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Eclipse Dates 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 31

11° Leo 39'

Partial Solar Eclipse Feb 15

27° Aquarius 01'

Partial Solar Eclipse Jul 12

20° Cancer 50'

Total Lunar Eclipse Jul 27

04° Aquarius 46'

Partial Solar Eclipse Aug 11

18° Leo 34'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018

Mar 22 to Apr 15 in Aries

Jul 26 to Aug 18 in Leo

Nov 16 to Dec 6 in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Mercury Transits 2018

Jan 11, 00:09

Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 31, 08:39

Mercury enters Aquarius

Feb 17, 16:05

Mercury enters Pisces

Mar 06, 02:34

Mercury enters Aries

Mar 22, 20:19  

Mercury Retrograde (16º Aries)

Apr 15, 05:21

Mercury Direct (4º Aries)


May 13, 08:40

Mercury enters Taurus

May 29,  19:49

Mercury enters Gemini

Jun 12, 15:59

Mercury enters Cancer

Jun 29, 01:16

Mercury enters Leo

Jul 26, 01:02

Mercury Retrograde (23º Leo)


Aug 19, 00:25

Mercury Direct (11º Leo)

Sep 05, 22:39

Mercury enters Virgo


Sep 21, 23:39

Mercury enters Libra

Oct 09, 20:40

Mercury enters Scorpio


Oct 31, 00:38

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov 16, 20:33

Mercury Retrograde  (13º Sagittarius)


Dec 01, 06:12

Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio

Dec 06, 16:22

Mercury Direct (27º Scorpio)


Dec 12, 18:43

Mercury enters Sagittarius  

Venus Transits 2018

Jan 17, 20:43

Venus enters Aquarius  

Feb 10, 18:19

Venus enters Pisces

Mar 06, 18:45

Venus enters Aries

Mar 31, 00:54

Venus enters Taurus


Apr 24, 12:40

Venus enters Gemini

May 19, 09:10

Venus enters Cancer

Jun 13, 17:54

Venus enters Leo


Jul 09, 22:32

Venus enters Virgo

Aug 06, 19:27

Venus enters Libra

Sep 09, 05:25

Venus enters Scorpio

Oct 05, 15:05

Venus Retrograde (10º Scorpio)

Oct 31, 15:42

Venus Retrograde enters Libra


Nov 16, 05:51

Venus Direct (25º Libra)


Dec 02, 12:02

Venus enters Scorpio

Mars Transits 2018

Jan 26, 07:56

Mars enters Sagittarius

Mar 17, 12:40

Mars enters Capricorn

May 16, 00:55

Mars enters Aquarius

Jun 26, 17:04

Mars Retrograde (9º Aquarius)

Aug 12, 22:14

Mars Retrograde enters Capricorn

Aug 27, 10:05

Mars Direct (28º Capricorn)

Sep 10, 20:56

Mars enters Aquarius

Nov 15, 17:51

Mars enters Pisces

Dec 31, 21:20

Mars enters Aries


Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 8 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 3 2019


Saturn is in Capricorn until Mar 21 2020


Uranus is in Aries until May 15 2018 and will stay in Taurus (on and off) until 26 April 2026


Neptune is in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Pisces Sep 22, 13:26

Aries Sep 25, 00:03

Taurus Sep 27, 08:15

Gemini Sep 29, 14:25

Cancer Oct 01, 19:00

Leo Oct 03, 22:12

Virgo Oct 06, 00:19

Libra Oct 08, 02:09

Scorpio Oct 10, 05:09

Sagittarius Oct 12, 10:52

Capricorn Oct 14, 20:16

Aquarius Oct 17, 08:35

Pisces Oct 19, 21:20

Aries Oct 22, 07:58

Taurus Oct 24, 15:33

Gemini Oct 26, 20:40

Cancer Oct 28, 23:26

Leo Oct 31, 02:41

Virgo Nov 02, 05:47

Libra Nov 04, 09:00

Scorpio Nov 06, 13:02

Sagittarius Nov 08, 18:59

Capricorn Nov 11, 03:54

Aquarius Nov 13, 15:45

Pisces Nov 16, 04:41

Aries Nov 18, 15:55

Taurus Nov 20, 23:42

Gemini Nov 23, 04:10

Cancer Nov 25, 06:37

Leo Nov 27, 08:34

Virgo Nov 29, 11:07

Libra Dec 01, 14:48

Scorpio Dec 03, 19:54

Sagittarius Dec 06, 02:48

Capricorn Dec 08, 12:01

Aquarius Dec 10, 23:39

Pisces Dec 13, 12:39

Aries Dec 16, 00:43

Taurus Dec 18, 09:37

Gemini Dec 20, 14:34

Cancer Dec 22, 16:27

Leo Dec 24, 16:58

Virgo Dec 26, 17:49

Libra Dec 28, 20:22

Scorpio Dec 31, 01:22 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Sagittarius Decans and Personality Traits

As explained earlier in the article “what is a decan in astrology”, you already understand why people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius can exhibit different characteristics, or qualities.

What I have written below is merely a general description of the positive and negative traits each Sagittarius decan (Fire Sign) is likely to possess.

Remember, who you really are is also formed by your genes and the environment you are in. You could be influenced by other people’s perception of you and what they want you to do, as well.

The life experiences you have had and where you are in the birth order can reveal a great deal about your personality too.

fire signs personality traits and characteristics

Note: The following information is also applicable to

First Decan of Sagittarius Rising (0° to 10°)

Second Decan of Sagittarius Rising (10˚01' to 20˚)

Third Decan of Sagittarius Rising (20˚01' to 30˚)

Personality and Characteristics of Sagittarius Decan 1

Personality and Characteristics of Sagittarius Decan 2

Personality and Characteristics of Sagittarius Decan 3

Personality and Characteristics of

Sagittarius First Decan (SAGITTARIUS-sagittarius)

If your birthday falls between November 23 and December 2 (your Sun is between 0˚ to 10˚ Sagittarius), you belong to the first decan of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun that is the largest and most massive object in our solar system.

Many astrology enthusiasts, including myself, have a special liking for Jupiter because he is the Santa Claus of the zodiac that brings opportunities, good fortune, prosperity and abundance into our lives. So, my friend, consider yourself to be extremely lucky that you are a first decan Sagittarian as there is always someone super nice who is willing and ready to give you a big helping hand when you are not in the best situation.

Interestingly, you seem to be luckier than people of other star signs when it comes to games of chance – and thank goodness, you are sensible enough to know that luck comes and goes quickly, and you cannot make a living through gambling, though you might invest some money in lottery tickets whenever the jackpot grows to huge amounts of cash.

You are an eternal optimist whose motto in life is “don't worry, be happy”; even if you feel like a boat lost at sea, you will give yourself a little pep-talk and steer your thoughts in positive directions.

In fact, my friend, rarely do you find yourself in a blue mood for more than a couple of days; neither will you brood over the bygones and vow revenge against your enemies, nor get upset at the smallest thing. You have the magnanimity to forgive and forget.

Those in your inner circle never fail to think of you when they are hit by waves of challenges, and need a personal cheerleader to encourage and tell them everything is going to be alright. That’s because your words brim with so much hope and sunny optimism that they can make problems, no matter how complicated, evaporate.

Your closest peeps also love you for your delightful sense of humor, not to mention amazing kindness and generosity. You not only carry a large bag filled with crazy jokes and funny stories wherever you go, but also have the ability to laugh at yourself.

You are quick to reward those that play a part in your happiness, and can be really extravagant when you give. You won’t hesitate to whip out your credit card for exotic trips, lavish gifts and fancy dinners to spoil your loved ones rotten. And since you have a big heart and a charitable nature, you are likely to volunteer in your local community during your free time, or give money to help the poor and needy.

Honesty is your greatest strength, but the trouble is, your comments are too frank and too blunt for some folks. I would urge you to be especially tactful and diplomatic when speaking to highly sensitive, emotional creatures that get offended easily.

Personality and Characteristics of

Sagittarius Second Decan (SAGITTARIUS-aries)

If your birthday falls between December 2 and December 11 (your Sun is between 10˚01' to 20˚ Sagittarius), you belong to the second decan of Sagittarius, which is sub-ruled by Mars, the planetary ruler of the Fire sign Aries.

I am sure all avid fans of mythology out there know that Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is considered the divine mother of the Romans while Mars is the father; so that might be why it is often said, “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.

We typically associate males with character traits such as strength, aggression, courage and dominance, hence, naturally under this influence, others would describe you as an optimistic and bold person with a go-getter attitude who is not afraid to take the path less traveled.

You are very clear about your goals and dreams in life, and have the determination to go after what you want. However, my friend, you are inclined to be impulsive and act on the spur of the moment rather than think through things first.

Patience is not your strong suit; you simply cannot tolerate killjoys, grumblers and idiots that behave in a wishy washy manner. You also find it difficult to get along with bossy control freaks, argumentative loudmouths as well as rich snobs that have trouble turning off the “bragging non-stop” faucet. You like to surround yourself with positive thinkers of resolute character, not to mention, are respectful of your time and forgiving of your tendency to get restless and bored easily.

You have a short fuse and don’t listen to reason when your rage-o-meter is flashing RED. Some folks may accuse you of being extremely stubborn, selfish, callous, tactless and insensitive to others’ feelings as you go into don’t-tell-me-what-to-do-you-don’t-own-me mode.

Although it is not in your astrological DNA to seek revenge and make life a living hell for those that stabbed you in the back, there is a possibility that you might morph into a cunning, ruthless and vengeful creature – if your trust is betrayed, or if your heart is broken and your feelings have been trampled on. You are very loyal to your family, friends and lovers, and expect the same from them.

You have a possessive streak when it comes to relationships, and can get really jealous when your sweetest heart sings praises their opposite-sex friends, or when your playmate chooses to be with their favorite peeps, or toys over hanging out with you.

Personality and Characteristics of

Sagittarius Third Decan (SAGITTARIUS-leo)

If your birthday falls between December 12 and December 21 (your Sun is between 20˚01' to 30˚ Sagittarius), you belong to the third decan of Sagittarius, which is sub-ruled by the Sun, the planetary ruler of the zodiac sign Leo.

When we think of the Sun, descriptive words such as bright, dazzling, cheerful, optimistic, energetic, huge and powerful would automatically pop into our heads. Hence, under this influence, you are blessed with a sunny disposition that not only draws people into your orbit, but also makes them want to be your friend.

You always exude charm and warmth with a cheery smile on your face; even if you are not in the best of moods, you won’t sulk like a spoiled kid being told off by his momma, nor grumble-rant about stupid things and annoying characters around you.

You have a tank filled to the brim with positivity, which is why catastrophic thinkers in your life turn to you whenever doom and gloom thoughts invade their minds. You are very encouraging and supportive in both words and actions. In addition to this, you have an incredible ability to boost egos, and compliment people to the point that they think they are better than everyone else at such-and-such.

And because your generosity is your middle name, you have no hesitation about jumping in and helping others in any way you can. It is a possibility that you might even put their needs above your own, if they are one of your favorite people on planet Earth, or if their story pulls hard at your heartstrings.

You like being in places where you feel really important or allow you to showcase your talents, and are happiest when other people look at you with admiration in their eyes and wish they had your awesomeness. You absolutely hate to be mocked and laughed at, not to mention, have zero tolerance for shameless thieves that steal your limelight as well as manipulative opportunists that use every chance to gain something for themselves at your expense.

Although you are known for being bold, confident, outgoing and spontaneous, you can be rather shy in front of the opposite gender, particularly if you start to develop romantic feelings for him or her. So, my friend, don't be surprised to find yourself wondering how to tell the object of your affection that you like them a lot, or dropping small hints here and there, and hoping they will get your I-think-you-are-really-cute message.

You have quite a lustful appetite for sensual pleasure, but thankfully, you are not the type that is easily tempted to cheat when their partner is away or too tired to satisfy their sexual fantasies. Once you have a ring on your finger, or in a blissful relationship, you are very faithful and won’t stray, though you might steal a glance at young and sexy strangers.

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