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home > astrology love & sex > 3 big mistakes a Leo woman makes on a first date

3 Big Mistakes a Leo Woman Makes on a First Date

My recently married coworker and I were talking about assholes of the zodiac when Miss Leo, the annoying attention seeker in our team, interrupted and hijacked the conversation — “oh I went on this first date with this guy three weeks ago... we had a great time but he hasn’t called back so I sent him a text... he's just another asshole in this world...”.

Being the nosy parker that I am, I lured her into telling me more, details and all. However, the massive scaredy-cat in me was too afraid to speak the truth and risk being snubbed when I ask for help later. So with a fake concern tone in my voice, I let out comforting phrases of the “it’s his loss, not yours” variety.

But if Miss Leo still cannot score date number two with the next Mr Potential (and agrees to cover for me while I frolic on the beach in the Bahamas with the love of my life), I might consider sharing my thoughts on what went wrong and help her get a “I’d like to see you again” from the guy that sends her heart aflutter.

Why the Leo Woman Can't Get a Second Date with Him

why he didn't call back after the first date

1. She’s Showing Too Much Skin

Most women I know would spend hours delving into the depths of their wardrobe, trying to find that perfect first-date outfit. The shy Virgo is likely to choose something chic and conservative while dreamy Pisces likes the idea of a flowy lace-accented dress paired with cute strappy wedges.

As for the Leo woman, her daring, confident and dramatic nature would probably prompt her to pick the skimpiest dress she could find. She is not afraid to flaunt it all in look-at-me statement pieces and grab the man’s attention. Think the bombshell look — cleavage-baring sexy tops, leg-revealing slit skirts, outlandish rhinestone earrings, skyscraper stilettos, massive thick lashes, bold red lips.

Yes, men love skin, but don’t forget showing too much skin is frowned upon by some men, especially those born under the zodiac sign Capricorn. They like an elegant dresser (and are turn off by a face layered with so much makeup that even Kim Kardashian’s would pale in comparison). Classiness and simplicity always win.

2. She Hogs the Conservation

Talking comes naturally to the lively and vivacious Leo woman, but the trouble is, she has the tendency to get a little over-excited with storytelling, and could go on and on and on, leaving her date with no room to insert himself into the conversation.

Mr Potential might be given a full account of what made so-and-so did what and why, and if he is too polite to say “shut up and let me speak” or responds with exclamations of shock, disbelief or disgust, Miss Leo has no problem pulling out another story from her memory.

To win that second date with him, the Leo female must make sure that he has a chance to participate in the conversation, not to mention, show an interest in that which pops out of his mouth, whether it is something that left a deep impression on him, or made his laugh-o-meter shoot up to 100.

Having said that, it is also important the Leo woman doesn’t let the people-pleaser in her show up too often and agree to whatever she hears. Men are attracted to intelligent women that have a mind of their own, not big-breasted bimbos with wits of a 5th grader. Being honest and sincere in compliments will also score with them, regardless of what zodiac sign they are born under.

Additionally, I would advise against going into the “we” zone too early in the relationship. Get to know each other first before saying “we should do this more often”, “we should go there sometime” or “we should definitely travel together”.

3. She Reveals Too Much, Too Soon

Leo-born women have a materialistic side to their personality, so there is a danger that the word “money” might creep into her speech and give her date the wrong impression that she is a gold digger looking for a rich boyfriend.

I won’t be surprised if she tells him about that friend living an envy-inducing lifestyle with a banker husband, or her boss’s newly acquired seven-figure possession. Or maybe, how she wished she had more money in the bank for Guccis and Pradas, or an expensive hobby.

I also want to add that if Miss Leo has a string of former boyfriends (who she sometimes looks back with either regret and can’t-get-over-you emotions, or angry tears), it is possible that she might make the killer mistake of giving too much details about her past loves.

No man in his sane mind would want to hear how Tom was exceptionally generous with his money and showered her with lavish gifts, or how Harry broke her heart into a million pieces and made her go through 10 Kleenex boxes that week.

Mr Potential would surely compare himself to her ex-lovers — and if he feels like some cheap Timex next to a diamond-crusted Rolex, he will never call back after the first date. A smart Leo woman should leave “the one that got away”, or “that heartless scumbag of a liar” talk for a night with her BFFs.

The astrological sign Leo governs the 5th house of romance, pleasure, children, parenthood and procreation, therefore, I won’t rule out the possibility that Miss Leo might let her imagination roam far into the future, and talk about such things in great depth and at great length.

Telling him that wedding dress she has been dreaming about for years, the five names she has picked out for her future kids, or her naughty fantasy about being blindfolded and tied to a bed would only scare a man away.

3 Big Mistakes a Leo Woman Makes on a First Date. Why the Leo Woman Can't Get a Second Date with Him