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Eclipse Dates 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 31

11° Leo 39'

Partial Solar Eclipse Feb 15

27° Aquarius 01'

Partial Solar Eclipse Jul 12

20° Cancer 50'

Total Lunar Eclipse Jul 27

04° Aquarius 46'

Partial Solar Eclipse Aug 11

18° Leo 34'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018

Mar 22 to Apr 15 in Aries

Jul 26 to Aug 18 in Leo

Nov 16 to Dec 6 in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Mercury Transits 2018

Jan 11, 00:09

Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 31, 08:39

Mercury enters Aquarius

Feb 17, 16:05

Mercury enters Pisces

Mar 06, 02:34

Mercury enters Aries

Mar 22, 20:19  

Mercury Retrograde (16º Aries)

Apr 15, 05:21

Mercury Direct (4º Aries)


May 13, 08:40

Mercury enters Taurus

May 29,  19:49

Mercury enters Gemini

Jun 12, 15:59

Mercury enters Cancer

Jun 29, 01:16

Mercury enters Leo

Jul 26, 01:02

Mercury Retrograde (23º Leo)


Aug 19, 00:25

Mercury Direct (11º Leo)

Sep 05, 22:39

Mercury enters Virgo


Sep 21, 23:39

Mercury enters Libra

Oct 09, 20:40

Mercury enters Scorpio


Oct 31, 00:38

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov 16, 20:33

Mercury Retrograde  (13º Sagittarius)


Dec 01, 06:12

Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio

Dec 06, 16:22

Mercury Direct (27º Scorpio)


Dec 12, 18:43

Mercury enters Sagittarius  

Venus Transits 2018

Jan 17, 20:43

Venus enters Aquarius  

Feb 10, 18:19

Venus enters Pisces

Mar 06, 18:45

Venus enters Aries

Mar 31, 00:54

Venus enters Taurus


Apr 24, 12:40

Venus enters Gemini

May 19, 09:10

Venus enters Cancer

Jun 13, 17:54

Venus enters Leo


Jul 09, 22:32

Venus enters Virgo

Aug 06, 19:27

Venus enters Libra

Sep 09, 05:25

Venus enters Scorpio

Oct 05, 15:05

Venus Retrograde (10º Scorpio)

Oct 31, 15:42

Venus Retrograde enters Libra


Nov 16, 05:51

Venus Direct (25º Libra)


Dec 02, 12:02

Venus enters Scorpio

Mars Transits 2018

Jan 26, 07:56

Mars enters Sagittarius

Mar 17, 12:40

Mars enters Capricorn

May 16, 00:55

Mars enters Aquarius

Jun 26, 17:04

Mars Retrograde (9º Aquarius)

Aug 12, 22:14

Mars Retrograde enters Capricorn

Aug 27, 10:05

Mars Direct (28º Capricorn)

Sep 10, 20:56

Mars enters Aquarius

Nov 15, 17:51

Mars enters Pisces

Dec 31, 21:20

Mars enters Aries


Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 8 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 3 2019


Saturn is in Capricorn until Mar 21 2020


Uranus is in Aries until May 15 2018 and will stay in Taurus (on and off) until 26 April 2026


Neptune is in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Pisces Sep 22, 13:26

Aries Sep 25, 00:03

Taurus Sep 27, 08:15

Gemini Sep 29, 14:25

Cancer Oct 01, 19:00

Leo Oct 03, 22:12

Virgo Oct 06, 00:19

Libra Oct 08, 02:09

Scorpio Oct 10, 05:09

Sagittarius Oct 12, 10:52

Capricorn Oct 14, 20:16

Aquarius Oct 17, 08:35

Pisces Oct 19, 21:20

Aries Oct 22, 07:58

Taurus Oct 24, 15:33

Gemini Oct 26, 20:40

Cancer Oct 28, 23:26

Leo Oct 31, 02:41

Virgo Nov 02, 05:47

Libra Nov 04, 09:00

Scorpio Nov 06, 13:02

Sagittarius Nov 08, 18:59

Capricorn Nov 11, 03:54

Aquarius Nov 13, 15:45

Pisces Nov 16, 04:41

Aries Nov 18, 15:55

Taurus Nov 20, 23:42

Gemini Nov 23, 04:10

Cancer Nov 25, 06:37

Leo Nov 27, 08:34

Virgo Nov 29, 11:07

Libra Dec 01, 14:48

Scorpio Dec 03, 19:54

Sagittarius Dec 06, 02:48

Capricorn Dec 08, 12:01

Aquarius Dec 10, 23:39

Pisces Dec 13, 12:39

Aries Dec 16, 00:43

Taurus Dec 18, 09:37

Gemini Dec 20, 14:34

Cancer Dec 22, 16:27

Leo Dec 24, 16:58

Virgo Dec 26, 17:49

Libra Dec 28, 20:22

Scorpio Dec 31, 01:22 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Leo Personality Traits and Characteristics

Leo Personality Traits and Characteristics

Leo Good and Bad Qualities

Leo Career Options

Leo Lucky Numbers

home > astrology 101 > all about the zodiac sign leo > leo personality traits and characteristics

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, you are a Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, which belongs to the Fire element and is ruled by the Sun, the planet of self, will, energy and power.

Leo people are famous for their enormous courage and Herculean bravery as well as having a tank full of unfaltering confidence. They are never afraid to break away from the pack and walk into unfamiliar territories; neither will they shy away from taking risks or experimenting with new ideas. The Lion is a strong believer of "you create your own opportunities" and won't sit idly by and wait for luck to arrive. They make things happen for themselves.

This might explain why you dare to aggressively promote your awesomeness in front of those handing out rewards, or conceive a sinister plan to make your popularity soar off the chart.  Or perhaps, think nothing of betting your next paycheck on a racehorse, or to prove someone wrong.

Who knows, you might even throw a naughty suggestive wink at that hottie across the room — in hopes of getting into their pants. You must admit, my friend, you have quite a big sexual appetite and are adventurous enough to try bizarre Kamasutra positions for hotter sex.

This may also mean you might start looking for no-strings intimacy, if your lover becomes as exciting as a sleepy hippo, or is significantly more interested in their career and toys than in you.

Generosity is your middle name as you are willing to open your wallet and give, whether it is helping a trusted friend through a financial difficulty, or putting money into donation boxes.

And when it comes to making your  nearest and dearest feel extra special, you won't hesitate to whip out your Visa for lavish surprises, even if you know you have to live on only ramen for a month to pay off a splurge. You are, sometimes, guilty of being a wasteful spendthrift with impulsive buying tendencies, yes?

That said, you could turn into a supremely creative storyteller that has a large collection of excuses to  fend off requests and favors coming from creatures who have rubbed you the wrong way in the past, be it through harsh words masquerading as "I am saying this for your own good" faux concern, or deliberate actions to thwart your grand plans.

Although you are not part of the don't-get-mad-get-even club, you cannot help but indulge in schadenfreude as you watch ego-crushers and saboteurs feeling helpless, weak, disoriented and at their wit's end.

You absolutely hate being talked down to, and thank goodness, you are not quarrelsome and resentful by nature. You would probably fume in silent rage (and rant about it to your hardcore supporters) instead of firing vitriol at your haters and getting yourself into silly arguments.

And if Mr or Miss Heartless says you are not the one he or she wants to grow old with, chances are, you won't coop yourself up in a room and wail like a 5-year-old being bullied by a toy snatcher; you are quick to recover from a heartbreak — and before you know it, you are eating ice cream off your new lover's body. You possess relentless optimism to let go and move on.

Interestingly, your closest peeps see you as a reservoir of advice; that's why they always ask for your opinion when they cannot decide between amazing A and brilliant B, not to mention, when they need a personal cheerleader to encourage and push them on to reach their wildest dreams and loftiest goals. With your support, they feel mighty confident to overcome obstacles and achieve better success in life.

Leo-born individuals often get the bad rap of being big time attention seekers that love having all eyes on them and getting loud claps and woots from their admirers as they speak enthusiastically about themselves.

However, the truth is, you don't intentionally try to attract the attention of others and desire to be looked upon with awe and adoration. You just want to be recognized and appreciated for all the things you have done.

You might also be accused of being a huge drama king or queen because of a natural proclivity to stretch your imagination and over-exaggerate on stories.

You seem to get a thrill when eyes pop and jaws drop as you ingeniously describe who did what to whom, why and what happened. In fact, you have been very successful at using drama to get what you want, or should I say, manipulate minds and influence thoughts.

Generally speaking, you are most compatible with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius but may have a bit of a problem getting along with Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Dependable and stable Taurus can help make your professional life shine brighter than a thousand suns while those born under the Water sign Scorpio can be that pair of sympathetic ears you are looking for when bombastic idiots talk rubbish about you.

If you have been dreaming of becoming your own boss, go find yourself an Aquarius business partner, preferably with Libra rising. In case the epic procrastinator in you creeps up and tells you to choose Netflix over Nike, think about getting a Capricorn fitness buddy.

Be especially nice to a Virgo, if your piggy bank is almost empty (and your momma is in a very bad mood). As for naughty Leo with no-strings attached fun in mind, unleash your seductive power on flirty creatures that have Mars in Libra, or Venus in Gemini.

If you feel it's time to get married and have babies, make sure your future spouse has remarkable patience in waiting as you spend hours trying to make yourself look picture perfect, plus the ability to tolerate the side of you that is temperamental and quick to jealousy.

Famous Leo celebrities include Barack Obama, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Justin Theroux, Audrey Tautou, Robert De Niro, Daniel Radcliffe, Kate Beckinsale, Matte LeBlanc, Halle Berry, Joe Jonas, Sandra Bullock and Jennife Lawrence.

The birthstone assigned to the zodiac sign of Leo is peridot, which is said to have the power to heal wounds and insecurities, and could bring good luck, fortune and peace to the Lion.

The health problems you are most likely to suffer from are heart failure, angina, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, slipped discs and spine pain.

Orange and gold are your lucky colors. Lucky days of the week for Leo are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Your lucky numbers (or important years in your life) are 1, 3, 9, 10, 12, 18, 19, 21, 27, 28, 30, 36, 37, 39, 45, 46, 48, 54, 55, 57, 63, 64, 73, 82.

Flowers and herbs associated with Leo are marigold, sunflower, larkspur, passion flowers, dahlias, celandine, asters, heliotropes and rosemary.

Jobs/careers suitable or ideal  for Leo people are politician, ambassador, actor, entertainer, entrepreneur, real estate agent, optician, doctor, solicitor, treasurer, teacher, trainer, motivational speaker, model, fashion designer, hair stylist, jeweler, interior designer, event planner, public relations manager and travel agent

In summary, Leo strength keywords are dynamic, courageous, charismatic, confident, inspiring, extroverted, easygoing, entertaining, optimistic, generous, warmhearted, faithful, loyal, enthusiastic, bold, spontaneous, honest, determined and responsible

Leo weakness keywords are egocentric, selfish, pompous, vain, arrogant, proud, stubborn, pushy, overbearing, bossy, controlling, jealous, dogmatic, lustful, interfering, cunning, over-ambitious, opinionated, temperamental, pretentious, melodramatic, moody, gullible and lazy.