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Capricorn Man Disappearing Acts

Capricorn Man Disappearing Acts

Why Your Capricorn Man Pulls Away

Capricorn Man Is Ignoring Me

home > astrology love & sex > capricorn man disappearing acts

Hey girls, if you are currently dating a Capricorn man, you can definitely relate to this — he called you babe and treated you like a queen at the beginning of the relationship, and then all of a sudden, he did a 180 and went missing in action for days. You flew into panic mode, blew up his phone with a ton of messages, but he didn’t text back. You went berserk with anger and worry.

I totally understand and have experienced that crazy roller coaster feeling many times; and if you still cannot figure out the reasons behind Mr Capricorn’s disappearing acts, let me shed some light on this baffling mystery (and hopefully I can help you decide whether he is worth your time, attention and affection, or he is a commitment phobic coward that just wants to get laid).

Why Your Capricorn Man Pulls Away

1. He Needs Some Time to Think and Reflect

The Capricorn male is a super organized and methodical person that has a detailed map of where he wants to go in life and a clear idea of who will be his companion for this journey.

He is more likely to think about putting a ring on your finger when he is happy with the way his career is shaping up and has a decent amount of money in his bank account, than be pressured or forced into marriage and have his grand plans derailed (by an unexpected child).

Your Capricorn man needs to be alone and think carefully if there is a beautiful future for you two as a couple, or perhaps, plan his next steps with your needs in mind.

Be warned, my friend, he could disappear for weeks and ignore your repeated texts, so you need to have the patience of a midwife waiting for the baby to come out. It would be a huge mistake to hound him down like a sniffer dog as it only goes to show that you are insecure and have little faith in the strength of your relationship.

2. He Feels Inadequate

Your Capricorn man might go from charming and loving to cold and distant overnight, if you have recently scored a promotion at work, or are rewarded with a nice salary increase while he is still waiting for a chance to showcase his awesomeness.

Most Capricorn men are traditional and conservative in their thinking, which means they don’t feel comfortable with (and may even resent) the idea of women earning more money, or having more talents and skills than men. They subscribe to the old notion that men should go out and do the hunting, and women should stay home and do the knitting.

Successful and intelligent women intimidate the hell out of Capricorn men, but you can certainly assure him that you appreciate his importance in your life, and will love him irrespective of who he is or how much money he makes.

Whispering ego-stroking statements in your Capricorn man’s ear could make him feel good about himself — praise his disciplined attitude towards his work, acknowledge his efforts in contributing to your success, tell him that you believe in him, compliment his bedroom prowess.

I also want to add that Capricorn men are very sensitive creatures and will instinctively pull away when their feelings are hurt. They absolutely hate being made to feel small and inferior, therefore, never compare him to other men, whether it is Mr Ex, your amazing boss, your BFF’s lawyer-husband, or your dad who makes the best buffalo wings ever.

3. He Is Focusing on Other Areas of His Life

The Goat has a reputation for being a true-blue workaholic that doesn’t have much time for anything but work, and is laser-beam focused when it comes to achieving targets and goals.

Hence there is a strong likelihood that your Capricorn man will ghost on you and disappear without a word if he is working on something very important that could propel him to a top position. The ambitious and power-hungry Capricorn doesn’t want to be distracted, remember.

It is possible that Mr Capricorn would go M.I.A. if he has to deal with unexpected issues that need careful planning and meticulous execution, say for instance hatching a plot to get even with his enemies, or rescuing a philandering friend in trouble.

And don’t rule out the possibility of him ignoring you because his picky drama queen mom thinks you are not good enough — some Capricorn men (those that have natal Moon or Venus in Cancer, 4th house or 10th house) are major mama’s boys and would tell her everything.

4. You Are Becoming a Nightmare

Capricorn men like the thrill of the chase, therefore, he might also pull a vanishing act, if you are a stage-5 clinger that keeps texting and calling every night, and bombards him with “what are you doing today, tomorrow and this weekend?”. Showing too much enthusiasm will only scare him away.

Capricorn men are also most repelled by constant criticism, nagging and whining; so if you have been complaining about being too fat, you-know-who’s idiotic behavior, or his bad habits or long working hours, chances are Mr Capricorn will do a David Copperfield and disappear for God knows how long.

Or maybe, he needs time out to do a serious rethink and ask himself if he could put up with your not-so-adorable side for the rest of his life. And if not, how to call it a day without being a jerk.

Your Capricorn man is not afraid to dump you; he is afraid of your reactions — hysterical screaming and crying, nonstop please-don’t-do-this-to-me begging, feet stomping and cushion throwing. He is not a natural expert at handling confrontations.

5. He Might Be Testing You

The Capricorn man demands complete loyalty from his woman and cannot tolerate cheating and dishonesty of any form. He might decide to temporarily withdraw from the relationship and stop calling and initiating to see where he stands with you, or rather if you can stay 100% committed to him.

Don’t be tempted, out of spite or neglect, to cast a flirty glance in the direction of a bodacious hunk sitting across the room, nor seek comfort in the arms of an old lover. The Goat is suspicious by nature and has an incredible ability to smell a cheating liar like a fart in the elevator.

6. There’s Another Woman

Your Capricorn man might distance himself from you, if he’s romantically attracted to another woman, who has a lot more to offer than you, and contemplating whether or not to dump you.

So what are the biggest telltale signs that he is going to break up with you? He has stopped grumbling about or asking you for advice on his problems (no matter how big or small). He invents excuses not to get physically intimate with you. He avoids talking about the future.

There is a possibility that Mr Capricorn might be married but pretending he is not, if he keeps popping in and out of your life. He is splitting his time between his wife and you on the side. In this case, I strongly suggest you stop precious wasting time on a man that is fooling around behind his wife’s back. I am sure you have heard that phrase, “if he cheats with you, he will cheat on you”, yes?