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Eclipse Dates 2019

Solar Eclipse Jan 05

15° Capricorn 32'

Lunar Eclipse Jan 20

00° Leo 49'

Solar Eclipse Jul 02

10° Cancer 42'

Lunar Eclipse Jul 16

24° Capricorn 01'

Solar Eclipse Dec 25

04°Capricorn 10'

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Mar 05 to 28 in Pisces

Jul 07 to Aug 31 starta in Leo, ends in Cancer

Oct 31 to Nov 20 in Scorpio

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Jan 04, 22:40

Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 24, 12:49

Mercury enters Aquarius

Feb 10, 05:50

Mercury enters Pisces

Apr 17, 02:01

Mercury enters Aries

May 06, 14:25

Mercury enters Taurus

May 21,  06:52

Mercury enters Gemini

Jun 04, 16:04

Mercury enters Cancer

Jun 26, 20:19

Mercury enters Leo


Aug 29, 03:48

Mercury enters Virgo


Sep 14, 03:14

Mercury enters Libra

Oct 03, 04:14

Mercury enters Scorpio


Dec 09, 16:41

Mercury enters Sagittarius  

Dec 28, 23:55

Mercury enters Capricorn

Venus Transits 2019

Jan 07, 06:18

Venus enters Sagittarius

Feb 3, 15:29

Venus enters Capricorn

Mar 01, 11:45

Venus enters Aquarius

Mar 26, 15:43

Venus enters Pisces


Apr 20, 12:10

Venus enters Aries

May 15, 05:46

Venus enters Taurus

Jun 08, 21:37

Venus enters Gemini


Jul 03, 11:18

Venus enters Cancer

Jul 27, 21:54

Venus enters Leo

Aug 21, 05:06

Venus enters Virgo

Sep 14, 09:43

Venus enters Libra

Oct 08, 13:06

Venus enters Scorpio

Nov 01, 16:25

Venus enters Sagittarius

Nov 25, 19:28

Venus enters Capricorn


Dec 20, 01:41

Venus enters Aquarius

Mars Transits 2019

Feb 14, 05:51

Mars enters Taurus

Mar 31, 02:12

Mars enters Gemini

May 15, 23:09

Mars enters Cancer

Jul 01, 19:19

Mars enters Leo

Aug 18, 01:18

Mars enters Virgo

Oct 04, 12:22

Mars enters Libra

Nov 19, 02:40

Mars enters Scorpio


Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 08 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 03 2019


Saturn is in Capricorn until Mar 21 2020


Uranus is in Aries until May 15 2018 and will stay in Taurus (on and off) until 26 April 2026


Neptune is in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

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Pisces Jul 19, 22:18

Aries Jul 22, 11:02

Taurus Jul 24, 22:42

Gemini Jul 27, 07:28

Cancer Jul 29, 12:30

Leo Jul 31, 14:18

Virgo Aug 02, 14:20

Libra Aug 04, 14:29

Scorpio Aug 06, 16:31

Sagittarius Aug 08, 21:34

Capricorn Aug 11, 05:47

Aquarius Aug 13, 16:35

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Aries Nov 08, 11:48

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Cancer Nov 15, 16:14

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Libra Nov 22, 04:19

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Capricorn Nov 28, 12:32

Aquarius Nov 30, 20:13

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Gemini Dec 10, 16:46

Cancer Dec 12, 23:22

Leo Dec 15, 03:55

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Scorpio Dec 21, 15:57

Sagittarius Dec 23, 16:34

Capricorn Dec 25, 21:45

Aquarius Dec 28, 05:20

Pisces Dec 30, 15:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Sagittarius Personality Traits and Characteristics

Sagittarius Personality Traits and Characteristics

Sagittarius Good and Bad Qualities

Sagittarius Career Options

Sagittarius Lucky Numbers

home > astrology 101 > all about the zodiac sign sagittarius > sagittarius personality traits and characteristics

If you were born between November 22 and December 21, you are a Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, which belongs to the Fire element and is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune and generosity.

Sagittarius people have a reputation for being positive thinkers that dare to dream big and are not afraid of failure, as they always use their outside-the-box imagination to see hope and possibilities in every moment. They have total confidence in themselves and won't allow naysayers or doubters in their midst to scare them into giving up on their loftiest goals.

The Archer is bold and courageous, and can be unbelievably strong-willed, or should I say, stubborn and unyielding. Once they form an opinion about a certain something or someone, or decide to do such-and-such, no amount of coaxing and cajoling could make them change their mind. They would put their charm to work and persuade others to their way of thinking instead.

You are not a shy introvert that chooses PJs and Neflix on a weekend over brilliant opportunities to mix and mingle, and make valuable connections. Neither will you stick to the same group of playmates, like a baby kangaroo clinging to its momma, and do the same old activities over and over again. You constantly crave variety and novelty, and challenges excite you.

You love meeting new people and are eager to acquire new knowledge and experience untried paths. You can talk to almost anyone about anything under the sun, and particularly enjoy meaningful conversations that bring out the wise, humorous and philosophical side of you.

Interestingly, you seem to gravitate towards adventurous travelers, resilient risk takers and the intellectually well-endowed; but simply cannot tolerate empty vessels that just won't stop spouting nonsense, not to mention, sarcastic speakers that take the roundabout way to ridicule others.

It is not your style to play mind games or beat around the bush, nor pretend to be someone you are not. You are frank and straightforward in your delivery and are brave enough to tell the ugly truth — even if you know it could bruise egos and break hearts.

You feel it is better to hurt someone else's feelings than lie through your teeth and have a guilty conscience following your every move. Unfortunately, my friend, petty-minded creatures around you don't appreciate your candid honesty and might label you as tactless, undiplomatic and insensitive, or worse, merciless.

You have an incredible sense of humor that can make the most serious face in the room laugh out loud. If someone is feeling nervous, or out of place like a spoiled yellow bean in a bowl of fresh peas, you are willing to poke fun at your own silliness to help them loosen up a little and have fun.

As a matter of fact, you also know how to encourage and heal those wallowing in self-pity. That's why your special best friends see you as their personal confidence booster and mood lifter, though you, sometimes, wish Negative Nancys and Grumpy Georges in your life would turn off their why-me-poor-me tap and talk about bright and cheerful things. Hearing repeated stories about weirdos, liars and thieves bores you to death.

Generosity is in your astrological DNA; you often do favors and give help without expecting anything in return. You can be rather extravagant when it comes to gift-giving and spoiling yourself rotten, and think nothing of spending large amounts of money to wow and delight your closest peeps (and also to impress the impressionable).

If you have the winning Powerball numbers, chances are you would fly first class to some sun-drenched paradise on the other side of the globe — and brag about it on Facebook and at dinner parties. You just love to be envied.

Generally speaking, you are most compatible with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, but may have a bit of a problem getting along with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.

Meticulous and organized Virgo can help your status in the industry grow, while individuals born under the zodiac sign of Pisces would stand by your side should you find yourself in a slanging match with an argumentative egoist.

If your dream is to be a boss of a business that is creative in nature, consider roping in an Aries or Gemini partner. In case you can't pay your credit card bills, try talking to a Capricorn.

As for the Sagittarius longing for someone to love you, be sure to only date those that support your need for time alone, and won't morph into an overly suspicious paranoid freak when you are not in the mood for sex.

Famous Sagittarius celebrities include Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Ben Stiller, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Katie Holmes, Amanada Seyfreid, Nicki Minaj, Steven Spielberg, Britney Spears, Katherine Heigl, Jay Z, Julianne Moore and Peter Facinelli.

The birthstone assigned to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is blue topaz, which is said to inspire creativity, dispel anger and promote compassion.

The health problems you are most likely to suffer from are hepatitis, fatty liver, hip fracture and thigh pain .

Blue and purple are your lucky colors. Lucky days of the week for Sagittarius are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Your lucky numbers (or important years in your life) are 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 45, 47, 48, 54, 56, 57, 74, 75, 81, 83, 84.

Flowers and herbs associated with Sagittarius are narcissus, carnations, peonies, thistles, dandelions, blackberries, sage, moss, limes and rush.

Jobs/careers suitable or ideal  for Sagittarius-born individuals are humanitarian, activist, philosopher, lawyer, judge, minister, professor, archeologist, animal trainer, artist, art buyer, dancer, food critic, editor, journalist, writer, storyteller, actor, comedian and tour guide

In summary, Sagittarius strength keywords are honest, frank, candid,  outspoken, expressive, fair, altruistic, generous, optimistic, brave, energetic, sociable, enthusiastic, adventurous, jovial, funny, carefree, independent, intellectual, ambitious and philosophical.

Sagittarius weakness keywords are impulsive, impatient, irresponsible, careless, blunt, tactless, rigid, boastful, spendthrift, talkative, narcissistic, restless, aloof, unrealistic, opinionated, stubborn, hotheaded, forgetful, argumentative and dogmatic.