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04°Capricorn 10'

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Apr 17, 02:01

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May 06, 14:25

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May 21,  06:52

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Jun 04, 16:04

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Jun 26, 20:19

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Aug 29, 03:48

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Sep 14, 03:14

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Oct 03, 04:14

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Dec 28, 23:55

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Oct 04, 12:22

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Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 08 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 03 2019


Saturn is in Capricorn until Mar 21 2020


Uranus is in Aries until May 15 2018 and will stay in Taurus (on and off) until 26 April 2026


Neptune is in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

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Pisce Dec 03, 07:10

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Cancer Dec 12, 23:22

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Scorpio Dec 21, 15:57

Sagittarius Dec 23, 16:34

Capricorn Dec 25, 21:45

Aquarius Dec 28, 05:20

Pisces Dec 30, 15:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Scorpio Decans and Personality Traits

As explained earlier in the article “what is a decan in astrology”, you already understand why people born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio can exhibit different characteristics, or qualities.

What I have written below is merely a general description of the positive and negative traits each Scorpio decan (Water Sign) is likely to possess.

Remember, who you really are is also formed by your genes and the environment you are in. You could be influenced by other people’s perception of you and what they want you to do, as well.

The life experiences you have had and where you are in the birth order can reveal a great deal about your personality too.

 water signs personality traits and characteristics

Note: The following information is also applicable to

First Decan of Scorpio Rising (0° to 10°)

Second Decan of Scorpio Rising (10˚01' to 20˚)

Third Decan of Scorpio Rising (20˚01' to 30˚)

Personality and Characteristics of

Scorpio First Decan (SCORPIO-scorpio)

If your birthday falls between October 23 and November 1 (your Sun is between 0˚ to 10˚ Scorpio), you belong to the first decan of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto, the second closest minor or dwarf planet to the Sun and named after the Roman god of the underworld.

In astrology, Pluto is synonymous with transformation, elimination, regeneration, rebirth as well as healing. It is also powerful, determined, obsessive and compulsive. That might be why your nearest and dearest would describe you as a fearless warrior that not only possesses great tenacity and courage, but also the remarkable ability to rebounce from failure and start afresh. You are emotionally resilient and can see or rather, create opportunities for growth in the face of turmoil, challenges, setbacks and stressful situations.

The word “cannot” probably does not exist in your vocabulary, nor are you a chronic procrastinator that waits until last minute to make plans and panics as time starts to run out. You don’t like to leave any task half done or unfinished; once you set your mind to do something, you will accomplish it, no matter what it takes.

And if things don’t quite pan out the way you envision them, you will put on your analytical thinking cap and figure out the “why and how”. Patience is also one of your most admired virtues – you understand that success doesn’t happen overnight and are disciplined enough to persist until you succeed.

On the other hand, my friend, those that know you on a casual “hi and bye” level may accuse you of being stubborn to the point of becoming pigheaded and rigid. There is also a possibility that they label you as stiff, intimidating, cold and unapproachable.

This is because it is not in your nature to be especially nice, friendly and talkative to people you don’t know well. You are not a social butterfly that goes around sharing your likes and dislikes with everyone. You can be extremely secretive about your personal life and I am not surprised if you use pseudonym cyber names, or speak the language of sarcasm when nosey parkers around you try to find out what’s going on in your private world.

You find it difficult to trust others and absolutely cannot tolerate betrayals, not to mention, lies and deceit. If someone has done you wrong, or is disloyal to you and stabs you in the back, you can get very vindictive and bitter, and have no compunction whatsoever to sting them twice as hard. Forgive and forget is not your motto.

Personality and Characteristics of

Scorpio Second Decan (SCORPIO-pisces)

If your birthday falls between November 2 and November 11 (your Sun is between 10˚01' to 20˚ Scorpio), you belong to the second decan of Scorpio, which is sub-ruled by Neptune, the planetary ruler of the Water sign Pisces.

In Greek mythology, Neptune is referred as Poseidon and a brother of Pluto and Jupiter. He has dominance over the sea while Pluto rules the underworld and Jupiter is the ruler of heavens.

When it comes to astrology, Neptune is the gentle planet of inspiration, creativity, imagination, intuition, dreams, spirituality as well as personal possibilities. It is also idealistic, romantic, patient, changeable, sensitive, understanding, compassionate and mysterious.

So naturally, under this influence, you have a very creative and intelligent mind that never seem to run out of new ideas, and are particularly drawn to artistic endeavors. You enjoy reading books about love, hope and/or fantasy; you like music, poetry, ballet, yoga, dancing and swimming too; you can easily get lost in long and thought-provoking conversations about philosophy, black magic and the supernatural. You would love spending an afternoon in the illusionary world and daydream about nice things and those dear to your heart.

Being willing to compromise and adjust to unexpected situations is one of your biggest strengths. You are not an unreasonable person that forces your ideologies and opinions down other people’s throat, nor will you use fear tactics to scare them into submission. You are flexible and respectful of individual differences.

Besides, you also have a full tank of patience, not to mention, the incredible ability to tolerate nonsense – you are a natural expert at keeping a poker face, which means you don’t allow yourself to show any sign of anger or frustration, even if you are burning with white-hot anger and feel like whacking argumentative idiots and stubborn mules with giant Toblerone bars.

Your loved ones and BFFs are really lucky to have you in their lives, because you are fiercely loyal and will protect them with every ounce of strength. Whatever they ask of you, you will try your best to satisfy and make them happy. You hate to disappoint your closest peeps. However, my friend, you can get extremely jealous, spiteful and manipulative if your suspicious side tells you that they have done something wrong behind your back.

Personality and Characteristics of

Scorpio Third Decan (SCORPIO-cancer)

If your birthday falls between November 12 and November 21 (your Sun is between 20˚01' to 30˚ Scorpio), you belong to the third decan of Scorpio, which is sub-ruled by the Moon, the planetary ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer.

In astrology, the Moon is a feminine symbol that represents mother, family, home and security. She is associated with emotions, feelings and instincts as well. Hence, it is no wonder that under this influence you have the urge to nurture and care for not only those you love deeply, but also the weak and helpless in your midst.

You are very protective of your family and close-knit friends, and have zero tolerance for anyone that speaks ill of them. You can get extremely combative when your rage-o-meter beeps non stop – and don’t be surprised to find yourself hatching a dark plot that has an eye-for-an-eye element to it, if you decide to seek retribution and revenge in the name of justice. My friend, you have an astrological DNA to harbor past grievances for a long time, and think nothing of being ruthless and cruel towards your enemies.

Being a highly observant person blessed with amazing intuition, you have the ability to sense other people’s feelings and needs. You are quick to comfort and encourage when you see a sad face, and are sensitive enough to be quiet and leave them alone with their thoughts.

It is not your style to use the don’t-you-trust-me line to pressure someone to open up and talk; neither will you betray trust and gossip behind backs. That’s why folks in your life feel really safe sharing their personal stories and darkest secrets with you.

Generosity is your middle name, and you won’t hesitate to pay for a friend’s dinner or give your sibling a huge financial help, if you discover they are struggling to make ends meet. You are the type of selfless giver that is willing to sacrifice themself for others.

You are easily affected by the energy and emotions of others. If a dear one is jumping with joy over their success, you will be on cloud nine and beam with pride as though their success is yours. However, if they are feeling like a tiny abandoned kitten on the street, you become moody and start to wonder why is life so unfair. And if you are around an angry person, your anger would rise, and perhaps, could turn into tears.

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