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Aquarius Man Disappearing and Reappearing Acts

Aquarius Man Disappearing and Reappearing Acts

Why Your Aquarius Man Pulls Away and Disappears

Aquarius Man Is Distancing Himself from Me

Aquarius Man Ignores My Texts and Calls

How to Deal with an Aquarius Guy Ignoring You

home > astrology love & sex > aquarius man disappearing and reappearing acts

I immediately knew what had happened when the young and hopelessly gullible Pisces girl sitting at the front desk waylaid me on my way to the office pantry.

Her Aquarius boyfriend of 6 months has pulled a disappearing act on her again, ignoring her emails, text messages, phone calls and everything.

I was in an especially helpful mood, or rather the nosey side of me was kicking in strong that day, so I invited Miss Pisces home for dinner (lest she got really weepy and cried in public like a baboon monkey in pain), and gave her a bunch of possible reasons she keeps getting hit by Mr Aquarius’ infamous disappears-reappears-disappears acts.

So girls, if you find yourself in a similar situation where the Aquarius man in your life has suddenly started distancing himself from you, or seems to be acting a bit strange lately, and you cannot quite figure out whether he has lost interest in you, or is too busy with work to spend lovey-dovey time together, or perhaps his vanishing act is a normal relationship road bump the both of you have to work in a mature manner, allow me to help you unravel the mystery and offer you my two cents worth on how to deal with it.

Why Your Aquarius Man Pulls Away and Disappears

1. You Came into His Life at the Wrong Time

The Aquarius man is often described as bold, confident and ambitious. He can be just as inflexible and unbelievably stubborn in his opinions as men born under the zodiac signs Capricorn and Scorpio, who are also notorious for going MIA without a word.

When Mr Aquarius has his sights set on becoming someone successful (and rich), he won’t allow anything or anyone to get in the way, not even if you are naturally endowed with supermodel proportions and so damn good in bed.

The goal-oriented Aquarius man is not the obliging kind of guy that would modify his blueprint and make room for you. He might decide to disappear and then reappear when he feels ready to commit to a serious relationship.

Therefore, my friend, if you think that your Aquarius man is worth the wait, be sure to have an abundance of patience as he is capable of staying in the “missing in action” mode for a long long time.

Additionally, you will need the iron willpower of a nun in a room full of sexy, hot naked hunks — because if you cheated and he found out, he will never forgive your infidelity or betrayal of trust, no matter how you plead, beg or attempt to push the blame onto him.

And don’t say I didn’t warn you, Aquarius-born males can be surprisingly vengeful and are not afraid to put their creative and inventive side to good use when it comes to making you cry twice as much as they did.

2. He’s Going Through Some Personal Problems

The Water Bearer belongs to the Air element, which is about communication, but the thing is, your Aquarius man doesn’t feel comfortable telling you sob stories about being bulldozed by egotistical idiots at work, or having a little problem paying his greedy landlord.

This is not only because he has a fear of being seen as weak, but also because he cares enough not to let you worry and lose sleep over his personal problems. Mr Aquarius will stop interaction and disappear for weeks to deal with what needs to be done, and then reappear when everything is okay.

I feel it is really important that you don’t behave like a prosecutor grilling a rogue trader when he comes back, and demand answers to questions of the “who, what, when, why and how” variety.

This is sure to push him into wanting to engage his highly imaginative mind and reel out lies upon lies to explain why he disappeared and ignored your text and calls. Lying makes the Aquarius man feel bad about himself, not to mention that it could also bring out the not-so-adorable side of you, if you come to know the truth.

3. You Unknowingly Did Something that Pushed Him Away

The Aquarius man is born with a huge ego and has a lot of pride in himself. He absolutely hates being compared with other men and made to feel like a midget standing next to a giant. Your Aquarius man secretly wants to be that super awesome human being you are mighty proud of, and cannot stop bragging about.

So if you have been speaking glowing about your millionaire boss’s remarkable business acumen and foresight, or your papa having all the qualities of an amazing husband; or maybe were caught drooling over your BFF’s expensive designer handbags from her Porsche-driving boyfriend, chances are Mr Aquarius would pull away and give your union a serious rethink.

If your Aquarius man realizes he won’t be able to make you blissfully happy for the rest of your life, I am sorry to say that he will turn into the biggest jerk of the century and completely disappear from the face of the earth, leaving your mind in a pretzel.

I also want to add that your Aquarius man might ghost on you should he feel intimidated by your strongest traits and successes, or if he keeps getting “I told you so” or “I warned you, didn’t I” from the Little Miss Smug inside you.

There is also a possibility that he is going to run away if you come on way too strong, like some sleazy salesman trying to prise open his wallet. Hence don’t make the killer mistake of pushing him for dates and a commitment too soon, getting crazy jealous too early in the relationship, demanding too much time and revolving your life around him.

4. You Became a Total Nightmare for Him

The freedom-craving Aquarius man is very likely to creep out of the relationship and disappear if he feels suffocated, restricted or controlled, or simply put, unable to be himself.

Therefore, ask yourself whether you have had displayed a behavior similar to that of an overly clingy, attention-seeking 5-year-old, or a nagging mom telling her son a million times to tuck his shirt and get a haircut.

Or, if you had criticized, badmouthed or belittled those on his list of favorite playmate to chill out with. The Aquarius man is fiercely loyal to and protective of his friends, and it upsets him to hear people talk bad about them.

Aquarius is one of the most intellectual astrological signs, so if your conversations together consisted of mostly “do I look fat”, “do I look good in this or that” and “is she prettier than me” questions instead of interesting, mentally stimulating topics that deepen your connection, then it’s no mystery why your Aquarius guy pulled a disappearing act on you.

5. He Doesn’t Think You Two Are Compatible and Wants Out

Yes, everything seems perfect, but something had happened and made your Aquarius man realize the two of you have incompatible personality and interests, and therefore, are not suited for each other. Or perhaps, he met someone new that he can see a beautiful future with.

I also won’t rule out the possibility that he wants to break up with you, thanks to his momma, or best of best friends, who is of the opinion that you are not good enough for him. I know of a few Aquarius men (with natal Moon or Venus in Cancer) that consult their mama about everything and anything.

Mr Aquarius can be somewhat of an immature coward at times, which means he doesn’t have the courage to tell you in the face that he wants a breakup. He finds it easier to say nothing and poofs on you than to hurt your feelings — and deal with your reactions.

So that explains why your Aquarius guy chose to vanish into thin air, hoping that you are smart enough to understand his “message”.

6. He Got What He Wanted from You (and There’s No Reason for Him to Stick Around Anymore)

Some Aquarius men are grade A a$$holes that only want to get into women’s panties, and think nothing of dumping her and disappearing forever when they are bored and desire someone new.

In this case, my friend, stop deceiving yourself, or should I say stop fantasizing about growing old together, rocking grandbabies on the porch and living happily ever after, and wake up to reality. You are better off being single than to be in a relationship with a manipulative opportunist that uses you to satisfy his own selfish needs.