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Eclipse Dates 2017

Lunar Eclipse Feb 10

22° Leo 35'

Solar Eclipse Feb 26

08° Pisces 10'

Lunar Eclipse Aug 7

15° Aquarius 31'

Solar Eclipse Aug 21

28° Leo 51'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2017

19 Dec 2016 (Sagittarius) – 8 Jan 2017 (Capricorn)

Jan 01 (Capricorn) – Jan 08 (Capricorn)

Apr 09 (Aries) – May 03 (Taurus)

Aug 12 (Leo) – Sep 05 (Virgo)

Dec 02 (Sagittarius) – Dec 22 (Capricorn)

Mercury Transits 2017

Jan 04, 15:01 Sagittarius - R

Jan 08, 09:43 Sagittarius - S/D

Jan 12, 13:30 Capricorn - I

Feb 07, 09:33 Aquarius - I

Feb 25, 23:07 Pisces - I

Mar 13, 21:07 Aries - I

Mar 31, 17:44 Taurus - I

Apr 09, 23:14 Taurus - S/R

Apr 20, 17:36 Aries - R

May 03, 16:32 Aries - S/D

May 16, 04:00 Taurus - I

Jun 06, 22:13 Gemini - I

Jun 21, 09:57 Cancer - I

Jul 06, 00:19 Leo - I

Jul 25, 23:41 Virgo - I

Aug 13, 01:00 Virgo - S/R

Aug 31, 15:53 Leo - R

Sep 05, 11:29 Leo - S/D

Sep 10, 02:38 Virgo - I

Sep 30, 00:42 Libra - I

Oct 17, 07:59 Scorpio - I

Nov 05, 19:19 Sagittarius - I

Dec 03, 07:34 Sagittarius - S/R

Dec 23, 01:51 Sagittarius - S/D

Venus Transits 2017

Jan 03, 07:47 Pisces - I

Feb 03, 15:54 Aries - I

Mar 04, 09:09 Aries - S/R

Apr 03, 00:27 Pisces - R

Apr 15, 10:18 Pisces - S/D

Apr 28, 13:02 Aries - I

Jun 06, 07:25 Taurus - I

Jul 05, 00:11 Gemini - I

Jul 31, 14:53 Cancer - I

Aug 26, 04:29 Leo - I

Sep 20, 01:15 Virgo - I

Oct 14, 10:11 Libra - I

Nov 07, 11:38 Scorpio - I

Dec 01, 09:14 Sagittarius - I

Dec 25, 05:26 Capricorn - I

Mars Transits 2017

Jan 28, 05:38 Aries - I

Mar 10, 00:33 Taurus - I

Apr 21, 10:32 Gemini - I

Jun 04, 16:16 Cancer - I

Jul 20, 12:19 Leo - I

Sep 05, 09:34 Virgo - I

Oct 22, 18:29 Libra - I

Dec 09, 08:59 Scorpio - I


Jupiter will be in Libra from Sep 10 2016 to Oct 10 2017


Saturn will be in Sagittarius until Dec 19 2017


Uranus will be in Aries until May 15 2018


Neptune will be in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto will be in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Cancer Jul 21, 09:09

Leo Jul 23, 09:33

Virgo Jul 25, 11:32

Libra Jul 27, 16:36

Scorpio Jul 30, 01:22

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Capricorn Aug 04, 01:36

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Leo Decans and Personality Traits

As explained earlier in the article “what is a decan in astrology”, you already understand why people born under the zodiac sign of Leo can exhibit different characteristics, or qualities.

What I have written below is merely a general description of the positive and negative traits each Leo decan (Fire Sign) is likely to possess.

Remember, who you really are is also formed by your genes and the environment you are in. You could be influenced by other people’s perception of you and what they want you to do, as well.

The life experiences you have had and where you are in the birth order can reveal a great deal about your personality too.

 fire signs personality traits and characteristics

Note: The following information is also applicable to

First Decan of Leo Rising (0° to 10°)

Second Decan of Leo Rising (10° to 10˚01' to 20˚)

Third Decan of Leo Rising (20˚01' to 30˚)

Personality and Characteristics of Leo Decan 1

Personality and Characteristics of Leo Decan 2

Personality and Characteristics of Leo Decan 3

Personality and Characteristics of

Leo First Decan (LEO-leo)

If your birthday falls between July 23 and August 1 (your Sun is between 0˚ to 10˚ Leo), you belong to the first decan of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun.

The glorious and majestic Sun bestows upon you a powerful combination of great zeal, passion and determination, which makes it easy for you to achieve outstanding success in everything you embark on, despite any challenge you may face in your life.

In addition to this, you are gifted with enormous amounts of creativity and have an enterprising attitude that make you well-suited to become a prosperous entrepreneur that has a money tree in his backyard.

You can be quite an ambitious workaholic with perfectionist inclinations that refuses to stop or give up, and would keep going until your goals are met. This is, in my opinion, not a negative character trait, but be sure to you pace yourself properly and very importantly, don’t neglect your nearest and dearest while chasing after your biggest and boldest dreams.

You are, by nature, a confident extrovert that enjoys meeting and talking to new people, but because you are outspoken and have the tendency to dominate conversations, some folks may perceive you as a narcissistic attention-seeker or an unashamed braggadocio.

Strive to listen with patience and give those around you a chance to speak. Also, keep in mind that while being candid in your delivery is a mighty good quality, it is necessary to censor or phrase your words to avoid being misinterpreted by the narrow-minded and conservative thinkers in your midst.

You are extremely loving and loyal to people you adore and respect, hence it is not a surprise that you are willing to spend your entire paycheck on pampering gifts and lavish dinners, or would do anything just to put a smile on their face. When they are happy, you are filled with immense joy.

You possess a highly sensitive ego and hate to be seen as weak, therefore, when others offer to help you in times of trouble, your first response is usually “NO, thank you”. My friend, I ask you to remember that we humans, no matter how tough or smart we are, need a little helping hand sometimes – and asking for and accepting help is not a sign of weakness. It shows you are strong enough to realize you cannot solve every problem.

Personality and Characteristics of

Leo Second Decan (LEO-sagittarius)

If your birthday falls between August 2 and August 12 (your Sun is between 10˚01' to 20˚ Leo), you belong to the second decan of Leo, which is sub-ruled by Jupiter, the planetary ruler of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

In astrology, Jupiter is a benefic planet that is associated with good fortune, prosperity and abundance. So naturally second decan Leo individuals tend to easily create, attract or find opportunities for a more radiant future.

You are fortunate to always have someone to bail you out whenever trouble comes knocking on your door, or to help you when things don’t pan out the way you envision them. It is possible that you have gambler’s luck and like buying lottery tickets, or spending time in front of the fruit machine – and never consider it a waste of money, even when you don’t win.

You have a delightful sense of humor that could brighten even the gloomiest of days, no wonder people gravitate towards you to hear you tell jokes and funny stories filled with warmth, charm and wit.

You must admit, you absolutely love being in the spotlight of attention, and nothing thrills you more than seeing others applaud your awesomeness and inspiring them to follow you. My friend, watch out for smooth talkers and charmers that think nothing of polishing egos to a brilliant shine to satisfy their own selfish needs.

Because you are a happy optimist that sees the rose and not its thorns, not to mention, you have a caring and generous heart, your friends and loved ones can always count on you for positive support when they get tossed about by the twists and turns of life. With your encouraging words and can-do attitude, problems, no matter how big and complicated they seem, would shrink to the size of a green pea.

The 9th House influence makes you a lifelong learner, and you are particularly interested in higher education, foreign language, philosophy and/or religion. Those that come in contact with you are greatly impressed by your astounding ability to express your thoughts intelligently, and may assume you graduated with flying colors, even if you never step foot in college.

You also enjoy traveling a lot and are especially drawn to exotic places located on the other side of the globe. There is a likelihood that you might decide to immigrate to a country that is hundreds and hundreds of miles away from home, or live a long distance from your place of birth.

Personality and Characteristics of

Leo Third Decan (LEO-aries)

If your birthday falls between August 13 and August 22 (your Sun is between 20˚01' to 30˚ Leo), you belong to the third decan of Leo, which is sub-ruled by Mars, the planetary ruler of the Fire sign Aries.

Mars is a planet of action, gumption and drive in astrology, therefore, you often find yourself getting bored with slowness and repetition, and wanting to move forward and venturing into new territories. You are not the type that would bum around all day and do nothing, nor are you a needy person that is very dependent on others to do things for them, to make decisions, or for self worth.

You have the strength and courage of a thousand lions, but because patience is not a permanent part of you, chances are, you will jump straight in with both feet without looking first.

If you learn to be more cautious and careful, and less impetuous, you stand a greater chance of success in any endeavor you pursue. Remember, my friend, impulsive actions lead to trouble, and trouble could have unpleasant consequences.

You have big dreams and aspirations in life, and possess huge amounts of enthusiasm, vigor and dynamism to make them come true. However, you can be rather stubborn and opinionated at times, and would ignore well-meaning advice that comes unsolicited from family and friends, especially when the skeptic in you refuses to believe they are right and you are wrong.  

There is a strong tendency for you to spend your money in a careless fashion, so it is not a surprise that you always end up buying more things than you planned, or splurge to impress you-know-who. Thankfully, you seem to be quite lucky with money as you have a natural ability to make or acquire money easily than others.

You are known for being truthful, but sometimes, you get into conflicts and arguments because of your honesty – some people misread your words and think you are shooting sharp arrows of criticism at them when in fact you are sharing what you truly feel can help them become a more amazing person.

I would suggest you make a special effort to be gentle and kind in your approach, and also rein in your anger when you don’t like what you hear. You have a fiery temper and could erupt like a volcano with big flames, not to mention that you are capable of holding on to grudges for a long long time, if you are deeply offended.

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