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Mercury Transits 2017

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Jan 08, 09:43 Sagittarius - S/D

Jan 12, 13:30 Capricorn - I

Feb 07, 09:33 Aquarius - I

Feb 25, 23:07 Pisces - I

Mar 13, 21:07 Aries - I

Mar 31, 17:44 Taurus - I

Apr 09, 23:14 Taurus - S/R

Apr 20, 17:36 Aries - R

May 03, 16:32 Aries - S/D

May 16, 04:00 Taurus - I

Jun 06, 22:13 Gemini - I

Jun 21, 09:57 Cancer - I

Jul 06, 00:19 Leo - I

Jul 25, 23:41 Virgo - I

Aug 13, 01:00 Virgo - S/R

Aug 31, 15:53 Leo - R

Sep 05, 11:29 Leo - S/D

Sep 10, 02:38 Virgo - I

Sep 30, 00:42 Libra - I

Oct 17, 07:59 Scorpio - I

Nov 05, 19:19 Sagittarius - I

Dec 03, 07:34 Sagittarius - S/R

Dec 23, 01:51 Sagittarius - S/D

Venus Transits 2017

Jan 03, 07:47 Pisces - I

Feb 03, 15:54 Aries - I

Mar 04, 09:09 Aries - S/R

Apr 03, 00:27 Pisces - R

Apr 15, 10:18 Pisces - S/D

Apr 28, 13:02 Aries - I

Jun 06, 07:25 Taurus - I

Jul 05, 00:11 Gemini - I

Jul 31, 14:53 Cancer - I

Aug 26, 04:29 Leo - I

Sep 20, 01:15 Virgo - I

Oct 14, 10:11 Libra - I

Nov 07, 11:38 Scorpio - I

Dec 01, 09:14 Sagittarius - I

Dec 25, 05:26 Capricorn - I

Mars Transits 2017

Jan 28, 05:38 Aries - I

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Apr 21, 10:32 Gemini - I

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Jul 20, 12:19 Leo - I

Sep 05, 09:34 Virgo - I

Oct 22, 18:29 Libra - I

Dec 09, 08:59 Scorpio - I


Jupiter will be in Libra from Sep 10 2016 to Oct 10 2017


Saturn will be in Sagittarius until Dec 19 2017


Uranus will be in Aries until May 15 2018


Neptune will be in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto will be in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

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Cancer Decans and Personality Traits

As explained earlier in the article “what is a decan in astrology”, you already understand why people born under the zodiac sign of Cancer can exhibit different characteristics, or qualities.

What I have written below is merely a general description of the positive and negative traits each Cancer decan (Water Sign) is likely to possess.

Remember, who you really are is also formed by your genes and the environment you are in. You could be influenced by other people’s perception of you and what they want you to do, as well.

The life experiences you have had and where you are in the birth order can reveal a great deal about your personality too.

 water signs personality traits and characteristics

Note: The following information is also applicable to

First Decan of Cancer Rising (0° to 10°)

Second Decan of Cancer Rising (10˚01' to 20˚)

Third Decan of Cancer Rising (20˚01' to 30˚)

Personality and Characteristics of Cancer Decan 1

Personality and Characteristics of Cancer Decan 2

Personality and Characteristics of Cancer Decan 3

Personality and Characteristics of

Cancer First Decan (CANCER-cancer)

If your birthday falls between June 21 and July 1 (your Sun is between 0˚ to 10˚ Cancer), you belong to the first decan of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, the planet of emotional responses and needs.

We all know that the Moon is a feminine symbol; and when people think of femininity, I believe most would associate it with descriptive words such as gentle, tender, virtuous, sensitive, passive, sympathetic and selfless. Therefore, it's only natural that being a first decan Cancerian, you possess the aforementioned qualities.

You have a heart filled to the brim with not only kindness and generosity, but also great compassion. You are not one to throw out excuse after excuse for why you cannot give others what they need; neither will you promise the moon and deliver nothing. This is because you have the praiseworthy ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes and feel what they feel – their pain, their anxiety, their distress.

In fact, you find it hard to say a firm “NO” to those coming to you for help, especially if they look at you with sad puppy eyes. Sometimes, you wish the logical thinker in you would slap your emotional side and tell it to stop being everyone's superhero.

You are also blessed with an amazing sense of intuition that allows you to read people like a book. You seem to know when someone is lying, or seething with silent rage; or if they think you are really cute and secretly admire you from afar.

In addition to this, you are respectful of others’ opinions plus patient enough to put up with capricious idiots and stubborn mules in your midst, though your anger-o-meter could flash red for no apparent reason, not to mention, the inclination to harbor bitterness, resentment or hatred for a long time.

You are known for being a protective, loyal and faithful person that treasures meaningful relationships built on trust and respect. However, those extremely sharp claws of yours can scratch, attack and hurt whoever that put your heart in a high speed blender.

You have enormous love for your family; and your parents, particularly your momma, are important to you and can influence the way you grow as a human. If she has been a great mother and took good care of you, you will see her as an excellent role model to emulate. However, if she has undesirable character traits, chances are, you will vow not to let yourself become like her, or should I say, strive to become an improved version of her.

There is an epic worrywart dwelling in your heart that has the tendency to fret unnecessarily and excessively about small things. If so-and-so tells you such-and-such may happen, you would start imagining all sorts of nightmare scenarios and as a result, lose sleep over it. Don’t think too much, my friend, because you are just creating a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.

Personality and Characteristics of

Cancer Second Decan (CANCER-scorpio)

If your birthday falls between July 2 and July 12 (your Sun is between 10˚01' to 20˚ Cancer), you belong to the second decan of Cancer, which is sub-ruled by Pluto, the planetary ruler of the Water sign Scorpio.

Pluto, in mythology, is the god of the underworld as well as the judge of dead; but when it comes to astrology, this planet is about eliminating “garbage” from your life and transforming yourself into a better person, as it is in charge of birth, death, decay, regeneration, healing and rebuilding.

So that might explain why you have the resilience to survive through hard times and are better than recovering from setbacks than first and third decan Cancer natives. Although you tear easily and would cry buckets over a failure or loss, you are strong enough to give yourself a positive self talk and start moving on. It is not your style to sit in your room all day and brood like a sulky teenager being punished for breaking his curfew, nor will you go into full-blown grumble-rant mode and fish for sympathy.

In fact, you are also quick to encourage and support the wounded souls around you, even if they keep silent about their pain and suffering. You are gifted with empathic abilities and have an uncanny knack to sense when someone needs help, or large amounts of tender loving care – which is why you often find yourself playing therapist to friends.

Interestingly, you seem to be really good at giving advice on relationship matters and/or financial problems that involve quite a bit of money. Furthermore, you have tight lips that won’t talk, no matter how much persuasion, flattery, or bribery nosey parkers use on you. Your closest peeps know they can trust you with their darkest secrets.

You are extremely loyal and generous to your dear ones, and of course, expect them to also treat you with love and kindness. If you ever find out that they have done something wrong against you, and stubbornly refuse to admit it, don’t be surprised you could morph into a ruthless and heartless creature that won’t hesitate to kick them out of your life.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easy to you, not to mention, you have an outstanding memory that has the ability to remember past hurts, rejections, disappointments and painful experiences with perfect clarity.

Most Cancer-born people I know have a shy and reserved personality, but under this influence, you possess a tank full of courage and boldness along with immense willpower and enthusiasm. Once you have set your mind on a goal, you will pursue it relentlessly until you succeed. And because you are neither fickle in your decisions, nor afraid to express your opinion, some folks might label you as obstinate when you choose to ignore them and believe in yourself, or accuse you of being rude when you dare to speak the truth.

You have a suspicious streak that makes you doubt other people. If someone offers to give you something for free, or is especially nice to you, your mind would automatically roam into what-do-you-want-from-me territory and question their motives. Don’t forget, my friend, there are still good and honest people in this cruel world that help others without expecting anything in return. Being too doubtful will only wear you down.

Personality and Characteristics of

Cancer Third Decan (CANCER-pisces)

If your birthday falls between July 13 and July 22 (your Sun is between 20˚01' to 30˚ Cancer), you belong to the third decan of Cancer, which is sub-ruled by Neptune, the planetary ruler of the zodiac sign Pisces.

Astrologically speaking, Neptune represents dreams, ideals, imagination, escapism, spirituality, psychic abilities, unconditional love and personal sacrifice. So, naturally under this influence, you not only have a strong desire to rescue others from their lowest depths, but are also willing to go great lengths to make sure that they are okay and coping well.

In fact, you are happiest when you see others smile because of your kindness and generosity. You believe in sharing and giving from the heart without expecting anything in return, which is why your friends are not afraid to go to you for financial help when they are down to the last penny and struggling to put food on the table.

You are not the type that chooses to befriend only the rich and looks down on the poor, nor will you give long “I told you so” and “serve you right” lectures – you listen to sad stories with great patience, and are sensitive enough to avoid asking questions that would bruise their pride.

You have an abundance of creativity to express yourself beautifully through art, poetry, dance or music. You especially enjoy decorating your home with pretty things made by hand, not to mention, pottering around the garden, getting busy in the kitchen and spending time with your favorite peeps.

Being a homebody that loves pouring warmth and care on your near and dear ones, it is possible that you might abandon your career and become a SAHM/D. Or perhaps, marry a family-oriented person that prefers to soak up simple pleasures of life than to work ambitiously towards their professional goals. For you, family comes before anything else, and is more important than having a huge bank account.

You are very romantic, my friend, but can be shy in some ways. You are unlikely to engage in wild PDA and plant kisses all over your amour’s face, or initiate love making even if you feeling like a baboon on heat. Wandering into erotically adventurous territories for turbo-charged sex is also not your thing.

You are inclined to show your affection with small acts of kindness, say for instance, giving them back rubs, leaving little love notes, or being a good listener as they complain about schemers and dictators working alongside them.

You don’t react well to stressful situations and have the tendency to get hurt easily by negative comments. Thus, there is a need to learn to stop caring about what others say about you. Also, be more selective about your environment and people you surround yourself with, because you are like a sponge that can absorb everything close to it. Keep toxic people out of your life.

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