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Eclipse Dates 2017

Lunar Eclipse Feb 10

22° Leo 35'

Solar Eclipse Feb 26

08° Pisces 10'

Lunar Eclipse Aug 7

15° Aquarius 31'

Solar Eclipse Aug 21

28° Leo 51'

Mercury Retrograde Dates 2017

19 Dec 2016 (Sagittarius) – 8 Jan 2017 (Capricorn)

Jan 01 (Capricorn) – Jan 08 (Capricorn)

Apr 09 (Aries) – May 03 (Taurus)

Aug 12 (Leo) – Sep 05 (Virgo)

Dec 02 (Sagittarius) – Dec 22 (Capricorn)

Mercury Transits 2017

Jan 04, 15:01 Sagittarius - R

Jan 08, 09:43 Sagittarius - S/D

Jan 12, 13:30 Capricorn - I

Feb 07, 09:33 Aquarius - I

Feb 25, 23:07 Pisces - I

Mar 13, 21:07 Aries - I

Mar 31, 17:44 Taurus - I

Apr 09, 23:14 Taurus - S/R

Apr 20, 17:36 Aries - R

May 03, 16:32 Aries - S/D

May 16, 04:00 Taurus - I

Jun 06, 22:13 Gemini - I

Jun 21, 09:57 Cancer - I

Jul 06, 00:19 Leo - I

Jul 25, 23:41 Virgo - I

Aug 13, 01:00 Virgo - S/R

Aug 31, 15:53 Leo - R

Sep 05, 11:29 Leo - S/D

Sep 10, 02:38 Virgo - I

Sep 30, 00:42 Libra - I

Oct 17, 07:59 Scorpio - I

Nov 05, 19:19 Sagittarius - I

Dec 03, 07:34 Sagittarius - S/R

Dec 23, 01:51 Sagittarius - S/D

Venus Transits 2017

Jan 03, 07:47 Pisces - I

Feb 03, 15:54 Aries - I

Mar 04, 09:09 Aries - S/R

Apr 03, 00:27 Pisces - R

Apr 15, 10:18 Pisces - S/D

Apr 28, 13:02 Aries - I

Jun 06, 07:25 Taurus - I

Jul 05, 00:11 Gemini - I

Jul 31, 14:53 Cancer - I

Aug 26, 04:29 Leo - I

Sep 20, 01:15 Virgo - I

Oct 14, 10:11 Libra - I

Nov 07, 11:38 Scorpio - I

Dec 01, 09:14 Sagittarius - I

Dec 25, 05:26 Capricorn - I

Mars Transits 2017

Jan 28, 05:38 Aries - I

Mar 10, 00:33 Taurus - I

Apr 21, 10:32 Gemini - I

Jun 04, 16:16 Cancer - I

Jul 20, 12:19 Leo - I

Sep 05, 09:34 Virgo - I

Oct 22, 18:29 Libra - I

Dec 09, 08:59 Scorpio - I


Jupiter will be in Libra from Sep 10 2016 to Oct 10 2017


Saturn will be in Sagittarius until Dec 19 2017


Uranus will be in Aries until May 15 2018


Neptune will be in Pisces until Mar 30 2025


Pluto will be in Capricorn until Mar 23 2023

What Sign Is the Moon In

Aquarius Apr 19, 11:51

Pisces Apr 21, 20:42

Aries Apr 24, 01:32

Taurus Apr 26, 02:56

Gemini Apr 28, 02:38

Cancer Apr 30, 02:47

Leo May 02, 05:11

Virgo May 04, 10:46

Libra May 06, 19:20

Scorpio May 09, 06:00

Sagittarius May 11, 17:59

Capricorn May 14, 06:37

Aquarius May 16, 18:49

Pisces May 19, 04:51

Aries May 21, 11:10

Taurus May 23, 13:32

Gemini May 25, 13:15

Leo May 29, 13:11

Virgo May 31, 17:15

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Astrological Meaning of the Days of the Week

Astrological Meaning of the Days of the Week. Which Planets Rule Each Day.

Monday is ruled by the Moon

The Moon in Astrology represents emotions, moods, intuition and imagination. She can bring erratic and sometimes unpredictable energy, which might be why some folks are super cranky and sensitive at the start of the work week, and would snap at others over small things. So try to show a little more tolerance and patience towards Grumpy Georges and Whiny Winnies in your midst.

Interestingly enough, anything (with the exception of domestic undertakings) started on Monday has a likelihood of being changed or altered, or even abandoned later on.

If you want something to be continuous and permanent, say for instance, saving money and reducing debt, I would suggest you begin your personal finance journey on Friday, which is governed by Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus – a fixed sign known for being persistent, determined and reliable, not to mention connected with acquiring wealth and security.

The Moon rules Cancer, the zodiac sign associated with home, harmony, caring, nurturance and sympathy. Therefore, Monday would be an excellent day to roll up your sleeves and do some chores for a cleaner and brighter home; spend quality time with loved ones and make family bonds even stronger; lend a listening ear to friends in need and provide encouraging support.

Since Monday is a day where you are more inclined to feel rather than think, it is a great time to relive good memories of the past, and be grateful for the wonderful people and experiences in your life. This can help you feel better about the present, particularly if you are struggling with Monday morning blues and/or have an egotistical dictator for a boss.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars

Mars is the planet of energy, action and strength. He bestows you with confidence and courage plus determination to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Tuesday is, indeed, a strong time to begin a new endeavor/project, reach for the next level, push through stubborn obstacles and challenges instead of running away from them, or tackle that which has been sitting on your procrastination list for way too long.

It is also a good day to fight for something really important to you; but because Mars is both aggressive and impulsive energy, take care that you don't become combative in your words and get into silly arguments when you cannot get what you want.

Fiery and vigorous Mars is responsible for physical sex drive (and lust), so don't be surprised if you wake up feeling frisky and in the mood for horizontal cardio, or find yourself reaching for erotic novels, or watching porn and indulging in a little self-pleasuring.

Tuesday is also great for activities that involve the physical body, be it slogging through an hour on the elliptical trainer, enjoying a rejuvenating massage, or taking a nice long walk and feeling the vitality flowing through every fiber of your being.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury

In Astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules intellect, communication, writing, commerce, contracts and transportation.

Hence, Wednesday would be the perfect day to deal with things that require clear thinking (and planning), or make major decisions or decide between right and wrong.

This day is also recommended for collecting information, making deals, taking short trips, expanding your mind through reading and stimulating, thought-evoking conversations, flexing your networking muscles and connecting with people that can help you succeed in your ambitions.

Intelligent Mercury can give you a boost to your ability to persuade and convince, so you might want to arrange a private meeting with your boss on a Wednesday and ask for more money, or career opportunities to showcase your awesomeness, if you are the name behind 5 star quality work. Or perhaps, talk you-know-who into giving you what you desire – provided Mercury is not in a retrograde period, of course.

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter

The Santa Claus planet, Jupiter, is not only protective and generous, but also wise and optimistic. This means he will give you the confidence necessary to move forward and make your biggest dreams come true (or overcome issues that are giving you literal headaches), not to mention, encourage you to be open to new possibilities, opportunities, experience as well as ideas.

You can use Thursdays to attract good fortune, extra income, willing hands, loving hearts and all the good stuff into your life. But beware – Jupiter expands whatever he touches, therefore watch that you don't morph into Mr or Miss Arrogant as your ego gets polished to a brilliant shine. Be modest and sincere in both your speech and action.

This is a day to study a foreign language, understand a new culture, circulate socially and have fun with your playmates, participate in sporting games and activities in the spirit of camaraderie, hop on the plane and fly to the other side of the globe, embark on a humanitarian mission, start a fundraising project, pursue spiritual growth.

Friday is ruled by Venus

Venus needs little introduction as the planet of love and beauty. She wants you to be blissfully in love, and encourages showing affection towards him or her that talks, or thinks of growing old with you.

For this reason, Friday is a fabulous day to move from dating to relationship status, say "I Do", drop I-think-you-are-really-cute-and-would-to-know-you-better hints, go on a first/blind date, or bask in the company of your nearest and dearest. Or perhaps, apologize and ask for forgiveness.

If you want yourself to look more beautiful and attractive, whether through a gorgeous, head-turning short hairstyle, or some age-defying facial surgical procedure, Friday is the best time to do it.

Because gracious and sensuous Venus also governs wealth and possessions, this day is ideal for dealing with matters in the personal finance department, such as putting your hard-earned dollars into an investment, depositing money in the bank, or making luxury or big-ticket purchases.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn

Saturn is about restrictions, limitations, delays and authority; therefore it's a good idea to slow down a bit and see if you have dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's to succeed in that which you are currently doing. Don't forget to give yourself proper credit and a big pat on the back for all the things you do right.

You can use this time to work on eliminating your shortcomings, form goals and develop a realistic action plan for long-term success, prepare for upcoming events/projects, catch up on those tasks that have fallen behind, give recognition and praise to those who have proven themselves.

Serious and no-nonsense Saturn also symbolizes higher-ups or authority figures, and elders in your life. This means that Saturday is perfect for spending some time with your parents and let them know how much you appreciate everything they have done for you; or perhaps, go play golf with your boss –and chat about your ambition and interest in career growth.

Sunday is ruled by the Sun

The Sun in Astrology represents enthusiasm, vitality, willpower, confidence, motivation and growth. Maybe that's the reason things are more likely to succeed if started on a Sunday.

This is a great day to renew your commitment to your personal goals, affirm yourself, put your creativity to work and wow those around you, inspire others to greatness, get together with your favorite peeps on Earth and play, partake in activities that bring you happiness and fulfillment, rest and relax and recharge.

Do you find that your mind can think fast like Sherlock Holmes on certain day of the week, or you have the energy of a 5-year-old who has just consumed his weight in Maltesers, despite a very busy schedule? Or perhaps, the capricious dresser in you has the tendency to show up on Mondays?

Well, my friend, there may be an astrological explanation for this, and it has to do with the planetary rulers of the days of the week.

We all know there are seven days in a week, but not many are aware of the fact that each day is named after, and ruled by a visible planet or luminary which has a profound influence on us – the way we behave, the emotions we feel as well as the thoughts we have in our head.

monday child's poemAnd, did you know that the day of the week you were born reveals a great deal about your personality, and could play a role in the kind of person you will become?

Now, let's find out which planet rules each day, and how you can best use each planet's special energies and make every day AMAZING!

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