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04°Capricorn 10'

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May 06, 14:25

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May 21,  06:52

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Jun 04, 16:04

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Jun 26, 20:19

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Aug 29, 03:48

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Sep 14, 03:14

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Oct 03, 04:14

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Dec 09, 16:41

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Dec 28, 23:55

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Nov 25, 19:28

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Nov 19, 02:40

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Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 08 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 03 2019


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Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

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Sagittarius Dec 23, 16:34

Capricorn Dec 25, 21:45

Aquarius Dec 28, 05:20

Pisces Dec 30, 15:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Telltale Signs He or She Likes You

How Do You Know If an Aries Likes You

(born between March 21 and April 19)

The Ram is usually not the type that keeps beating around the bush and not getting to the point. If they like you, they would take the most direct route and tell you instead of dropping subtle hints here and there, and hoping that you will pick up on them.

Of course, there are a few who are too shy (and perhaps, a bit timid and cautious) to say “I like you” in front of you. In this case, watch out for facial expression, body language and other non-verbal clues.

Mannerisms such as fidgeting, restlessness, stammering and deep breaths doesn’t mean they’d rather be with a gaggle of clucking hens than be with you – they might be going through a mental rehearsal of what possible questions you may toss at them, or pondering about their chances with you. Try to help out wherever you can.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Aries?

How Do You Know If a Taurus Likes You

(born between April 20 and May 20)

Taureans are traditional and conservative by nature, and likely to pursue their romantic interests the good old-fashioned way.

Therefore, if your casual conversations together feature your favorite food, color, animal, or music genre, odds are they have “going on a one-to-one date with you” on their mind, and maybe are also planning to give you a very nice romantic surprise.

It is possible that you might hear a lot of “me too’s” as they try hard to please you and get into your good books. So, don’t make the wrong assumption that they are Mr or Miss Yes that mindlessly agrees to everything and has no opinions of their own.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Taurus?

How Do You Know If a Gemini Likes You

(born between May 21 and June 20)

It is a known fact that Geminis are friendly and a naturally flirty bunch, which means they are also adept in the art of communication.

They are comfortable striking up conversations with anyone and everyone, talking about almost everything under the sun, from the best French restaurant in town to some botoxed celebrity idiot’s sex scandal to the hottest news in the political world.

So how can you tell if a Gemini is truly an admirer that wants a beautiful future with you, and not just looking for no-strings-attached fun? There’s definitely love in the air, if this Air Sign moves beyond general conversation topics and asks an unending stream of get-to-know-you questions for deeper connection with you.

They are keen to know about your “Plan of the Month”, your best childhood memory, or that big problem you have with you-know-who. Additionally, the Gemini in love will give their care and full support to whatever goal you have set for yourself, whether it is owning a bronzed bikini body, or sinking your most hated coworker’s career.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Gemini?

How Do You Know If a Cancer Likes You

(born between June 21 and July 22)

Crabs are said to have a family oriented quality in them, and would do whatever it takes to protect those that mean the world to them.

If a Cancerian starts behaving in a caring and considerate manner towards you, and listens patiently to rants about pompous morons, greedy pigs and all-about-me jerks in your life, it’s a telltale sign that they are crushing on you.

And if you are invited to join their family (and other relatives) for some celebratory occasion, or to have dinner at their parents’ house, that is as good as them saying “I want us to spend a lifetime together”.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Cancer?

How Do You Know If a Leo Likes You

(born between July 23 and August 22)

Leos have a reputation as the drama king/queen of the zodiac; and because they love being in the center of attention and are inclined to show over exaggerated reactions to situations, it is so easy to misinterpret the signals they send out.

If they are happy to move away from the spotlight, preferring to hear you speak (and look at you with adoring eyes), or if they are a little reluctant to leave your side, or if they let you call the shots, it’s a positive sign that they like you more than just a platonic friend – and considering to go exclusive and date only you.

Impressing you by wearing clothes that you like, or find sexy is another obvious sign that a Leo is truly interested in you without saying it. They will also be ultra polite and super nice to people in your network, even if you have a control freak for a mom who is obsessed with the idea of you getting married before 30.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Leo?

How Do You Know If a Virgo Likes You

(born between August 23 and September 22)

Virgos are meticulous, careful and methodical in everything they do; hence they are also likely to “plan, strategize and then execute” when it comes to revealing their amorous feelings.

They would take their time to find out about your likes and dislikes, and of course, won’t get in an argument with you over silly things. It is possible that your Virgo admirer might make conscious effort to rein in the major perfectionist in them and is willing to overlook the disorganization in some aspects of your life.

You can expect compliments of the “you look nice today” and “you are brilliant” variety from them too. If they take a sudden interest in the things that make you happy or come alive, it’s almost guaranteed that they see you as a possible romantic partner.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Virgo?

How Do You Know If a Libra Likes You

(born between September 23 and October 22)

Diplomatic, affable and sociable, Libra hates offending others in any way because this would cause them to feel very guilty. Therefore, how do you know if they are really serious about you and put you as a priority in their life, and not being super nice to you out of politeness?

They will share their thoughts, feelings as well as personal problems with you, and are not afraid to let you see them upset, or the other side of them, or their greatest weakness. The Libra in love might also put a permanent stop to stealing glances at cute strangers as they view you as a potential romantic partner to spend the rest of forever with.

Besides that, they are very willing to open their wallet for you, which means going out of their way to surprise you not only with thoughtful gifts and reservations at expensive Michelin-starred restaurants, but also beautifully written love letters or poems, or handmade creations  that come from the heart.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Libra?

How Do You Know If a Scorpio Likes You

(born between October 23 and November 21)

Most Scorpios have an introvert personality, which means they are both secretive and mysterious, and sometimes could be mistaken as being shy, unsocial, aloof and arrogant.

If you catch them staring at you from across a crowded room, or when they are talking to someone else and smiles when your eyes meet (or touch and fidget with their clothes/hair), you can bet that they are falling in love with you.

The Scorpion would make the special effort to engage in small talk with you, and perhaps, also share a few jokes to break the ice. There is also a likelihood that they may express their affection by showing genuine interest in what you really like at the moment, be it taking selfies and performing digital surgeries, or soaking in classical literature and films.

They would also give you access to their inner world as the two of you move from friendship to dating. So don’t be surprised if they reveal to you their dark plot to get even with so-and-so, their secret ambition to be a mystery and suspense writer, or perhaps, a lingering, irrational fear they have had since childhood.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Scorpio?

How Do You Know If a Sagittarius Likes You

(born between November 22 and December 21)

Sagittarius’s outgoing and engaging personality makes it so darn easy to misread their friendly behavior as “I am attracted to you”.

Because they absolutely hate restriction of freedom and movements, and highly value their social time with friends, you know you are on their radar if they decide to ditch their favorite playmates to hang out with you at least twice a week.

Telling you about their big plans, grand ideas and everything on their to-do list could also indicate that the friendship between the pair of you are heading towards coupledom.

The Sagittarius in love is also likely to tone down their argumentative and impulsive nature for you, not to mention cultivate good spending and savings habits as they think about marriage and settling down into a stable way of life with you.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Sagittarius?

How Do You Know If a Capricorn Likes You

(born between December 22 and January 19)

Capricorns can be rather secretive and cautious when dealing with affairs of the heart, so it could prove challenging to tell if he or she is truly interested in you and how much, or likes you as just a friend.

If their tough and reserved exterior crumbles like sugar cookies in a toddler’s hands, and they are willing to put work aside to relax and spend quality time with you, there’s a high chance that the Sea Goat is thinking of leaving the friend zone and entering the romance zone with you.

Furthermore, they would remember the little details you shared with them, whether it is an aversion to peas and beans, your Morton’s toe, or the very happy-looking basil growing in your first garden.

Another telltale sign that your Capricorn admirer thinks you are “The One” is they may start acting clingy and possessive of you – this means he might shake his head in disapproval if you show off your amazing legs in super-short booty shorts, or she might sulk and give you the silent treatment if you speak glowingly of your opposite-sex workmates and amigos.


Are You Romantically Compatible with Capricorn?  

How Do You Know If an Aquarius Likes You

(born between January 20 and February 18)

The Water Bearer is synonymous with creativity and originality, so they are likely to say “I like you” in innovative ways rather than through any traditional ideas you may have about being wooed and courted (say for instance, lavish gifts, weekend getaways, candlelight dinners).

If the Aquarius you have set your eye on seems to enjoy teasing or playing practical jokes on you one minute, and before you know it, jumps into an intellectual conversation, it may suggest romantic attraction.

They are probably trying to see if you are patient enough to tolerate their rather eccentric personality as well as those wacky ideas dancing in their head, not to mention, their wild party animals in their network of friends and playmates.

Some Aquarius-born people can suddenly morph into a playful and mischievous 5-year-old in front of the object of their affection, so be prepared for attention-seeking behavior, childish pranks and naughty tricks.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Aquarius?

How Do You Know If a Pisces Likes You

(born between February 19 and March 20)

It is not difficult to tell if there is potential for lasting romance with a Pisces, as they have a tendency to shower their romantic interest with lots of kindness and unconditional love.

You might receive special one-of-a-kind gift made with their own hands, possibly some love poem on a stylish card describing how wonderful you are in their eyes, or a pencil drawing that they have done of you since Pisces have artistic talent. Being given a gift of homemade cookies, a small pot of plant, or a romantic dinner for two at home is also in the sphere of possibilities.

There is also a strong likelihood that the Fish would try to win you over by always being there to listen to your moans and woes, plus providing you with encouraging support to overcome life’s challenges and little annoyances.

Are You Romantically Compatible with Pisces?

Zodiac Signs in Love. How Do You Know If an Aries Likes You. How Do You Know If a Taurus Likes You. How Do You Know If a Gemini Likes You. How Do You Know If a Cancer Likes You. How Do You Know If a Leo Likes You. How Do You Know If a Virgo Likes You. How Do You Know If a Libra Likes You. How Do You Know If a Scorpio Likes You. How Do You Know If a Sagittarius Likes You. How Do You Know If a Capricorn Likes You. How Do You Know If an Aquarius Likes You. How Do You Know If a Pisces Likes You.

Remember the time you had a huge crush on that special someone in high school, or at your first job many many years ago, and dying to know if he or she likes you?

Maybe you had played the “he loves me, he loves me not” game, or asked a trusted buddy to help you find out if the object of your affection fancies you. Or maybe you were bold as Jerry stealing Tom’s lunch and professed your love via a sweet little I-think-you-are-really-cute note.

Well, figuring out who is romantically interested in you and where you stand with him or her is not all that mind boggling.

If you are observant and pay close attention to the unique signals each zodiac sign gives off when they are enamored, it won’t take you long to determine whether they are totally into you and want to go from friends to lovers or they are telling you to bog off and stop pestering them.

how do you know if he or she likes you

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