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The Jobless, Frustrated and Depressed Pisces

The Jobless, Frustrated and Depressed Pisces

home > astrology 101 > all about the zodiac sign pisces > the jobless frustrated and depressed pisces

Finding a job is hard, and it's even harder not to feel like a deflated balloon when politely-worded job rejection letter comes in one after another.

Some star signs are lucky to be astrologically engineered to have an optimistic never-say-die attitude towards life challenges, while some would quickly turn on the "why me" mode and feel sorry for themselves, not to mention the finger-pointers of the zodiac that blame the government, their spouse, their momma and everything else for their unemployment situation.

I am writing this specially for the jobless, frustrated and depressed Pisces that cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel because I truly understand how difficult it must have been for you over the past months, and sincerely want to help.

I know you don't like to hear others pointing out your weaknesses or negative tendencies (and acknowledge them); but I ask you not to be offended and see this article as an opportunity to learn something about yourself that you didn't know before.

I am very confident that you will soon be able to secure employment, if not spot a true opportunity or two to make some money while you continue your job search — provided you are willing to incorporate my humble advice into your everyday life.

Seek Out a Listening Ear

You are a loving and family-oriented person that enjoys having long conversations with your closest peeps, but the trouble is, you rarely talk about what's weighing heavy on your mind, the problems you didn't expect, or the disappointments you faced.

This is probably because the considerate and caring side of you hates seeing your loved ones worry over you; or perhaps, it stresses you out that they keep popping their heads in to check if you're okay when all you wanted to do is to coop yourself up in the room and wallow in self pity.

My dear Pisces friend, keeping problems to yourself is not a good idea. You are powerfully imaginative which, of course, is a positive trait to have, however, if you use your imagination the wrong way, I am afraid that it could cause you to magnify the smallest problem into The Worst Thing Ever — and before you know it, the inner negative chatterbox in you will start talking about your missteps and failures, and tear down your self confidence.

Besides, sharing your problems with those you love and trust would make them more willing to show greater patience and understanding instead of letting out "what the hell is wrong with you" when you are feeling moody as an old Shar Pei and refuse to join the family for gatherings. You are easily irritated and could fly into fits of anger on a bad day, which is likely to cause others to get angry with you and say unkind things.

Keep Good Company

Having positive thinkers around you is especially important as you are, by nature, a melancholic pessimist that thinks "oh no! I can't" and doesn't give himself a chance to try and succeed. Cheerful optimists can give you the strength to persevere, the courage to endure and the confidence to believe in yourself. They could also bring fresh perspectives to your current situation and make you see hope amidst despair.

I strongly advise you to steer away from Grade A whiners and complainers that can give you 1001 reasons in rapid succession why life is so bloody unfair. You are readily influenced by those with whom you have constant or close contact, which means you would mindlessly nod your head in agreement to whatever negative statements they make, rather than think "yes, life is unfair, now how can I make something great out of it?".

Don't Take Things Personally

No one likes to be on the receiving end of criticism, but Pisces, there is such a thing called constructive criticism, which can help you grow and  become a better version of yourself.

You, sometimes, make the big mistake of jumping to conclusions prematurely and automatically assume that a critic is a hater or mocker because they said something not-so-nice about you.

Remember, true friends and folks who are genuinely concerned about you have the courage (and are honest enough) to tell you the truth when others just tell you what you want to hear, and not what you need to hear. Words of correction, instruction and encouragement are worth more than empty words of flattery.

Networking and Relationship Building

Pisces people are usually the quiet person at a social gathering full of unfamiliar faces as they prefer to watch and listen while others chatter away. Even if someone tries to strike up a conversation with the Fish, chances are they won't reveal too much about themselves because they are a mysterious bunch that doesn't open up easily.

You have a wealth of skills and talents to offer, but nobody will ever know about your awesomeness if you keep silent. I urge you not to be afraid to promote yourself loud and strong in front of established individuals, who might be friends with hiring managers that need a creative and intelligent person like you to be on their team.

Look After Yourself

You have a proclivity to depression, especially if failure hits you hard and repeatedly, and are inclined to use alcohol (or other abusive substances) and/or food to escape painful emotions.

I would suggest you engage in healthy activities that help you stay fit in mind and body, such as exercise and meditation. Otherwise, you might gain a few unwanted pounds while in Lazyville, and affect your chances of landing that dream job. I am sure you have heard that slim and attractive people get more job interviews, are promoted faster and more likely to receive a bigger paycheck, yes?