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Eclipse Dates 2017

Lunar Eclipse Feb 10

22° Leo 35'

Solar Eclipse Feb 26

08° Pisces 10'

Lunar Eclipse Aug 7

15° Aquarius 31'

Solar Eclipse Aug 21

28° Leo 51'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2017

19 Dec 2016 (Sagittarius) – 8 Jan 2017 (Capricorn)

Jan 01 (Capricorn) – Jan 08 (Capricorn)

Apr 09 (Aries) – May 03 (Taurus)

Aug 12 (Leo) – Sep 05 (Virgo)

Dec 02 (Sagittarius) – Dec 22 (Capricorn)

Mercury Transits 2017

Jan 04, 15:01 Sagittarius - R

Jan 08, 09:43 Sagittarius - S/D

Jan 12, 13:30 Capricorn - I

Feb 07, 09:33 Aquarius - I

Feb 25, 23:07 Pisces - I

Mar 13, 21:07 Aries - I

Mar 31, 17:44 Taurus - I

Apr 09, 23:14 Taurus - S/R

Apr 20, 17:36 Aries - R

May 03, 16:32 Aries - S/D

May 16, 04:00 Taurus - I

Jun 06, 22:13 Gemini - I

Jun 21, 09:57 Cancer - I

Jul 06, 00:19 Leo - I

Jul 25, 23:41 Virgo - I

Aug 13, 01:00 Virgo - S/R

Aug 31, 15:53 Leo - R

Sep 05, 11:29 Leo - S/D

Sep 10, 02:38 Virgo - I

Sep 30, 00:42 Libra - I

Oct 17, 07:59 Scorpio - I

Nov 05, 19:19 Sagittarius - I

Dec 03, 07:34 Sagittarius - S/R

Dec 23, 01:51 Sagittarius - S/D

Venus Transits 2017

Jan 03, 07:47 Pisces - I

Feb 03, 15:54 Aries - I

Mar 04, 09:09 Aries - S/R

Apr 03, 00:27 Pisces - R

Apr 15, 10:18 Pisces - S/D

Apr 28, 13:02 Aries - I

Jun 06, 07:25 Taurus - I

Jul 05, 00:11 Gemini - I

Jul 31, 14:53 Cancer - I

Aug 26, 04:29 Leo - I

Sep 20, 01:15 Virgo - I

Oct 14, 10:11 Libra - I

Nov 07, 11:38 Scorpio - I

Dec 01, 09:14 Sagittarius - I

Dec 25, 05:26 Capricorn - I

Mars Transits 2017

Jan 28, 05:38 Aries - I

Mar 10, 00:33 Taurus - I

Apr 21, 10:32 Gemini - I

Jun 04, 16:16 Cancer - I

Jul 20, 12:19 Leo - I

Sep 05, 09:34 Virgo - I

Oct 22, 18:29 Libra - I

Dec 09, 08:59 Scorpio - I


Jupiter will be in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 8 2018


Saturn will be in Sagittarius until Dec 19 2017


Uranus will be in Aries until May 15 2018


Neptune will be in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto will be in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Scorpio Oct 20, 02:40

Sagittarius Oct 22, 12:56

Capricorn Oct 25, 01:12

Aquarius Oct 27, 13:58

Pisces Oct 29, 23:46

Aries Nov 01, 06:42

Taurus Nov 03, 09:46

Gemini Nov 05, 10:25

Cancer Nov 07, 10:44

Leo Nov 09, 12:29

Virgo Nov 11, 16:41

Libra Nov 13, 23:26

Scorpio Nov 16, 08:18

Sagittarius Nov 18, 18:58

Capricorn Nov 21, 07:13

Aquarius Nov 23, 20:14

Pisces Nov 26, 08:03

Aries Nov 28, 16:30

Taurus Nov 30, 20:38

(all times are GMT) creating opportunities through the astrological lens

What Do Astrological Houses Mean?

The Twelve Houses in Astrology and Their Meanings

The 1st House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Aries

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Motto: “I am”

Body Parts: head, face, upper lip, upper jaw, cerebrum (brain).

Keywords: Identity, Personality, Attitude.

It is about the image you project to the world, how you see yourself, the first impression you make, how you start things, how you respond, your relationship with your immediate environment, your general outlook on life, your physical appearance, self-awareness.

The first house also represents vitality, fresh starts, beginnings, leadership, new initiatives.

The 2nd House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Taurus

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Motto: “I possess”

Body Parts: throat, ears, lower lip, lower jaw, base of brain, cerebellum, cervical spine and neck.

Keywords: Money, Material Possessions, Sense of Self-Worth, Basic Values.

It is about how money is earned/gained, how you manage/spend your own resources, your attitude towards wealth and personal possessions, your potential for accumulating them, how you value yourself, what you value, your hidden talents.

The second house also represents greed and your sense of security.


The 3rd House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Gemini

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Motto: “I communicate”

Body Parts: vocal chords, speech, fingers, arms, hands, shoulders, lungs and nervous system.

Keywords: Communication, Intellect, Siblings, Friends, Neighbors, Community.

It is about how you formulate your thoughts, how you approach and analyze problems, how you perceive and process information, your ability to learn, your desire for knowledge, your perception of childhood experiences.

The third house also covers fundamental education (from 1st to 12th grade), schools, teachers, short-distance trips, all forms of local transportation and shipping, mental processes, gossips, messages, reading and writing, representation of ideas and proposals, and commerce (sales, marketing, media, advertising, public relations, and self-promotion).

The 4th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Cancer

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Motto: “I feel”

Body Parts: uterus, digestion, breasts, stomach and womb.

Keywords: Home, Family Life, Property, Real Estate.

It is about what your house look like, where it is located, who you share it with, visitors that drop in to visit or help you with home improvement projects or babysitting, sale/purchase/rental of a house.

The fourth house also covers privacy, domestic affairs, your parents (particularly your momma) and your relationship with them, your roots, heritage and upbringing, the lifestyle you will have in the later part of your life, your ability to nurture your children.

If you believe in reincarnation, it reveals your connection with your past and what karmic baggage you brought with you into this life.

The 5th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Leo

Planetary Ruler: Sun

Motto: “I shine”

Body Parts: heart, spine, sides of the body and upper back.

Keywords: Romance, Creativity, Self-Expression, Pleasure.

It is about your attitude towards romantic love (dating, pleasurable affairs, sexual relationships), your artistic pursuits, creative and recreational activities, hobbies/personal interests, and sports.

The fifth house also deals with your luck in speculation and gambling, your relationships with children (including your own), pregnancies and birth of new children.

The 6th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Virgo

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Motto: “I analyze”

Body Parts: solar plexus (midriff), bowels, colon, intestines and abdomen.

Keywords: Everyday Life, Daily Work, Health, Diet, Fitness.

It is about the quality of the work you perform, your workplace environment, the methods/techniques you use to get things done and respond to everyday crises, how you refine and perfect yourself, what you do to keep your body fit and healthy.

The sixth house also includes your pets and small animals, minor illnesses, people working for/under you, acts of service to others.


The 7th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Libra

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Motto: “I balance”

Body Parts: ovaries, low back, kidneys, veins and buttocks.

Keywords: Unions, Marriage, Business Deals, Contracts.

It is about the way you perceive and behave towards your partner (spouse or business associate).

The seventh house also covers your open enemies, detractors and allies, divorce, separation, quarrels, lawsuits, experts you hire (lawyers, mediators, counselors, agents, or other professionals to represent or collaborate with you).

The 8th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Scorpio

Planetary Ruler: Pluto

Motto: “I desire”

Body Parts: bladder, genitals, sex organs, hemorrhoids, muscular system, reproductive system, hernias, rectum, prostate and anus.

Keywords: Death, Regeneration, Sexuality.

It is about the support you receive from others, your attitude towards crisis and change, the lessons you need to learn for personal growth and transformation, your interaction with another and how you can get the most out of them.

The eighth house also rules joint financial matters, inheritances, wills, legacies, financial windfalls, bankruptcy, alimony, taxes, personal sacrifices, addictions, psychology, latent occult ability, physic experiences, surgeries.

The 9th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Sagittarius

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Motto: “I teach”

Body Parts: sciatic nerve, liver, hips and thighs.

Keywords: Belief System, Higher Education, Long-Distance Travel.

It is about what your moral and ethics are, your efforts to understand complex issues (abstract topics), your sense of adventure and exploration.

The ninth house also rules religion, law, publishing, foreign culture, foreign languages, interactions and relationships with foreigners, distant relatives, in-laws, experiences with fortune tellers.

The 10th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Capricorn

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Motto: “I build”

Body Parts: knees, bones, skin and teeth.

Keywords: Social Success, Professional Destiny, Reputation, Responsibility.

It is about your position in the society, your desire for achievements, how you carve an identity for yourself, your career/profession, where you would excel, your attitude towards abiding by the law.

The tenth house also governs potential fame, professional opportunities, authority figures, judges, government officials, bosses, CEOs, VVIPs, father, fatherhood.

The 11th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Aquarius

Planetary Ruler: Uranus

Motto: “I think”

Body Parts: arteries, ankles, and calves of the legs and shins.

Keywords: Friendships, Networking, Group Associations.

It is about your relationships with friends, supporters and protectors, the position you occupy within your group.

The tenth house also covers casual contacts, the finances of your employer, humanitarian causes, your sense of inner purpose, self-realization, hopes, wishes and dreams.

The 12th House in Astrology

Sign Ruler: Pisces

Planetary Ruler: Neptune

Motto: “I care”

Body Parts: feet, toes and physical pain.

Keywords: Soul Growth, Intuition, Secrets, Dreams.

It is about your inner self, the difficulties you go through in life, skeletons in the closet, activities going on behind the scenes, things that take you away from daily life.

The twelfth house also covers karmic debts, self-deception, self-injury, self-undoing, inner suffering, frustration, mental health, serious illnesses, suicide, widowhood, hidden enemies, secret relationships, hidden agendas, large animals, lost items, hospitals, prisons, asylums, serving others through compassion.

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Astrological Houses. What They Represent, Meanings and Keywords. The First House in Astrology. The Second House in Astrology. The Third House in Astrology. The Fourth House in Astrology. The Fifth House in Astrology. The Sixth House in Astrology. The Seventh House in Astrology. The Eighth House in Astrology. The Tenth House in Astrology. The Eleventh House in Astrology. The Twelfth House in Astrology.

Try to imagine a whole pizza being divided into 12 equal slices, and each slice has a different flavor – that’s how you can think about the 12 houses of the horoscope. Each astrological house is unique and completely different from the other; it  rules a specific aspect of your life, the type of people and relationships, ideas as well as life challenges, issues and events you might face on the way.

I hope what I have written below will come in helpful for those of you who are keen to explore the world of astrology, and discover what’s written in the stars for you.  

My friend, it can get really overwhelming trying to learn everything about the houses in astrology and their meanings, and I strongly suggest you create your own flash cards to help ingrain what you want to learn into memory. Most importantly, be patient with yourself; Rome wasn’t built in a day, remember?

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