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home > astrology love & sex > dirty tricks women use to get a man based on her zodiac sign

Dirty Tricks Women Use to Get a Man Based on Her Zodiac Sign

I told myself to be nice, hold my acidic tongue, smile a lot and nod when the delusional dreamer on my team, Mr Pisces, let out excitedly, “Wow, she LIKES me”as I teased him about this girl he’s becoming so obsessed with.

But what I really wanted to do is to knock some sense into my deliriously infatuated teammate’s head and say “Look, she’s not that into you and might be using you for her own selfish needs, so stop dreaming and wake the f@rk up”.

Being young and inexperienced at the dating game, Mr Pisces obviously didn’t know the many different kinds of dirty little tricks a woman may have up her sleeves when she has one thing in mind — to make him fall deeply in love with her fast and happy to do whatever she wants.

So, for benefit of those who are dating rookies or self-confessed naive idealists, I will reveal the things, or should I say, tricks, traps, lies, deceptions, games, strategies and God knows what your crusher (or the object of your affection) might use to get you highly interested in, and hopelessly addicted to her.

In case you are a girl reading this, what I am sharing will prove helpful, whether your goal is to grow old together and play marbles with grandchildren, or use him as an ATM for Gucci handbags, Louboutin heels and dinners at swanky restaurants.

How a Woman Attracts a Man into a Relationship

She Pulls Out the “Poor Me, Help Me, Give Me” Card

It is a well-known fact that men, because of their DNA and testosterone, aspire to be that superhero coming to the rescue of damsels in distress.

It doesn’t matter if the man is at the top of corporate ladder with six million dollars in his bank, or a poor college student standing in line at a soup kitchen, the moment he sees a girl in trouble, he would go out of his way to give her a helping hand.

Girls, particularly those born under the Water signs of the zodiac, Cancer (June 21 to July 22), Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) and Pisces (February 19 and March 20), are lightning quick to capitalize on this.

They won’t hesitate to fake a situation or crisis that lets you put on your little red cape and save them, or perhaps, feed you with stories carefully and creatively crafted to provoke that desire in you to protect and care for the weaker sex.

This means you might find yourself in her apartment fixing a leaky faucet, changing the light bulb or repairing a broken fan, dealing with an issue that she claims only you can solve it, attending to her sprained ankle, or changing her car’s flat tire.

And, if you belong to the sympathetic type that cannot bear to see a woman weep or being mistreated, chances are, you would hear about malicious gossipers, workplace bullies and narcissistic idiots that made her life more miserable than it already is; or she might moan about how lonely and unloved she felt or how Mr Ex put her heart in the blender.

Simply put, my friend, the girl who is deeply attracted to you is very willing to act shy, demure and weak to make you feel greater, stronger and mightier than Superman, Spiderman and Batman combined.

I also want to add that Miss Supposedly Helpless is smart enough to know clinging to a man like a stubborn sticker on the windshield would only scare him away, and therefore, is careful not to appear too needy for your attention. Slow and steady wins the race is a rule she lives by when it comes to snagging a guy and keeping him hooked.

Oh by the way, if you are a super hot commodity in the dating market (let’s say a Porsche-driving hunk in a respectable profession that has the heart and the brains to boot), be warned.

The craftiest of schemers has no compunction whatsoever to trap a guy into a relationship she wants using sneaky tricks that are sure to snap shock-o-meters into smithereens — think stopping the pill without his knowledge or poking holes in condoms and getting herself pregnant on purpose, or pretending to be pregnant long enough to get a ring on her finger and then “losing” the baby.

So who are the girls most likely to toy with such an idea in the middle of their quest to bid farewell to hardships and marry into a life of financial security?

Those whose intellectual planet is in an observant, analytical or expressive sign. Also, be wary of that sweet-talking, eyelash-batting temptress (or rather gold digger) who has the planet of love in the sign associated with materialism and superficiality.

She Tweaks Her Personality and Style to Fit Yours

I am not exaggerating when I say nine out of ten girls, regardless of which astrological sign they belong to, are guilty of faking a 180-degree change in their personality to fool a man into believing “she’s the one I want to marry”.

Her modus operandi usually consists of asking Mr Potential a ton of questions and using the information she receives to serve him exactly what he is looking for in a long-term partner. Let me paint you a scenario...

If you were born into a conservative family that believes a good girl should keep her hymen intact for her husband, Miss Sexually Experienced who has set her eyes on you will act sweet and innocent like a nun (and would probably respond with something along the lines of “I think premarital sex is dirty and wrong” should the topic of sex before marriage come up in your conversations).

And needless to say, she will make sure her outfits match her “brand new” personality too. So, out go the barely-there black minis and sexy skin-tight jeans, and in come frilly pink dresses that speak volumes of femininity, elegance and gracefulness. Yes, she is also ready to ditch her most-loved towering heels to make you feel big, if you are as small as Michael J. Fox.

On the other hand, if you are curious and adventurous in the bedroom, the same Miss Sexually Experienced would play footsie and drop strong hints of her extraordinary ability to wrap her legs around your neck and make your orgasms more powerful.

Or, she would shriek with faux excitement as you reel out a string of wild and kinky erotic ideas, despite the fact that she wouldn’t do anything more daring than having a romp in the kitchen, doggy style.

I know of a Sun-in-Leo-Moon-in-Gemini girl working as a front desk receptionist who played the virgin card so well that her investment banker boyfriend proposed marriage after a courtship of only four months. She now lives the dream of many women — stays in a two-storey beautiful house in an expensive neighborhood, drives a Lexus convertible and has a bunch of credit cards at her disposal.

Here’s another real-life example of what a woman will do to get the man she wants to fall for her. My attention deficit Gemini-born cousin, who has an aversion to sticky food, suddenly acquired a taste for Vegemite on toast when she found out that super cute Australian guy she is crazy about loves it to bits.

She has even gone to the extent of forcing herself to sit through and watch stupid football matches and boring history documentaries so that Mr Sporty and Smart would think both of them have lots in common, and hence, would make a great couple.

Her next move? Transforming herself into a mini version of the woman he just cannot stop glorifying — his momma. This may involve anything from learning to cook macaroni and cheese like her to copying her impeccable fashion sense.

I am also not surprised if sucking up to his mom and favorite peeps on Earth is part of Miss Gemini’s ploy to make him like her a lot. Why? Because fierce disapproval from those he adores and respects could spell the end of her relationship with him.

She Changes Her Appearance for You

Every woman is familiar with the phrase “men are visual creatures”, so that’s why many would go to great lengths to beautify themselves and grab the attention of the man they want to attract.

Makeup to cover dark spots and cellulite, hair extensions that allow her to go from a “girl-next-door” look to sultry and sexy, tummy shaping panties to hide a lack of motivation to pound the treadmill and boob-boosting bras for that extra oomph are some of the tools a girl will use to make a guy notice her.

I once overheard a twenty-something guy complaining to his lunch mate about how he felt cheated when he discovered his Capricorn girlfriend has a little belly pudge and her breasts are smaller than they actually are. So, my friend, don’t be fooled by big round boobs and flat stomach.

I also want to mention that if a Leo, Virgo, Libra or Scorpio woman thinks you have the hotness of Chris Pine, she has no qualms about enduring excruciating pain to make herself more beautiful in your eyes, whether this means torturing herself in the gym for hours to achieve the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, or having so much silicone in her body that it could sink a battleship.

She Strokes Your Ego

I have yet to come across a woman who doesn’t know that men just love being on the receiving end of high praise and wonderful compliments (and feel good about themselves).

So it goes without saying she will tell you whatever that is like music to your ears — how awesome and talented you are, how cute you looked as a kid, how your beef stroganoff could rival that of the best restaurant in town, or how she likes the way you touch her — not to mention, laughs at every joke you crack, even if it’s remotely funny, or she has heard it a million times.

And because no man in his right mind would find argumentative and aggressive women attractive, she will nod in agreement to whatever beliefs you subscribe to as she aims to get into your good books.

Believe it or not, the normally self-centered “me first” Aries woman, the freedom-loving Sagittarius girl as well as the rebellious Miss Aquarius would give in to your whims and fancies, and go along with whatever you want to do.

Oh yes, the Capricorn female who has the natural inclination to criticize and complain would duct tape her mouth shut and morph into the woman of your dreams, so would the very talkative Libra woman and the zodiac’s leading whiner, Miss Pisces.

Dirty Tricks Women Use to Get a Man Based on Her Zodiac Sign. How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You. How to Get a Man to Like You. How to Get a Man interested. How to Make Him Want a Relationship With Me.