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A Woman’s Reaction to Cheating Based on Her Zodiac Sign

Sign-By-Sign Guide on How She Reacts to His Cheating

how to apologize for cheating on her

Aries Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between March 21 and April 19)

Aries-born women are known for their fiery temper and outspoken nature, therefore it is only natural that she would act like an angry bull charging at a matador’s small red cape when she learns that she is a victim of a cheating husband or partner. She would surely shoot off salvos of derogatory remarks at you, calling you every foulest name imaginable as she explodes in white-hot fury.

And because Aries is a cardinal Fire sign, which represents the initiation of things, a lack of patience and impulsive choices, don’t be shocked out of your wits if  the word “divorce” or “break up” is included many times in her anger-fueled, emotionally distraught speech.

Or perhaps, the vengeful and aggressive side of Miss Aries might prompt her to put on her creative thinking cap and design a really wicked plot to get back at you for playing around. Think revenge sex.

With that being said, I feel that there is a good possibility your Aries woman may decide to give the relationship another try, if you admit your guilt, offer a sincere and restorative apology, demonstrate remorse and keep your promise to stay forever faithful.

I’d ask you to bear in mind that if you are fortunate to get a second chance to make things right, don’t waste it — the Aries female doesn’t believe in third or fourth chances. She will not tolerate repeated lies and coverups.

Taurus Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between April 20 and May 20)

Getting the Taurus woman to erase memory of that affair you had with you-know-who is harder than persuading a cash-strapped, conservative spinster to move into Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion. This is because Taurus-born individuals are astrologically engineered to have an incredible ability to effortlessly remember and recall things with perfect clarity, no matter how recent or distant in the past.

Miss Taurus may give the impression that she has forgiven you at the time of your confession and is willing to let bygones be bygones, but in reality, she never forgives. You can bet that the epic emotional manipulator in her will frequently bring up your extramarital sins and send you on massive guilt trips whenever the opportunity arises.

Revenge may be on the cards, my friend, but thank goodness, it is unlikely to be something really destructive in nature, say for instance, making you lose your $100k job or chopping off your manhood.

She will probably go on crazy shopping sprees with your credit card, shred those expensive Armanis in your wardrobe, attack or sell your car or prized possession, tell your momma and those admiring your awesomeness (and maybe the whole world) about you sneaking out for sex sessions, put laxatives in that which you enjoy eating or drinking, or give you the dreaded silent treatment for god knows how long.

Gemini Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between May 21 and June 20)

You can expect extreme reactions from Miss Gemini when news of your affair reaches her ear. She would either yell and interrogate you like angry prosecutors hell-bent on sending an accused to prison for a long long time, or suppress whatever negative emotions inside her and go completely silent, ignoring your pleas for a chance to explain yourself and be forgiven.

If the first scenario occurs, don’t make the grave mistake of playing the blame game and point the finger at your Gemini woman. Saying things such as her dwindling interest in sex, unwillingness to be more adventurous in bed, choosing work or family over you, or poor communication in the relationship is driving you into the arms of another will surely snap her anger-o-meter to smithereens, and strengthen her resolve not to forgive and patch up with you.

Therefore, in order to gain forgiveness and save your union, I would strongly suggest you admit guilty and also acknowledge the fact that you have been an irresponsible, egoistic, weak-willed jerk incapable of turning down sexual opportunities. And very importantly, you must promise that it will never happen again. There is no such thing as a third chance for repeat offenders, remember.

If she stubbornly refuses to talk or listen to you, she might be contemplating whether or not you deserve another chance to make amends. It is also a possibility that she is thinking hard on how to hit you where it hurts most — Gemini females can be as manipulative and vindictive as Lady Macbeth when provoked to the core.

Cancer Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between June 21 and July 22)

Your Cancer woman won’t make you feel like a chicken attacked by a pack of hungry wolves when your affair is discovered. Neither will she throw your clothes and belongings out of the house, and tell you to go to hell.

Instead, Miss Cancer would choose to listen and remain calm as you reel out a string of well-polished excuses and lies along with that I-am-so-sorry-I-have-hurt-you look on your face.

However, don’t assume she is ready to forgive your infidelity and put it back behind her. Forgiveness is not something she has in abundance for betrayers that have trampled on her trust and insulted her intelligence. You will have to work extremely hard to get back into her good books, and this is very likely to involve spending a small fortune and/or doing things you really really hate.

I also want to warn you that Cancer-born females are deceptively quiet schemers, which means she will make you the CEO of Guilt Inc for the rest of your life. My friend, you will be reminded time and again that you are a lying, cheating bastard husband — and be prepared to get a frequent earful from your mother-in-law too.

Leo Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between July 23 and August 22)

Although Leo-born females are dramatic and expressive in their emotions, you must not forget they also have a reputation for being proud, strong and arrogant. So chances are, she won’t act as if her world is invaded by armies of giant moth caterpillars and yell hysterically at you when she discovers your unfaithfulness.

She would play it cool and pretend that the affair didn’t happen, and go about life as usual.  Additionally, those on her list of favorite peeps will never get to hear the jaw-dropping story titled “The Adventures of My Husband's Philandering Dick” — because having a cheater for a husband is a great embarrassment to her. What you did behind her back will probably be buried and forgotten forever.

Having said that, it is of utmost importance you don’t take undue advantage of her forgiving nature. If you slip back into old ways, I am afraid your Leo woman will not only fume with boiling rage, but also won’t hesitate to mete out whatever punishment she sees fit.

Virgo Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between August 23 and September 22)

The Virgo-born woman is famous for being a no-nonsense perfectionist that likes things to be orderly and organized, so naturally she will see seeking sex outside your marriage as a big threat to her sense of security and major disruption to everything she had planned for a beautiful future together.

The normally timid and quiet Miss Virgo could turn into a ferocious Bengal tigress going for an aerial attack with its paws raised the moment she learns that you have been cheating on her. She would demand to know every detail of your sexual tryst — who the slut is, where the crime took place, why you did it and perhaps, if you enjoyed the sex.

Honesty is the best policy with Virgo people, therefore, my friend, don’t try to make up all sorts of stories to take off the guilt. They are endowed with an extraordinary ability to smell a creative liar 100 ft away, not to mention a highly intelligent mind that can observe, collate and analyze information at lightning speed.

I also want add that there is a danger your Virgo woman might give you a taste of your own medicine if she cannot stop thinking how deeply you have hurt her. Do all you can to fill her head with positive, happy thoughts that will make her forget that event.

Libra Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated on

(born between September 23 and October 22)

Thanks to Libra’s peace-loving-confrontation-hating nature, you won’t see her behaving like some unreasonable, obscenity-spewing drunken sailor when you admit that you have made a misguided decision and slept with another women.

Miss Libra would listen with understanding, accept what is being done to her and forgive you. In fact, some Libra-born females blame herself for her man’s extramarital activities and will act on that which she thinks is the main reason he strayed.

Hence, it is not a surprise if she makes it her priority to spend more quality (kid-free) time with you, initiates sexual intimacy more often, is keen to try new things in bed, gives you more blow jobs, and/or takes drastic measures to become more attractive to you, such as going from B to D cup, or starving herself to bodily perfection.

In case your Libra woman confides in a vocal feminist friend, don’t you worry. The likelihood of her being influenced by outside voices is low as she is a rational and sensible person that doesn’t blindly follow the advice or recommendations of other people.

The Libra woman will not give up on a marriage over an affair, particularly if the couple has young children, however, she might consider parting ways when they are older, or if he is an unrepentant serial cheater.  

Scorpio Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between October 23 and November 21)

You are in for a very hard time when it comes to confessing adultery to Miss Scorpio, or if she learns from people in her network that you have sexual relations with another woman, or if she catches you in the act.

The betrayed Scorpio woman will either unleash a loud stream of curses at you and chew you up like a paper shredding machine, leaving you with no chance at all to explain your side of the story and apologize for engaging in unfaithful behavior. Or, she will not strike back straight away, but instead choose to appear as calm as a still ocean while you go on and on about how sorry you are and what amends you are willing to make.

In this case, my friend, I am afraid big trouble is brewing for you. The accumulated anger and resentment inside of her will drive her to seek revenge. She has no qualms about spending countless hours and money to make you pay for cheating on her — and because Scorpio-born individuals believe in “an eye for an eye” (or maybe ‘two eyes for an eye”), it is possible that she won’t be satisfied and let the matter rest until you wiggle in agony for many many months.

Also, be warned that your Scorpio woman thinks nothing of confronting your mistress/lover as well as those privy to the affair, say for example, friends or siblings that helped cover up all the naughty things you did without her knowledge. Good luck!

Sagittarius Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between November 22 and December 21)

Miss Sagittarius often comes off as a strong I-can-take-whatever-shit-comes-my-way person that is able to stay cool under pressure, but the truth is, she has trouble managing her emotions and can erupt like a thousand violent volcanoes when the love of her life breaks her heart.

You can expect to find yourself on the receiving end of nonstop profanity, screaming, yelling and crying as anger pulses through every vein of her body. Instead of hearing you out, your Sagittarius woman would pour gallons of guilt over you by reminding you what she has done for your sake — giving up a stellar career to stay home with the kids, pretending to enjoy giving you oral sex, putting up with your control freak momma, faking niceness towards freeloaders in your social circle, penny pinching to pay off mortgage or a huge loan, for example.

That said, I see you stand a good chance of patching things up and growing closer together, however, it will require a great deal of hard work plus lots of time. So don’t think a lavish gift and an I-am-sorry-I-promise-to-be-a-better-person apology will do the trick. You need to prove to her that you are worthy of forgiveness and can be trusted again.

Capricorn Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between December 22 and January 19)

The Capricorn woman is famous for her quiet, calm and reserved nature, hence it is unlikely of her to morph into a sharp-toothed crocodile ripping flesh off a sunbathing hippo as you admit your infidelity.

She would gracefully give you a chance to explain why you cheated on her, but remember my friend, Capricorn-born people are good reasoners with very powerful intuition, not to mention their ability to put two and two together.

This means you have to make sure those excuses you concoct are plausible — you are just digging your own grave if you let out something stupid or lame, such as the affair was born out of boredom, curiosity, midlife crisis or influence from womanizer friends. And don’t forget your story must tally exactly with what your supporters said.

Although Miss Capricorn will never bring up the past in future fights, she won’t be able to forget the tears and sadness you gave her. Forgiveness is not in her vocabulary, but she may lead you into believing you are forgiven, if she desires something valuable from you.

Aquarius Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between January 20 and February 18)

Miss Aquarius would feel a range of emotions when she finds out that her man has been sleeping with another woman. She is sure to boil with fury at first, screaming her head off and labeling you as the cheating scumbag of the year, then seeing that apologetic look on your face, she will calm down and listen to whatever you have to say.

My friend, as long as you show remorse plus an willingness to do what is necessary to restore trust in the relationship, your Aquarius woman is ready to forgive you and recover from the affair.

She may do some introspection and ask herself a bunch of questions related to your unfaithfulness. There is a likelihood that she might see herself as “the problem”, and her fear of abandonment will inspire her to pour efforts into preventing you from straying and breaking up with her. This may include spicing things up between the sheets with saucy undies, sultry sex games, erotic adult toys and romantic candlelight dinners.

Pisces Woman’s Reaction to Being Cheated On

(born between February 19 and March 20)

Pisces-born women are often perceived as gullible, naive and trusting, but it doesn’t mean their intelligence is that of a fifth grader and they will believe anything and everything that comes out of your mouth.

You will need to present very strong reasons as to why you were sexually attracted to that woman and acted on the impulse to sleep with her, or you would end up feeling like a Volkswagen Beetle being blasted into a trillion tiny bits.

Miss Pisces has a super bad temper and when her anger is sparked, hell breaks loose. She is not afraid to spew out all kinds of nasty words that have the power to leave you emotionally wounded and scarred for life. And don’t say I didn’t warn you, my friend, your Pisces woman is capable of hitting back with a vengeance.

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It seems that regardless of age, color, profession or social class, most men have a little trouble keeping their penis in their pants when temptation comes in the shape of a smokin’ hot cleavage-flashing seductress luring them away from their marital bed.

For many unfaithful husbands, being discovered seeking sex on the side would bring disastrous consequences — screaming rage, anger explosions, nasty divorce, ugly custody battle, poorer bank account, and maybe, a lifetime of sorrow — while for the lucky bastards amongst cheaters, a carefully crafted I-am-sorry-I-promise-I-won’t-do-it-again apology is enough to win his woman’s forgiveness and reconciliation.

So guys, if you now find yourself slowly morphing into Mr Itchy Balls that is starting to grow tired of Mrs No Sex Tonight’s large variety of excuses, and yearning for the lips of some sweet young thing, allow me to give you an idea of how your woman, based on her zodiac sign, is likely to react if she finds out you are sleeping with another behind her back.

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