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Eclipse Dates 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 31

11° Leo 39'

Partial Solar Eclipse Feb 15

27° Aquarius 01'

Partial Solar Eclipse Jul 12

20° Cancer 50'

Total Lunar Eclipse Jul 27

04° Aquarius 46'

Partial Solar Eclipse Aug 11

18° Leo 34'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018

Mar 22 to Apr 15 in Aries

Jul 26 to Aug 18 in Leo

Nov 16 to Dec 6 in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Mercury Transits 2018

Jan 11, 00:09

Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 31, 08:39

Mercury enters Aquarius

Feb 17, 16:05

Mercury enters Pisces

Mar 06, 02:34

Mercury enters Aries

Mar 22, 20:19  

Mercury Retrograde (16º Aries)

Apr 15, 05:21

Mercury Direct (4º Aries)


May 13, 08:40

Mercury enters Taurus

May 29,  19:49

Mercury enters Gemini

Jun 12, 15:59

Mercury enters Cancer

Jun 29, 01:16

Mercury enters Leo

Jul 26, 01:02

Mercury Retrograde (23º Leo)


Aug 19, 00:25

Mercury Direct (11º Leo)

Sep 05, 22:39

Mercury enters Virgo


Sep 21, 23:39

Mercury enters Libra

Oct 09, 20:40

Mercury enters Scorpio


Oct 31, 00:38

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov 16, 20:33

Mercury Retrograde  (13º Sagittarius)


Dec 01, 06:12

Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio

Dec 06, 16:22

Mercury Direct (27º Scorpio)


Dec 12, 18:43

Mercury enters Sagittarius  

Venus Transits 2018

Jan 17, 20:43

Venus enters Aquarius  

Feb 10, 18:19

Venus enters Pisces

Mar 06, 18:45

Venus enters Aries

Mar 31, 00:54

Venus enters Taurus


Apr 24, 12:40

Venus enters Gemini

May 19, 09:10

Venus enters Cancer

Jun 13, 17:54

Venus enters Leo


Jul 09, 22:32

Venus enters Virgo

Aug 06, 19:27

Venus enters Libra

Sep 09, 05:25

Venus enters Scorpio

Oct 05, 15:05

Venus Retrograde (10º Scorpio)

Oct 31, 15:42

Venus Retrograde enters Libra


Nov 16, 05:51

Venus Direct (25º Libra)


Dec 02, 12:02

Venus enters Scorpio

Mars Transits 2018

Jan 26, 07:56

Mars enters Sagittarius

Mar 17, 12:40

Mars enters Capricorn

May 16, 00:55

Mars enters Aquarius

Jun 26, 17:04

Mars Retrograde (9º Aquarius)

Aug 12, 22:14

Mars Retrograde enters Capricorn

Aug 27, 10:05

Mars Direct (28º Capricorn)

Sep 10, 20:56

Mars enters Aquarius

Nov 15, 17:51

Mars enters Pisces

Dec 31, 21:20

Mars enters Aries


Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 8 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 3 2019


Saturn is in Capricorn until Mar 21 2020


Uranus is in Aries until May 15 2018 and will stay in Taurus (on and off) until 26 April 2026


Neptune is in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Pisces Sep 22, 13:26

Aries Sep 25, 00:03

Taurus Sep 27, 08:15

Gemini Sep 29, 14:25

Cancer Oct 01, 19:00

Leo Oct 03, 22:12

Virgo Oct 06, 00:19

Libra Oct 08, 02:09

Scorpio Oct 10, 05:09

Sagittarius Oct 12, 10:52

Capricorn Oct 14, 20:16

Aquarius Oct 17, 08:35

Pisces Oct 19, 21:20

Aries Oct 22, 07:58

Taurus Oct 24, 15:33

Gemini Oct 26, 20:40

Cancer Oct 28, 23:26

Leo Oct 31, 02:41

Virgo Nov 02, 05:47

Libra Nov 04, 09:00

Scorpio Nov 06, 13:02

Sagittarius Nov 08, 18:59

Capricorn Nov 11, 03:54

Aquarius Nov 13, 15:45

Pisces Nov 16, 04:41

Aries Nov 18, 15:55

Taurus Nov 20, 23:42

Gemini Nov 23, 04:10

Cancer Nov 25, 06:37

Leo Nov 27, 08:34

Virgo Nov 29, 11:07

Libra Dec 01, 14:48

Scorpio Dec 03, 19:54

Sagittarius Dec 06, 02:48

Capricorn Dec 08, 12:01

Aquarius Dec 10, 23:39

Pisces Dec 13, 12:39

Aries Dec 16, 00:43

Taurus Dec 18, 09:37

Gemini Dec 20, 14:34

Cancer Dec 22, 16:27

Leo Dec 24, 16:58

Virgo Dec 26, 17:49

Libra Dec 28, 20:22

Scorpio Dec 31, 01:22 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Moon (Lunar) Calendar February 2017

The lunar calendar below shows the moon phases in February 2017, and its position in the zodiac. Great for those thinking of using the moon phases to help them improve their lives; or be successful in their endeavors – whether it is growing a prosperous garden that would produce nutritious food to feed the family all year round, growing hair to extra-long lengths, catching jumbo perch and trout, or finding romantic bliss.

You can also find the term Void of Course in the Moon Calendar, and a chart that shows you what moon phase is best for certain activities as well as interesting information about timing with Moon in astrology.

Note: All times are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and the location is London.

Moon (Lunar) Calendar February 2017. Void of Course Moon Dates February 2017.


home > astrology 101 > moon calendar february 2017

What Is Void of Course Moon?

The moon is the fastest moving planet (luminary) and changes zodiac sign approximately every 2 to 2½ days. The Void of Course phase begins after the moon has made its last major aspect (the conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition) before entering the next sign. This process can take a few seconds, minutes or several hours, and can sometimes last for about two days.

When the moon is in the Void of Course, we can expect delays and hindrances in our tasks, or making decisions could prove unusually difficult.

Therefore, it is smart to avoid starting new or important projects as there is a higher likelihood that they may not turn out the way you envision them, and big adjustments are needed for your endeavors to be a true success.

I would also advise against going on a first date, attending a job interview or meetings that are related to your career, launching your business, calling on clients, buying new things, having elective surgery, test driving a vehicle, particularly when the moon goes Void of Course for a considerable amount of time, say for than 24 hours.















New Moon

First Quarter

Third Quarter (Last Quarter)

Full Moon

Void of Course Starts

Void of Course Ends

If you want to...

Do it...

go on a date with the object of your affection and attention

between the end of a new moon and the beginning of a waxing moon

sign a contract

apply for a bank loan

sign a tenancy agreement

on the first 3 days of the full moon

drop unwanted pounds

at the beginning of a waning moon

kick a bad habit

get out of a toxic relationship

rid yourself of negative attitude

when the moon is waning

attend an interview for a new job or an internal promotion

during a new moon

start your own business

make new business contacts

enter a business partnership

during the period of the new moon

tie the knot

set up home with your romantic partner

during the period between the waxing moon and the full moon

make babies

around the time of a full moon

hunt for amazing bargains at the malls, flea markets or yard sales

during a new moon

take that long overdue vacation

look for a new home

on a new moon

throw a party

get everyone together for a super fun time

broaden your social circle

around a waxing moon

Moon Calendar February 2017










► 16:50


♉ 01:49

◄ 01:49


► 22:41



♊ 04:44

◄ 04:44


► 22:53


♋ 07:02

◄ 07:02


► 21:59


♌ 09:40

◄ 09:40



♍ 13:51

► 05:52

◄ 13:51




♎ 20:42

► 12:36

◄ 20:42




♏ 06:40

► 01:53

◄ 06:40


► 19:37


♐ 18:52

◄ 18:52




► 23:36


♑ 07:07

◄ 07:07



♒ 17:17

► 03:23

◄ 17:17



► 18:11


♓ 00:24

◄ 00:24



► 23:07


♈ 04:51

◄ 04:51