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Sagittarius Dec 23, 16:34

Capricorn Dec 25, 21:45

Aquarius Dec 28, 05:20

Pisces Dec 30, 15:41 creating opportunities through the astrological lens

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could shovel giant slices of cheese-drenched pizza into our mouths daily and drink strawberry vodka like a fish, and stay sleek without smashing ourselves at the gym?

But we all know this will remain only a dream unless we are one of those lucky people born with a fast metabolism, or unless scientists invent a pill that would burn off every calorie we ingest.

Let's face it – weight loss in not easy and won't happen overnight. It involves a great deal of constant hard work and the focused determination of a warrior plus loads of encouraging support from folks around you.

If you are tired of trying and failing one diet after another, perhaps it's time to turn to astrology and your star sign to help you figure out the who, what, when and why that kept you from achieving an amazing head-turning body you desire.

Best Diet for Aries. Best Diet for Taurus. Best Diet for Gemini. Best Diet for Cancer. Best Diet for Leo. Best Diet for Virgo. Best Diet for Libra. Best Diet for Scorpio. Best Diet for Sagittarius. Best Diet for Capricorn. Best Diet for Aquarius. Best Diet for Pisces.

The Perfect Diet for Every Zodiac Sign

home > astrology body & soul > the perfect diet for every zodiac sign

Astrology Diet Aries

Your personality:

optimistic, passionate, inwardly competitive, impatient, impulsive.

Your eating habits:

You may have an inclination to use food to distract yourself from overwhelming feelings of happiness, sadness or anxiety.

Because instant gratification is your middle name and when combined with the fact that you belong to the type that would act on instinct and do things suddenly, you are likely to find yourself popping slimming pills, or starting some bizarre eating plan so-and-so claims to have had helped transform them into Mr Taut Torso or Miss Pert Posterior.

Your energy and enthusiasm are usually at an all-time high when you begin, but if the results are dismal or painfully slow in coming, chances are, you won't hesitate to abandon it for a new diet program that promises quick weight loss, or modify it in hopes that it will work in your favor.

Having a crazy busy lifestyle probably means you are always in a rush and therefore, don't have the luxury of time to sit down and eat a decent meal. You either consume too much of foods that have a detrimental effect on your waistline, or skip meals completely and then binge eat later. This type of eating pattern, over a long period of time, could upset your metabolism, making it hard for you to drop unwanted pounds or stay at a healthy weight.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

You will find it extremely beneficial to plan ahead and eat slowly and mindfully so that the chemical messages that convey "I'm full" have a chance to travel from your stomach to your brain.

If you have anger coursing through your veins, and cannot focus on what you are doing, deep breathing exercises would certainly help calm you.

Additionally I would suggest you go into a competition of sorts with a friend or coworker who is also looking to slim down, as the urge to win could motivate you to eat healthier, get to the gym regularly and quit those unhealthy lifestyle habits that you will pay for in 10 years' time.

It is a good idea to tweak your diet to include high-protein foods that not only give you energy, but also keep up your iron levels and feed your brain (the body part relating to Aries is the brain).

Astrology Diet Taurus

Your personality:

practical, reliable, easygoing, enjoys good food and gardening, hates unpredictability, the unfamiliar and complications.

Your eating habits:

It is a known fact that Taureans love to eat and drink the best food and wine they can afford, so it is hardly a surprise that they would spend more than $200 on a nice dinner to satisfy their decadent taste buds.

A diet program that is restrictive in nature, or requires you to drink nothing but kale and spinach juice for 3 days is definitely not for you, because it would only cause you to feel deprived and miserable as a drunk monkey.

Although you will be able to lose a few pounds if you put yourself on such a diet, you are likely to gain back the lost weight and more after binging on foods you denied yourself during those "clean eating days".

You are not someone who is excellent at dealing with changes that are forced upon them, and when chaos erupts in your life (or when you are feeling unloved, unsupported and/or unappreciated), you might have cravings for sweet desserts and  "heavy" foods, such as loaded baked potatoes, cheesecakes, coconut cream pie and Oreos, to make yourself feel better.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

I would strongly recommend you try to incorporate as much fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as you can, while making special efforts to lay the table in a creative style so that even a dozen of boring and unappetizing celery sticks would look good and inviting.

You are prone to constipation and/or indigestion, and hence the need for more high-fiber foods. If you are a stubborn, picky vegetable hater, educating yourself on nutrition could spur you to cut down on meat, refined carbs and sugar, and eat more veggies.

I also advise you stop looking at yummy food pictures when you are already hungry, or feeling bored. You might just end up eating more food, or raiding the pantry for cookies and chips to scoff while you daydream about you-know-what.

As you tend to gain weight easily, exercises that increase your metabolic rate to burn more calories throughout the day would prove helpful in your quest for health.

Astrology Diet Gemini

Your personality:

intelligent, charming, irritable, bore easily, fun and pleasant to hang out with.

Your eating habits:

Having a remarkable ability to multitask means you are forever running around and doing an array of things at the same time, and might get so busy that you eat on the go, or completely forget to eat.  

Because you are naturally curious about all manners of things and are particularly attracted to "the new and the latest", it is possible that you would be very tempted to try the fad diet or workout that is the talk of the town. However, your excitement and enthusiasm soon wear off when you realize how dull life has become with calorie counting, carb abstinence and whatnots.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

A healthy diet of wholesome foods along with an exercise program  featuring different activities to introduce the variety you need would be ideal for you. This will keep you interested and help you to stay on the diet long enough to see results.

Consider taking up tennis, ballroom dancing and rollerblading, and do them in rotation to stave off boredom.

I feel it is also necessary that you learn when to rest and relax in order to avoid burning yourself out and have more energy for your workouts.

Almonds, berries, homemade trail mix are your BFFs on days where you have a million of things to do and sitting down and eat a balanced meal at the table is impossible.

Astrology Diet Cancer

Your personality:

caring, emotional, sensitive, intuitive, enjoys spending time with loved ones, hates new and unfamiliar surroundings.

Your eating habits:

You not only eat to live, but also eat to feel better when you are depressed and in need of megadoses of TLC (but everyone around you is too busy to even care, or ask if everything is okay). Therefore, using food to help you cope with emotions of pain and hurt is not uncommon for you.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

The temptation to stuff your face with a gallon of cookie dough ice cream and family-sized chocolate bars is strong as you find yourself being knocked out of alignment by all-about-me idiots, so as a preventive strategy against weight gain, keep a little stash of healthy nibbles at hand.

I would also ask you to scour the web for skinny versions of your most loved childhood or comfort food to avoid packing on the pounds.

Because you seem to have a problem with water retention, consuming foods that contain potassium, such as tomatoes, red peppers, spinach, bananas, papayas and apricots, would be especially helpful.

Astrology Diet Leo

Your personality:

generous, creative, loves being in the spotlight, craves to be appreciated, hates to be criticized.

Your eating habits:

Having a generous nature may mean that your food portions could be as big as your heart, leading you to eat more calories than you need. Fortunately, you enjoy being in the center of attraction and be admired, so you are likely to get tough on yourself the moment your favorite jeans/pants feel too tight.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

Because you are the type that thrives on compliments and praise, it is a good idea to ask your biggest fan and most loyal supporter for positive feedback on how well you are progressing and how amazing you look. Their encouragement would serve as a great motivator for you.

Distance yourself from the belittlers, critics and sour grapes around you that poke fun at your efforts and/or have nothing but nasty things to say about you giving up certain food groups.

Astrology Diet Virgo

Your personality:

practical, attentive to details, good at keeping things in order, likes pet, hates complications and chaos.

Your eating habits:

As you might equate emotional happiness with an enviable beach body, it is highly possible that you put huge emphasis on diet and exercise, and would even ignore hunger in an effort to achieve bodily perfection.

Skipping a meal here and there, and drastically restricting yourself to 800 calories a day could mess up your metabolism and stall your weight loss progress.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

Strive to be kind to and patient with yourself instead of beating yourself up for days about falling off the diet wagon.

Keeping a food diary where you write down what, why and how much you eat would significantly enhance your chances for successful weight loss.

As you might be sensitive to certain foods that cause weight gain, indigestion and/or heartburn, I strongly recommend you visit a doctor or nutritionist for an allergy test.

Astrology Diet Libra

Your personality:

diplomatic, understanding, attentive, enjoys spending time with your sweetest heart, dislikes situations that require you to make a choice.

Your eating habits:

Because you don't want to offend other people, you would, sometimes, force yourself to clear your plate out of politeness, even if you absolutely hate what is being offered to you.

You might also reach for chocolate and sugary foods when you feel stifled by others to express yourself authentically, or when you are not sure about certain aspects of your life.

I see it is difficult for you to decide on a diet program and stick to it as you often get swayed by outside influences – you may be tempted to switch to the next magic diet that is being extolled to great heights.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

Remind yourself it is not rude to say "NO" to food pushers that coax, beg and insist you try that diet-unfriendly food they made or bought.

Going on a weight loss regimen with a friend would work wonders for you as the two of you can encourage each other to do better and stay on track, not to mention that it will also help you feel more confident about venturing into new situations and achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Astrology Diet Scorpio

Your personality:

intense, devoted, persevering, hates being exposed or overpowered.

Your eating habits:

Because you can be extreme in your ways, there is a likelihood that you might either eat a lot or eat next to nothing when life feels like a hurricane.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

You have a strong willpower as compared with other zodiac signs, and once you decide it's time to dump McDonald's and his fat friends, you will certainly follow through on the pledge you made to yourself, though you may not reveal to others what you are undertaking to drop a dress size in mere weeks

You must be careful not to overdo things by living on a diet of carrot and celery, and/or going for grueling jogs 6 times a week. Eating too few calories can be counterproductive while exercising too hard could easily result in overuse injuries and stress fractures.

You are susceptible to constipation, therefore, it is important to include enough roughage in your meals and make sure you have adequate fluid intake.  

Astrology Diet Sagittarius

Your personality:

adventurous, enthusiastic, full of ideas, likes outdoor and travel, has low tolerance for boring and ordinary things.

Your eating habits:

As you are very open to new experiences and brave enough to try unfamiliar and exotic foods, you would nod your head to suggestions to try new restaurants in town, or put aside calorie counting and sink your teeth into the most sinful, diet-busting dessert on the menu.

And because you are prone to excess of all kinds, there is a strong tendency to overeat and overdrink, especially when you are in a happy and relaxed mood. Your wine o'clock probably starts on Wednesday, between 6:30 and 7pm.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

You enjoy a challenge, but the trouble is, you might lose heart and give up too soon if the results of punishing workouts and strict eating regimen don't happen as quickly as you had hoped.

You will want to be realistic about your expectations, and incorporating plenty of fun into exercise would certainly help you to stay committed to your goals. Fitness gadgets and innovative exercise concepts would appeal to you.

Astrology Diet Capricorn

Your personality:

patient, ambitious, reliable, strong willed, conservative, dislikes idleness.

Your eating habits:

You are actually very disciplined when it comes to eating clean and keeping fit, so it is unlikely that you weigh as much as a baby elephant. You may find it impossible to eat at all if you are constantly bombarded with stressful demands (or feeling grumpy and pessimistic).

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

You are not one that falls for the "lose 3 pounds in 3 days" type of weight loss regimen; in fact, the more difficult the diet, the more satisfied you will feel once you gain that newly hot bikini body.

Take care that you don't push yourself too hard or beyond what is reasonable – exercise should be fun and not torture; and healthy eating does not mean "all or nothing". Learn to show love and niceness to yourself.

Astrology Diet Aquarius

Your personality:

Original, competent, sensitive, unpredictable, likes freedom, hates mediocrity.

Your eating habits:

You may get so busy with work and family that you don't have the time to eat; but if you find yourself stuck in a helpless situation with no solution and no way out, odds are you might turn to salty food for stress relief.

You might develop an obsession with healthy eating, which could progress to the point that you would totally freak out when you learn such-and-such is not as healthy as you thought, or feel terribly guilty after eating something from the "forbidden" list.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

As you are drawn to unusual and innovative ways of doing things, you could choose an eating plan and individualize it to be different from the norm. Also, try to keep your interest up by stocking your kitchen with new and good-for-you foods that you have not tried.

Astrology Diet Pisces

Your personality:

gentle, compassionate, emotional, romantic, selfless, imaginative.

Your eating habits:

You would normally start the day with the best of intentions, but often find yourself getting derailed by things that are beyond your control or expectations. As a result, you consume more calories than you need or had originally planned.

It is also not easy for you to turn down food that others offer you at social gatherings as you hate to upset and disappoint people.

Because you have a temperamental tummy, you don't always eat to satisfy hunger and would seek comfort in naughty foods that have the power to boost your mood.

What you need to change for a healthier and fitter you:

Self-discipline doesn't come easy for you, therefore, it is wise to buddy up with a family member or friend and go on some fat-torching diet plan together. Or perhaps, hire a personal trainer to keep you on your toes.

I would recommend you keep yourself well hydrated and learn to identify when you are truly hungry as sometimes you confuse thirst with hunger – and end up snacking on chips and cookies instead of drinking a glass of water, which is what your body really wants.