turn really evil and nasty if you push them to the point where they can’t find a reason to believe and trust you anymore.

Scorpio’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — High

(born between October 23 and November 21)

If you were to ask me to describe the Scorpion in one word, I would say “investigative” right away. People born under the zodiac sign Scorpio are reputed to have a surgeon’s eye and a love for detective work, not to mention their Sherlock Holmes-esque intuition and resourceful mind.

Therefore, it is excruciatingly difficult to make them believe you are a truth-teller when your mouth spews out nothing but falsehood. Scorpio people are not gullible idiots with wits of a 7th grader that will unquestionably accept everything you say at face value. They would go into deep research to dig out the truth (even if it involves a lot of time, effort and/or money) when they instinctively know you are not being straight with them.

“Forgive and forget” is not in Scorpio’s mantra; once betrayed, they will sweep you out of their life and are prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure there’s no way for you to wiggle back in.

And don’t be shocked if the grudge-holding, cunning and aggressive monster in them decides to punch you in the face real hard with something that has “two eyes for an eye” element to it — Scorpio-born individuals’ vengeful tendencies are legendary, remember.

Sagittarius’ Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Medium

(born between November 22 and December 21)

Although Sagittarius-born individuals are not one of the biggest liars of the zodiac, they are capable of spinning out whopper lies to avoid facing conflicts, or when their lazy side gets the better of them and makes them forget about that which they promised to do.

Therefore, it is only natural that Sagittarians can tell if you are all set out to deceive them with intentionally exaggerated tales and twisted facts, feeding them sweet little lies, or being brutally honest and not sugar-coating the truth.

Broadly speaking, it is unlikely of the Archer to react with angry shrieks of “OMG how could you lie to me… I hate you forever” when their bullshit meter goes off like a bank vault alarm; however, if the lies were told to cover up your affair, then I am afraid you are in for a rough ride.

People that belong to the astrological sign Sagittarius absolutely cannot tolerate infidelity of any kind and are too intelligent to fall for the blame game. They have no second thoughts about putting on their creative thinking cap to spring a big nasty surprise on you, so resist the temptation to cheat on them.

Capricorn’s Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — High

(born between December 22 and January 19)

Skepticism and cynicism are in Capricorn-born individuals’ astrological DNA, so that explains why it is damn hard to make them believe everything they hear (and fool them into thinking your intentions are pure).

The analytical and organized Goat is also endowed with an astounding ability to put two and two together, which means they are able to link bits of seemingly unconnected information together to figure out whether you are making statement of facts, or deliberately distorting the truth.

Interestingly, people that belong to the zodiac sign Capricorn, or have natal Saturn in the 2nd house are least likely to be victims of unscrupulous scammers looking to prise open their wallets. This is because they have a prudent attitude towards money and are especially wary of sweet-talkers that promise to make them a millionaire from nothing.

Like their fellow Earth sign, Virgo, Capricorns won’t announce to the world what a great liar you are; neither will they waste valuable time trying to hatch a brilliant plan to get even with you. They would probably take it as a lesson learned and move on, though they have the tendency to dwell on it, from time to time.

Aquarius’ Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — High

(born between January 20 and February 18)

Blessed with a wonderful combination of sharp intellect and a keen sense of observation plus strong intuitive powers, folks born under the astrological sign Aquarius can easily tell whether you are speaking the truth, or giving them a smorgasbord of cock-and-bull stories.

The Water Bearer’s approach to catching a liar is  to throw question after question at their target until they mess up their own lie. But thankfully, Aquarius are fair and reasonable people, they would investigate why you lied, or are willing to listen with understanding as you fess up and come clean.

There is a good chance that the Aquarian will forgive you if you manipulated the truth to keep peace and harmony between the both of you. But if you are a top-notch fabricator with hidden agendas and unrepentantly tell bald-faced lies even when Aquarius knows every bit of the truth, then you better be ready for hell to come your way.

Pisces’ Ability to Tell a Lie from the Truth — Low

(born between February 19 and March 20)

Despite the fact that Pisces-born individuals have pretty good intuition, they are not as skilled as their Water signs cousins, Cancerians and Scorpions, when it comes to spotting liars as well as cheaters.

If I  may be rude, I think people born under the astrological sign Pisces are the most gullible, naive and immature of the zodiac. The dreamy Piscean is easily taken in by stories that are censored and purposely edited to leave out all the bad stuff and important details.

And if the Fish is flattered to the nth degree, they would believe everything that reaches their ears (and agree to any plan or idea you suggest). Their gentle and sympathetic nature could also put them at risk of becoming victims of crafty manipulators and opportunistic freeloaders that take advantage of their weak points to make selfish gains.

Based on my personal experiences and observation, Pisces people are not only too lazy to get to the bottom of things, but also lack the bravery to face the reality of truth. They have a “let’s just sweep that under the carpet and pretend it never happened” mentality, which means they would rather suffer in silence than to confront the liar, even if they get a strange feeling that they have been taken for a ride.

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