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Eclipse Dates 2017

Lunar Eclipse Feb 10

22° Leo 35'

Solar Eclipse Feb 26

08° Pisces 10'

Lunar Eclipse Aug 7

15° Aquarius 31'

Solar Eclipse Aug 21

28° Leo 51'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2017

19 Dec 2016 (Sagittarius) – 8 Jan 2017 (Capricorn)

Jan 01 (Capricorn) – Jan 08 (Capricorn)

Apr 09 (Aries) – May 03 (Taurus)

Aug 12 (Leo) – Sep 05 (Virgo)

Dec 02 (Sagittarius) – Dec 22 (Capricorn)

Mercury Transits 2017

Jan 04, 15:01 Sagittarius - R

Jan 08, 09:43 Sagittarius - S/D

Jan 12, 13:30 Capricorn - I

Feb 07, 09:33 Aquarius - I

Feb 25, 23:07 Pisces - I

Mar 13, 21:07 Aries - I

Mar 31, 17:44 Taurus - I

Apr 09, 23:14 Taurus - S/R

Apr 20, 17:36 Aries - R

May 03, 16:32 Aries - S/D

May 16, 04:00 Taurus - I

Jun 06, 22:13 Gemini - I

Jun 21, 09:57 Cancer - I

Jul 06, 00:19 Leo - I

Jul 25, 23:41 Virgo - I

Aug 13, 01:00 Virgo - S/R

Aug 31, 15:53 Leo - R

Sep 05, 11:29 Leo - S/D

Sep 10, 02:38 Virgo - I

Sep 30, 00:42 Libra - I

Oct 17, 07:59 Scorpio - I

Nov 05, 19:19 Sagittarius - I

Dec 03, 07:34 Sagittarius - S/R

Dec 23, 01:51 Sagittarius - S/D

Venus Transits 2017

Jan 03, 07:47 Pisces - I

Feb 03, 15:54 Aries - I

Mar 04, 09:09 Aries - S/R

Apr 03, 00:27 Pisces - R

Apr 15, 10:18 Pisces - S/D

Apr 28, 13:02 Aries - I

Jun 06, 07:25 Taurus - I

Jul 05, 00:11 Gemini - I

Jul 31, 14:53 Cancer - I

Aug 26, 04:29 Leo - I

Sep 20, 01:15 Virgo - I

Oct 14, 10:11 Libra - I

Nov 07, 11:38 Scorpio - I

Dec 01, 09:14 Sagittarius - I

Dec 25, 05:26 Capricorn - I

Mars Transits 2017

Jan 28, 05:38 Aries - I

Mar 10, 00:33 Taurus - I

Apr 21, 10:32 Gemini - I

Jun 04, 16:16 Cancer - I

Jul 20, 12:19 Leo - I

Sep 05, 09:34 Virgo - I

Oct 22, 18:29 Libra - I

Dec 09, 08:59 Scorpio - I


Jupiter will be in Libra from Sep 10 2016 to Oct 10 2017


Saturn will be in Sagittarius until Dec 19 2017


Uranus will be in Aries until May 15 2018


Neptune will be in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto will be in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Cancer Jul 21, 09:09

Leo Jul 23, 09:33

Virgo Jul 25, 11:32

Libra Jul 27, 16:36

Scorpio Jul 30, 01:22

Sagittarius Aug 01, 13:01

Capricorn Aug 04, 01:36

Aquarius Aug 06, 13:15

Pisces Aug 08, 22:55

Aries Aug 11, 06:21

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Pisces Personality Traits and Characteristics

Pisces Personality Traits and Characteristics

Pisces Good and Bad Qualities

Pisces Career Options

Pisces Lucky Numbers

home > astrology 101 > all about the zodiac sign pisces > pisces personality traits and characteristics

If y ou were born between February 19 and March 20, you are a Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, which belongs to the Water element and is ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysticism, illusion and spirituality.

Pisces people are known to be gentle and reserved daydreamers with a luxuriant imagination. They are not the type of aggressively ambitious initiators that would rub their hands in glee and raring to go when they think "What a fantastic idea! Let's get started right away!" — and expect loud applause and approving whistles for what they have done.

They prefer to work quietly behind the scenes until success is reached as they don't feel quite comfortable being under major attention, or more accurately put, constant scrutiny and pressure.

If their confidence gets knocked down from repeated failures and setbacks, chances are, they would choose to stop trying or perhaps, admit defeat (and hide in the room, wallowing in self pity). The Fish doesn't have iron willpower to persist through life's challenges, nor the fortitude to withstand acerbic comments that have the power to shrink self esteem into the size of a tiny sesame seed. They are also readily influenced, or should I say, frightened into inaction by naysayers and skeptics around them.

Pisces-born individuals have a loving heart filled to the brim with kindness, generosity and compassion. That's why you won't hesitate to give more than you are asked and are willing to suspend your own agenda, or make personal sacrifices for those deserving of your affection and attention.

In fact, my friend, you can be so nice that you would also take the time to reply to every dumb tweet or email that comes your way, or perhaps, sit through a horror movie when you are totally into romantic comedies and magical fantasy films.

If you are in a super good mood, say for instance, not gaining a single pound after binge-eating Fat-urday, or being told flatteringly that you look 5 years younger than your actual age, you would gladly say "YES" to whatever others want from you.

However, if your rage-o-meter is flashing red, or if you are annoyed to the nth degree, you could turn into an utterly selfish monster with volcanic temper and would tell favor-seekers to f@rk the hell off.

It is also possible that you might become really spiteful if you discover that you have been used and exploited. You have a vengeful streak a mile wide and would show no mercy when it's payback time.

Interestingly, you have a strong disgust for manipulative opportunists preying on your insecurities as well as those that assume naivety is equivalent to stupidity. You learn from your mistakes and bad experiences, and will never allow yourself to fall for the same trick twice.

You can be very secretive and mysterious at times, which means you won't reveal to anyone about your deepest aspirations, big plans or what's going on in your world, though the gossip king or queen in you is happy to talk about other people's business and make faces go OMG in shock. You have a natural tendency towards exaggeration and could cleverly weave fiction into fact.

Your imagination is simply outstanding, which can be both a strength and a weakness. You are able come up with creative ideas at the snap of fingers; however, if it runs too wild, you are capable of inventing the most extraordinary stories to justify laziness, procrastination and stubbornness, not to mention that it could send your suspicious and paranoid mind into overdrive. You are, sometimes, guilty of making irrational conclusions and hasty decisions based on emotions rather than reality.

Generally speaking, you are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, but may have a bit of a problem getting along with Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius .

Enthusiastic and good-natured Sagittarius could prove to be an enormous help where career progression is concerned while those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are your biggest cheerleaders when motivation takes a sharp nosedive and you just want to give up.

If you are looking for someone honest and reliable to start a business together, go find yourself a Virgo partner, preferably with Cancer or Aries rising. In case the couch potato in you won't budge from its favorite spot in the house, it's time to buddy up with a Capricorn.

Generous and helpful Aries could be your lifesaver, should you find yourself drowning in a pool of debt, or unable to pay rent on time. As for the Pisces longing for someone wonderful to love and will love you back deeply, don't waste time on those that accuse you of acting like a colicky baby with extreme mood swings when you get a little too clingy and want their attention.

Famous Pisces celebrities include Cindy Crawford, Kurt Russell, Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore, Daniel Craig, Adam Levine, Ronan Keating, Olivia Palermo, Rihanna, Bruce Willis, Eva Longoria, Chris Klein, Ashley Greene, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Whitney Port, Chris Martin, Jon Bon Jovi, Eva Herzigova and John Hamm.

The birthstone assigned to the zodiac sign of Pisces is Aquamarine, which is believed to help control temper outbursts, give courage and boost confidence.

The health problems you are most likely to suffer from are bone spurs, bunions, bruises and sprains.

Sea green and lavender are your lucky colors. Lucky days of the week for Pisces are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Your lucky numbers (or important years in your life) are 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 45, 47, 48, 54, 56, 57, 74, 75, 81, 83, 84.

Flowers and herbs associated with Pisces are water lilies, orchids, lilac, clematis, poppies, moss, yarrow and rhubarb.

Jobs/careers suitable or ideal for Pisces individuals are marine biologist, oceanographer, life guard, diver, nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, physical therapist, psychologist, social worker, relationship counselor, veterinarian, astrologer, artist, painter, musician, lyricist,  filmmaker, photographer, poet, writer and hair stylist.

In summary, Pisces strength keywords are adaptable, accepting, intuitive, imaginative, creative, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, generous, selfless, helpful, kind, loving, charming, easygoing, sensitive, patient, tolerant, nurturing, devoted, artistic, romantic, trusting, sweet, caring, affectionate, receptive and trustworthy.

Pisces weakness keywords are indecisive, changeable, restless, unfocused, passive, self-pitying, gullible, impressionable, melancholy, moody, temperamental, irrational, oblivious, lazy, absent-minded, forgetful, lonely, vulnerable, extravagant, stubborn, obstinate, secretive and vague