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Dark Side (Bad Character Traits) of a Leo Man

Dark Side (Bad Character Traits) of a Leo Man

What Are the Negative Personality Traits of a Leo Male

home > astrology love & sex > dark side (bad character traits) of a leo man

“I just can’t believe he did this to me! I thought Leo men make the best boyfriends and husbands!!”, said my Virgo-born coworker slash favorite lunch mate as we sat down for Kung Po chicken at a small Chinese restaurant near our workplace.

The Little Miss Smug in me was really tempted to let out “I told you so”, but of course I didn’t, because this could spell the end of our wonderful 5-year friendship.

I have cautioned Miss Virgo, a thousand times, about the male Leo’s bad personality traits, particularly his tendency to slack off and take his woman for granted when the relationship hits the comfort zone, however she was too deliriously and hopelessly in love to heed my warning.

So girls, if you and oh-so-charming Mr Leo are now in the honeymoon phase of dating, allow me to bring his dark side (or negative character traits) into the beautiful picture you envisioned — and urge you to do a careful rethink, if you are the gullible type that is oblivious to reality and would naively deceive herself into believing that she could change her man.

What Are the Negative Personality Traits of a Male Leo

1. The Leo Man Is Vain and Loves Being in the Center of Attention

Anyone who has Leo-born males in their network knows that these creatures are real grade A attention seekers that enjoy and cannot stop talking about themselves, whether it is his sudden whim to adopt a pet terrapin, or his stupid back injury putting a cramp in his erotic life.

The Leo man loves hearing others gasp in admiration about his awesomeness and look at him in jealous envy. As a matter of fact, Mr Leo is so impressed by himself that he would shamelessly fish for compliments, and morph into a bratty teenager when no one applauds that which he is mighty proud of.

The male Lion also takes a lot of pride in his appearance, or to put it rudely, is narcissistically infatuated with his own beauty and vain to the core. He would spend god knows how long in the bathroom primping, plucking and pruning (and taking a ton of dumb selfies), steal your anti-aging skin moisturizers, and ask annoying questions of the “is my hair alright”, “are my clothes alright” and “how do I look” variety.

As you can see, being in a romantic relationship with a Leo man can be more exhausting than managing a class of thirty three-year-olds. You have to constantly anoint him with flattery, polish his ego to a luminous sheen, fake enthusiasm about whatever that stirs his excitement, pretend to like his taste in such-and-such, and lie that he is the most handsome in the room.

Oh yes, you also need to have the patience and calmness of a Golden Retriever waiting for her centipede friend to put on his shoes — because punctuality is not ingrained in the Leo man’s astrological DNA.

2. The Leo Man Is Hot Tempered, Selfish and Inattentive to His Woman’s Needs

The Leo man has a bad reputation for selfishly putting his own needs and desires ahead of hers, and would go into full-blown grumble-and-whine mood, or explode if he cannot get what he wants when he wants it. He isn’t known to treat his woman like Cleopatra after many many years of being together, and has no qualms using sarcasm to criticize or belittle her.

I know of a few domineering men born under the zodiac sign Leo who not only expect their women to be at their beck and call, but are also absurdly chauvinistic in their thinking.

They don’t believe in equal sharing of household work (and parenting responsibilities), and stubbornly refuse to take her opinions into consideration when it comes to joint decision making, not to mention, resent women outearning their partners and getting corrected by their wives/girlfriends.

So, good luck, if your Leo guy is starting to show signs of a male chauvinist pig. You have to train yourself to never talk back, do what you are told, sacrifice your dreams for his sake, be a 24/7/365 maid — and give earth-shattering blow jobs. I must say that Mr Leo is rather self-serving in bed and oral sex is highly welcomed, provided he’s on the receiving end.

I  also want to add that the concept of saving for a rainy day is totally alien to the spendthrift Leo man, therefore don’t rule out the possibility that he might walk away or proffer a string of dazzlingly creative excuses when the bill comes, or ask you for a loan or worse, steal money from you.

Or perhaps, Mr Leo might fall knee deep in debt, thanks to his fondness for indulging himself to the extreme plus a need to show off with flashy clothes and expensive toys.

Be warned, my friend, the financially irresponsible Leo male won’t hesitate to empty out your joint account to feed his addictions or obsessions. Think gambling, alcohol, drugs, porn.

3. The Leo Man is a Natural Flirt and a Master Manipulator

The words “extremely flirtatious” and “Leo man” are often found in a sentence as the male Lion is not afraid to use his vibrantly charismatic and confident personality (and glib tongue) to attract girls into his orbit — and get his object of desire to drop her panties.

Your Leo guy doesn’t have a super strong immunity against the temptation to cast a ton of flirty glances back in the direction of the woman that finds him hot, and cheat on his girlfriend or wife.

Mr Leo might entertain the thought of sneaking out to have sex sessions, if you let yourself go from a scrumptious thing on two legs to a baby elephant, or role play a 60-year-old menopausal woman with throbbing migraine pain whenever he’s feeling horny like a schoolboy.

In case he cheated and you found out, he is quick to point his finger at you and blames you for his infidelity. The Leo male has an extraordinary ability to manipulate others into apologizing and feeling guilty.

Speaking of which, the Leo man is very unforgiving and can hold grudges for a long period of time if you are unfaithful to him. He also tends to be possessive and could get extremely jealous at a drop of a hat, so don’t make the mistake of admiring or praising other men greatly in his presence.

Also, be careful not to be caught doing silly things that give him a reason to bring it up again and again and again, because the childish and immature Leo male is a natural expert at cracking jokes at your expense — and don’t be surprised if he pokes fun at you in front of people in your network, using dramatic facial expressions along with exaggerated gestures. The attention-craving Leo would do anything to get noticed, remember?

4. The Leo Man Listens Too Much to His Mother

Men who belong to the zodiac sign Leo, especially those with natal Moon or Venus in the zodiac sign Cancer, 4th house or 10th  house, are said to be mama’s boys.

It is not uncommon to find the Leo-born mama’s boy calling his mom to complain about this and that, and consult her on anything and everything, be it a little road bump in his relationship, or a nasty rash on his arm.

He would also constantly compare his girlfriend or wife to his beloved mother, and expects her to act, clean and cook like the woman that brought him up with unconditional love and devotion.

If your Leo guy happens to have a control freak or demanding perfectionist for a mom, I am afraid you are in for a very rough time. You will have to mold yourself into her version of what she thinks you should be, or risk getting dumped by him.

Very importantly, remember to always speak supremely of his mama, even if you hate her with the fire of a million suns; because if you badmouth her, chances are, your Leo man would morph into a sulky toddler and ignore your attempts to communicate. Who knows, Mr Leo might even pull a sudden disappearing act on you (and decide to only reappear when he needs something from you).

5. The Leo Man Is Lazy, Forgetful and Disorganized

Leo-born males are not astrologically designed to have burning enthusiasm for anything that demands real hard work; neither do they have a laser-beam focus and keep their mind away from distractions.

This might mean that your Leo man wouldn’t volunteer to help around the house without being asked or nagged; or perhaps, he might get waylaid by something shiny or his favorite playmates and forget about whatever promises he made to you. In this scenario, his ingenious side will show up quickly and give you a smorgasbord of lying excuses for not remembering to do such-and-such.

It is also possible that the irresponsible (and easily bored) Leo man would quit his job on impulse — when he loses interest, or if his boss decides to raise his expectations of him. So, my friend, be prepared to find yourself becoming the sole breadwinner and paying all the bills (and harping at him to look for new employment).