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home > astrology friends & enemies > 101 things we hate about aries people

101 Things We Hate About Aries People

I have a confession to make — I have a little dislike for folks who belong to the zodiac sign Aries (March 21 to April 19), and am extremely wary when it comes to sharing my honest thoughts with them. Let me tell you why in one short paragraph...

I have been stabbed in the back, multiple times, by Aries individuals who are first class liars born with a super amazing ability to twist people around their little finger, and think nothing of adding their own creative spin to my words.

I am sure I’m not the only person that wants to hit Aries in the face with a chair, so I decided to invite friends and supporters of to tell me (or rather, scream and rant all they want) about their bad experiences with the Ram. Here are some really interesting horror stories that many of you can relate to.


I have changed the names, removed unnecessary details and edited the stories for clarity. Very importantly, I ask you to keep in mind that not all Aries-born individuals are a$$holes and b*tches, so please don’t come shooting arrows at me.

This is a growing list; if Aries made your face contort in anger and you want to tell the world what a bloody idiot, manipulator, liar, blabbermouth, and/or cheapskate he or she is, click here.

Sara said “I have an Aries colleague that works in an office next to mine. She likes to pop by from time to time for a chat and then sneakily helps herself to my Snickers and Pepsi in the fridge.”

Tom said “I have this really gross and unhygienic Aries in my class. He's a huge burper and farts like nobody’s business. I once caught him wiping his boogers on the wall above the urinal...and oh, he likes to crack sexist jokes about girls and their menstrual cycle.”

Katherine said “my gullible mom was left a few thousand dollars poorer because a sweet-talking Aries neighbor tricked her into buying something that he was trying to get rid of.”

Jennifer said “earlier this year, I worked for an immature and stubborn Aries female boss that simply refused to call me by my name. Believe it or not, she would throw pens, staplers, files or whatever she can grab hold of out of her room to summon me.”

Dave said “My Aries housemate likes to add the phrase no pun intended after saying something normal and then starts laughing like a hyena...this annoys the hell out of me.”

Joe said “I fired an Aries employee because I found out that he lied about his education credentials and work experience...also had an attitude problem...rude and disrespectful...bad attendance...”

Christina said “I work with a frustratingly dumb Aries. She is always asking me how to do the same thing over and over again, passing stupid and insensitive comments, and screwing important projects for the entire team. I’m going to make my boss fire her...”

Emma said “my sister is the biggest attention-seeking Aries I ever know in my life. She would do all kinds of ridiculous things just to get people to notice her…acts cute, exaggerates facts, says something provocative, changes Facebook picture profile everyday, wears clothes that promote her boobs and butt...”

Debbie said “working with my petty, vengeful Aries manager is like walking on eggshells everyday. She would get offended by the slightest perceived provocation...takes everything personally and holds grudges. I was made to work four weekends in a row without pay because I unintentionally said something she didn’t like.”

Denise said “my selfish and inconsiderate Aries brother disappeared and left me with the responsibility of caring for our elderly mother after sucking her dry of all her savings!”

Sean said “my smartass Aries coworker is always trying make me look like an idiot in front of my boss...he would point out every little mistake I make and tell everyone about it...uses sarcasm to ridicule those that are less qualified or have less experience than him.”

Amanda said “my Aries friend drives me absolutely nuts by interrupting me mid-conversation with something totally unrelated to what we are talking about...she is really clever at turning conversations around and making it about her...”

Jessie said “I once worked for an Aries boss from hell. He had super crazy temper tantrums...screamed and yelled at everyone when he couldn’t handle stress...threw his sandwich at a new hire in anger...he was later fired for bad attitude.”

Sharon said “my Aries roommate is a total nightmare...leaves piles of dirty clothes everywhere, puts stuff on my bed, steals my food, uses my expensive moisturizer without asking, going through my drawers...I peed on her toothbrush for revenge!”

Mae said “my foul-mouthed Aries supervisor would use mean words to insult and belitte...blames everyone but himself when things goes wrong...made more than ten people quit within one month...steals other teammates’ ideas...”

Ian said “I once dated an incredibly materialistic Aries woman that has really expensive taste...expects lavish dinners, designer handbags and shoes, exotic holidays...I was flat broke after 9 months of dating...dumped her.”

Paul said “I have a shameless and greedy Aries woman at my workplace who is always looking for free meals...comes up with every excuse imaginable to avoid paying her share of the bill...never chips in for really cheap gifts...steals office stationery, toilet paper...”

Teresa said “my Aries tenant is always late in paying rent...promised to pay it when he gets his next paycheck...when the day arrived, he said he needed the money to buy’s really exhausting chasing him for rent arrears!”

Judy said “I had a talebearer Aries for a sister-in-law...loves spreading rumors...talked rubbish behind my back...sow discord between me and my he hates me like an enemy!”

101 Things We Hate About Aries People.