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Eclipse Dates 2019

Solar Eclipse Jan 05

15° Capricorn 32'

Lunar Eclipse Jan 20

00° Leo 49'

Solar Eclipse Jul 02

10° Cancer 42'

Lunar Eclipse Jul 16

24° Capricorn 01'

Solar Eclipse Dec 25

04°Capricorn 10'

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Mar 05 to 28 in Pisces

Jul 07 to Aug 31 starta in Leo, ends in Cancer

Oct 31 to Nov 20 in Scorpio

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Jan 04, 22:40

Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan 24, 12:49

Mercury enters Aquarius

Feb 10, 05:50

Mercury enters Pisces

Apr 17, 02:01

Mercury enters Aries

May 06, 14:25

Mercury enters Taurus

May 21,  06:52

Mercury enters Gemini

Jun 04, 16:04

Mercury enters Cancer

Jun 26, 20:19

Mercury enters Leo


Aug 29, 03:48

Mercury enters Virgo


Sep 14, 03:14

Mercury enters Libra

Oct 03, 04:14

Mercury enters Scorpio


Dec 09, 16:41

Mercury enters Sagittarius  

Dec 28, 23:55

Mercury enters Capricorn

Venus Transits 2019

Jan 07, 06:18

Venus enters Sagittarius

Feb 3, 15:29

Venus enters Capricorn

Mar 01, 11:45

Venus enters Aquarius

Mar 26, 15:43

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Apr 20, 12:10

Venus enters Aries

May 15, 05:46

Venus enters Taurus

Jun 08, 21:37

Venus enters Gemini


Jul 03, 11:18

Venus enters Cancer

Jul 27, 21:54

Venus enters Leo

Aug 21, 05:06

Venus enters Virgo

Sep 14, 09:43

Venus enters Libra

Oct 08, 13:06

Venus enters Scorpio

Nov 01, 16:25

Venus enters Sagittarius

Nov 25, 19:28

Venus enters Capricorn


Dec 20, 01:41

Venus enters Aquarius

Mars Transits 2019

Feb 14, 05:51

Mars enters Taurus

Mar 31, 02:12

Mars enters Gemini

May 15, 23:09

Mars enters Cancer

Jul 01, 19:19

Mars enters Leo

Aug 18, 01:18

Mars enters Virgo

Oct 04, 12:22

Mars enters Libra

Nov 19, 02:40

Mars enters Scorpio


Jupiter is in Scorpio from Oct 11 2017 to Nov 08 2018 and into Sagittarius until December 03 2019


Saturn is in Capricorn until Mar 21 2020


Uranus is in Aries until May 15 2018 and will stay in Taurus (on and off) until 26 April 2026


Neptune is in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto is in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

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Pisces Jul 19, 22:18

Aries Jul 22, 11:02

Taurus Jul 24, 22:42

Gemini Jul 27, 07:28

Cancer Jul 29, 12:30

Leo Jul 31, 14:18

Virgo Aug 02, 14:20

Libra Aug 04, 14:29

Scorpio Aug 06, 16:31

Sagittarius Aug 08, 21:34

Capricorn Aug 11, 05:47

Aquarius Aug 13, 16:35

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Cancer Aug 25, 22:05

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Aries Nov 08, 11:48

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Cancer Nov 15, 16:14

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Capricorn Nov 28, 12:32

Aquarius Nov 30, 20:13

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Taurus Dec 08, 07:29

Gemini Dec 10, 16:46

Cancer Dec 12, 23:22

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Pisces Dec 30, 15:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics

Cancer Personality Traits and Characteristics

Cancer Good and Bad Qualities

Cancer Career Options

Cancer Lucky Numbers

home > astrology 101 > all about the zodiac sign cancer > cancer personality traits and characteristics

If you were born between June 21 and July 22, you are a Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, which belongs to the Water element and is ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotions and instincts.

Cancer people are synonymous with unconditional love and selfless support as they have a natural tendency to care deeply and provide nothing but the best for those dearest to their heart. You don't have an egotistic attitude that screams "me, myself and I", nor are you the lazy type that shamelessly takes undue advantage of rich, gullible relatives and squeezes them dry.

As a matter of fact, you can be extremely generous when it comes to pampering your loved ones, and won't hesitate to spend a small fortune to give them a vacation of a lifetime, not to mention that you are  capable of sacrificing yourself for someone you love and/or respect a great deal. The happiness and well-being of your family is everything to you.

Therefore, it is a possibility that you might decide to move out of your favorite apartment and live close to your elderly momma, or put your wishlists on hold and contribute towards her grocery bills. Or perhaps, you may choose to turn a blind eye to cheating and stay in a loveless, unhappy marriage for the sake of your children.

Interestingly, Cancer-born individuals desire a large family, so don't be shocked if you catch yourself thinking about making baby number 5 just six months after becoming a mom or dad for the fourth time.

The Crab is also known for being wise and sensible, which means you won't declare war on that abusive idiot you call boss in the heat of the moment and risk losing your job, or fall victim to impulsivity and splurge on frivolous purchases — because you know that money can be put to better use elsewhere, such as paying utilities and saving for future emergencies or a mortgage. You would love to be a proud owner of a cozy and welcoming home where your favorite peeps gather together for many summer backyard parties, yes?

You are an observant person endowed with amazing intuitive ability, and seem to know what's going on in other people's minds, whether they think you are the cutest in the room, or want someone to pat them on the head like a little kid.

In fact, you can see through lies and deception; and can be more determined and persistent than a lawyer grilling an accused as you get really hell-bent on finding out the truth.

And if you have been stabbed in the back by people you trusted most, chances are, you could turn very vindictive and scratch them hard with your pointy sharp claws. Forgiving and forgetting acts of betrayal just doesn't come naturally to you.

My friend, you also have to admit that you are highly skilled in the art of manipulation and would use flattery, favors, bribery or guilt trips to get what you want. And because patience is one of your biggest strength, you are prepared to wait a long time for your prey to fall into your trap.

You are excellent at comforting others, especially those feeling miserable as a bride left at the altar, but the trouble is, some might you a bit too annoying, or worse, an over-dramatic nosey parker with the wildest imagination, as the nurturing and protective side of you simply cannot stop showing concern — and automatically assumes the negative when they go into silent mode and refuse to let you in on what happened.

That said, you strongly dislike being the center of attention and getting asked, "are you okay?", "what's wrong?" and "is everything alright?" every 5 minutes when serious bouts of pessimism and self-criticism hit.

You would rather be left alone to sulk, whine, scream, curse, cry and nurse yourself back to normal on your own. You hate letting others see you in a vulnerable state.

Generally speaking, you are most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, but may have a bit of a problem getting along with Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra.

Dynamic and inspiring Aries can help you move up the corporate ladder while those born under the zodiac sign of Libra can provide you with lots of TLC plus encouraging support when you are in a self-pitying my-life-sucks-big-time mood.

If the entrepreneurial bug bites you, go find yourself a Capricorn business partner, preferably with Scorpio or Pisces rising. In case the couch potato in you needs some kicking and yelling to go to the gym after work, think about getting a Virgo fitness buddy.

Leo is the person to go to, should you suddenly find yourself with an empty wallet and payday is weeks away. As for the Cancer looking for romance, make sure you have "tolerant of temper tantrums" as well as "an ability to put up with my suspicious and possessive nature" on your perfect man/woman checklist.

Famous Cancer celebrities include Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez, Tamara Ecclestone, Tobey Maguire, Vera Wang, Brian Austin Green, Cheryl Cole, jason Lewis, Tom Hanks, Diane Kruger, Olivia Munn, Liv Tyler, Sofia Vergara, Douglas Booth and Nicole Scherzinger.

The birthstone assigned to the zodiac sign of Cancer is ruby which is associated with power, passion and protection, and believed to have the power to dispel anger.

The health problems you are most likely to suffer from are GERD, heartburn, constipation, bloating, insomnia, panic attacks, hair loss and obesity.

Violet, sea green and silver are your lucky colors. Lucky days of the week for Cancer are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Your lucky numbers (or important years in your life) are 2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 45, 47, 48, 54, 56, 57, 74, 75, 81, 83, 84.

Flowers and herbs associated with Cancer are larkspur, bear's beeches, white roses, morning glories, lotus, geraniums, southern magnolias, cabbage, lilies, water lilies, verbena and cow parsley.

Jobs/careers suitable or ideal  for Cancer people are  social worker, lawyer, counselor, teacher, nurse, museum curator, antique curator, librarian, historian, real estate broker, interior decorator, botanist, gardener, oceanographer, marine biologist, nutritionist, dietician, baker and chef.

In summary, Cancer strength keywords are loyal, responsive, dependable, kind, gentle, faithful, supportive, romantic, tenacious, instinctive, sensual, sympathetic, friendly, insightful, endearing, observant, spontaneous, intelligent, protective, artistic and sentimental.

Cancer weakness keywords are moody, clingy, suspicious, hypersensitive, secretive, insecure, temperamental, dramatic, irritable, unpredictable, cranky, touchy, possessive, stubborn, anxious, pessimistic, evasive, spiteful, revengeful and manipulative.