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Scorpio Sep 03, 00:34

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Capricorn Sep 07, 11:37

Aquarius Sep 09, 22:23

Pisces Sep 12, 10:51

Aries Sep 14, 23:32

Taurus Sep 17, 11:30

Gemini Sep 19, 21:57

Cancer Sep 22, 05:49

Leo Sep 24, 10:19

Virgo Sep 26, 11:36

Libra Sep 28, 11:02

Scorpio Sep 30, 10:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Understanding Your Man from an Astrological Perspective

The Aries Man in Love

(born between March 21 and April 19)

The man born under the Sun Sign of Aries has a reputation of falling in love easily and quickly, but he is not some horny D-bag that would fill your mind with empty promises of a beautiful future together just to get into your pants.

When your Aries man looks into your eyes and tells you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he meant every word he said. You can trust him to put past romantic relationships behind him, and be faithful to you forever.

But because the Ram exudes intelligence, confidence and charm in everything he does, chances are, other women will be attracted to him like shopaholics to big department stores, even though he is taken.

He appreciates an understanding and supportive partner that won't slip into paranoid suspicion when he has to stay back late at work, or when he thinks it's time she stops putting her hands in the cookie jar.

If you are an adventurous sex goddess that can make spaghetti bolognese as good as his mama does, and listens with patience as he grumbles about his stupid boss, that idiot next door, greedy pigs in his network, you are sure to have Mr Aries hooked on to you for a lifetime!

Aries Best and Worst Love Matches

The Taurus Man in Love

(born between April 20 and May 20)

Generosity is the Bull's middle name, so if a Taurean man has his eye on you and sees you as a potential spouse, not only will he shower you with expensive gifts and take you out to swanky restaurants, he will also show niceness to people in your family.

So don't be surprised if he offers to recommend your brother for a job where he works, or goes into full praise mode about your dad making the best pan-fried steaks in the world.

Having a cozy and comfortable home environment ranks high on your Taurus partner's priority list, which means he will do his share of housework during weekends instead of hanging out with his buddies, or parking his butt in front of the TV, next to Budweiser. Likewise, he expects you to spend more time at home, and less time on spendthrifts and drama queens in your circle of friends.

The Taurus man is known to have a deep sense of responsibility and loyalty; he will work hard at his job to provide you with a good life and make you feel truly loved. He will remind you, on a regular basis, that he loves you deeply, and appreciates and values your commitment to him.

The Bull has a jealous streak, and the green-eyed monster has a tendency to rear its ugly head when you don't give him your undivided attention. Therefore, if you don't want him to sulk like a little boy who just had gotten his favorite toy car taken away, make sure you don't extol your male boss to stratospheric heights, nor share a joke with Mr Six Pack at the gym.

Taurus Best and Worst Love Matches

The Gemini Man in Love

(born between May 21 and June 20)

Being in a romantic relationship with a man born under the sign of the Twin requires a great deal of effort, for he is, by nature, a restless creature with a fondness for variety.

The Gemini man has a propensity to change his mind all of a sudden, so it is not a surprise if he wakes up one day and says he has mixed feelings about your union, or is getting bored of you after being together for 3 months – and then comes crawling back to you a week later.

You will need to be especially understanding and tolerant when Mr Gemini is acting like a pendulum on the grandfather clock; and be prepared that he might change (or even abandon) plans made with you, or conveniently forgets pledges and promises that are important to you.

Because your Gemini lover doesn't see anything wrong with incorporating a little harmless flirting into normal conversations with other women, watch that the jealous and possessive side of you doesn't creep up and kicks a big fuss. He won't hesitate to dump you if he finds you too controlling, too demanding, or just an insecure little girl.

Gemini Best and Worst Love Matches

The Cancer Man in Love

(born between June 21 and July 22)

If you are familiar with the meanings of astrological houses, you will know that Cancer is ruled by the Fourth House, which is about home and family. Therefore, a man born under the sign of the Crab is likely to be an old-fashioned, home-oriented and responsible person who puts his family above everything else.

He is not the selfish type that would leave his loved ones for the weekend to play football with his mates, nor will he morph into Mr Lazy Procrastinator when it's his turn to change the diapers, do the laundry, or fix dinner.

He is dependable and will give 100 percent of himself in a relationship, and in return, demands the same from you. He wants a caring wife that is not only devoted to him and his children, but is also respectful towards his parents as well as folks who are dear to him.

You can rest assured that your Cancerian partner won't wander once he is basking in domestic bliss, though there is a small chance that he might flirt a little bit for an ego boost.

Because Cancer people are prone to mood swings and could erupt like an angry volcano (or ignore and treat you as if you are invisible) on a bad day, you will need to be emotionally supportive and understanding. There is no reason to think negative thoughts, if he decides to retreat to his shell and becomes unreachable for a week or two.

Cancer Best and Worst Love Matches

The Leo Man in Love

(born between July 23 and August 22)

Generally speaking, it is not a Leo man's style to choose singlehood over having a romantic relationship, for the Lion needs someone to look adoringly at him and tell him how handsome and amazing he is.

The man born under the Sun sign of Leo loves being the center of attention, therefore, if you want a blissful union where the pair of you won't bicker over petty issues and give each other the silent treatment, lavishing him with nice compliments every now and then is an absolute must.

Leos are generous givers with good hearts, which means your Leo partner has no qualms about spending his year-end bonus on a great Caribbean family vacation, or pampering gifts for his nearest and dearest.

And because Mr Leo is a dedicated and hardworking man that takes his family responsibilities very seriously, it is unlikely that you will ever find yourself being the victim of a lazy husband who doesn't want to work, or having to take up a third job to supplement family income.

The Lion wants a wife that pays attention to her appearance and won't talk bad about him to anyone, not to mention, be supportive of his dreams and goals in life. If you question his decisions, criticize his actions and/or don't share his enthusiasm for such-and-such, chances are, his fiery and wilful side will emerge – and remind you who's the boss of the house.

Leo Best and Worst Love Matches

The Virgo Man in Love

(born between August 23 and September 22)

Most Virgo men are not in the rush to tie the knot; neither will they jump at every opportunity to get laid. This is probably because he has really high standards (or should I say, super duper picky) about the woman he wants to grow old, and have babies with.

He won't settle for any girl that doesn't take his breathe away. So if you have been seeing Mr Virgo for quite a while now, you must be a really special lady in his eyes!

The man born under the sign of the Virgin is rather shy and slow to express his affections towards you. Therefore, don't expect to be greeted by a flood of cute I-love-you text messages every day. You also won't find him standing at your door with a huge bouquet of flowers and chocolates, or whispering sweet nothings in your ear on a crowded street. PDA is just not his thing.

With that being said, the Virgo man possess a number of character traits that make him husband material. He is down-to-earth, punctual and keeps his promises; he is organized and hates mess, which means no smelly socks and dirty cups lying around; he is also considerate in bed – it's always your pleasure first.

Virgo Best and Worst Love Matches

The Libra Man in Love

(born between September 23 and October 22)

It is really easy to fall in love with the man born under the sign of the Scales, and daydream of a "happily ever after", for he is not only blessed with striking good looks and confident charm, but is very romantic at heart and sexually adventurous too.

The problem is, flirting comes naturally to Mr Libra, and he may find it hard to stop himself from being playful and joking around with other women, even after he had a wedding ring on his finger.

He is not the type of lover that would cut his drinking mates and college friends off just because he has a sexy wife at home, or is in a serious relationship with a view to marriage. There is even a possibility that he might keep in touch, or stay as friends with his ex girlfriends.

So if you are a possessive woman that throws a whopper of a tantrum every time he makes eye contact with some cutie behind the cash register, or when he talks to his mama multiple times in a week, then I think the Libra man is not suitable for you.

Your Libra husband/long-term partner would expect you to give him the space and freedom to do what he wants – and absolutely hates answering questions of the "where the hell are you?" and "who was with you last night?" variety.

Libra Best and Worst Love Matches

The Scorpio Man in Love

(born between October 23 and November 21)

The man born under the Sun Sign of Scorpio has a suspicious nature, and is prone to being over possessive and controlling when his jealous-o-meter goes wild. Therefore, he needs a good-tempered wife/girlfriend with a PhD in tolerance and patience that won't succumb to the temptation to cheat the moment he is not looking.

Scorpios are reputed to be extreme in everything they do, which means your Scorpio man will either love intensely and passionately, or hate with the might of a thousand burning suns.

If you demonstrate loyalty and devotion towards Mr Scorpio, he will treat you like a queen and make you the envy of your friends. You are sure to find yourself on the receiving end of many romantic gifts as well as little acts that say "every day I'm with you, I love you more".

You can trust him to be a good father when the baby arrives, for he is a responsible man that takes care of his family without complaint, not to mention, is faithful to the core, and won't stray even if some shameless slut throws herself at him.

However, if your Scorpio partner catches you flirting with another guy, or feels you have done something to hurt him, it could spell the end of your relationship. He may forgive you, but he is not one that forgets easily.

Scorpio Best and Worst Love Matches

The Sagittarius Man in Love

(born between November 22 and December 21)

I have heard quite a few girlfriends rant about their Sagittarius partner's extreme eccentricity and how lazy and undisciplined he can be at times; however, this doesn't necessarily mean the man born under the sign of the Archer is not ideal husband material.

Yes, he may be quick to exercise his imagination and fabricate stories for not spending the night with you, doing the things you enjoy, and leaves a trail of mess wherever he goes; but if you are less demanding and controlling, and more understanding, not to mention, love an adventure or two, Mr Sagittarius would make you the happiest woman in the world.

I am sure your Sagittarius partner's high intelligence and amazing sense of humor plus big-hearted generosity can compensate areas where he is lacking. And because he has a happy-go-lucky view of the future, he will always be there to support and cheer you up on days when your confidence thermometer dips below zero.

Additionally, he will give you the freedom to pursue personal hobbies and hang out with your playmates and have fun without guilt – he is not a clingy lover that demands your full attention 24/7.

Sagittarius Best and Worst Love Matches

The Capricorn Man in Love

(born between December 22 and January 19)

If your Capricorn guy wants to go from "just dating" to "in a relationship", then be ready to make major changes to your life, if you see yourself as a strong and independent woman that loves the freedom to do what she likes.

The man born under the sign of the Goat is normally very sweet, caring and devoted, but he can be the world's biggest control freak, and might explode like a stick of dynamite when he is in a really really bad mood. Therefore, don't make the mistake of going against his rules or decisions. Telling him what to do (or rather he is wrong) is also a big no-no.

Mr Capricorn has tremendous ego and expects you to give yourself to him entirely – this may involve organizing your schedule to suit his routine, sacrificing personal goals, and trading in your miniskirts for maxi dresses. It is possible that the conservative Capricorn man might demand his wife to abandon social life after tying the knot.

In return for your love and devotion, he will provide you with financial security, so you can live a comfortable life without major concerns about budgeting.

Although money is not an issue in your marriage, the both of you may disagree on how money should be spent on certain things. Your cautious and practical Capricorn husband doesn't believe in forking out $300 for a pair of jeans. Neither will he be mega excited at your idea of throwing a lavish and sophisticated baby shower.

Capricorn Best and Worst Love Matches

The Aquarius Man in Love

(born between January 20 and February 18)

Most female friends I spoke to say that the Aquarius man has all the qualities they want in a future husband. Besides being loyal, generous and helpful, he also has the patience of a gardener tending to his roses, which means he won't pressure you into having kids when you are not ready for motherhood.

Mr Aquarius understands that freedom, trust and communication are keys to a good relationship; hence, he won't cling to you like a baby koala bear to his mom, and demands to know where you have been all day, who you are texting, etc.

The independent Archer is definitely not a male chauvinist pig that expects a piping hot meal waiting for him when he comes home. He is willing to babysit while you go out and have some fun with the girls – and yes, you will have his wholehearted support to go after your dreams too.

Because people born under the Sun Sign of Aquarius place a high importance on friendships and group involvements, you must allow them to have friends as well as personal space and time after marriage. Any attempt to control or restrict your Aquarius husband might result in an ultimatum that says, "accept me as I am, or find someone else".

Aquarius Best and Worst Love Matches

The Pisces Man in Love

(born between February 19 and March 20)

If your idea of a happy married life consists of great sex, emotional security plus lots of romantic gifts, words and gestures, you will find your wish is fulfilled in a Pisces husband.

However, if you grew up in a house full of frugal spenders and planners, and have a bag of excuses ready to deal with people asking to borrow money from you, then I am afraid fights over how and how much money should be spent are likely to be a regular occurrence in your relationship.

The man born under the Sun Sign of Pisces is well known for his generosity and kindness, but the problem is, he has the tendency to give and give even when he has nothing left to give.

So there is a possibility that he might spend too much money on folks from his side of the family, or decide to write off a loan to his friend when sob stories fall on his ears. Or perhaps, buy meals and pay for drinks when he is out with his mates.

Mr Pisces is a super sensitive guy that constantly needs reassurance of how much you love him, and can behave like a spoiled little kid if he cannot have what he wants, or if you talk glowingly of your opposite sex coworkers and friends. He has a sharp intuition, and is able to smell an affair from miles away.

Large amounts of patience and tolerance are required when you are in a serious relationship with the Fish – his dreamy and sometimes impractical nature means that he is not always reliable and realistic in his goals and plans.

Pisces Best and Worst Love Matches

Aries man in love. Taurus man in love. Gemini man in love. Cancer man in love. Leo man in love. Virgo man in love. Libra man in love. Scorpio man in love. Sagittarius man in love. Capricorn man in love. Aquarius man in love. Pisces man in love.

It is every girl's dream to be loved passionately by her Prince Charming and live a life of pure bliss. But not all are fortunate enough to find a husband that takes his marriage vows seriously, and won't leave his wife when some young and scrumptious thing on two legs comes along.

If you are now in a dating relationship with Mr Wonderful, how do you know whether he is "The One" you should marry, or will he morph into a total jerk after saying "I do" (or throughout your pregnancy)?

Well, your man's Sun Sign can reveal clues about his approach to staying together until the end, not to mention, what he expects from his woman.

how to have a happy romantic relationship

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